Gangaa 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Gangaa 20th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganga share with Dai Ma that she doesn’t remember anything even marrying Shiv. She apologizes for saying so, then requests her not to share this with anyone. Dai Maa assures she can trust her. Ganga stops her to inquire about her name, she replies Dai Ma. Ganga feels mother’s love in her name. Dai Ma promises to be motherly towards her always.
In the room, Savitri was calculating about property benefits when she feels someone was coming. She goes to hide the files and sit on the bed crying. It was Shiv who comes to place a hand over her shoulder, calling her as Maa. Savitri asks if everything happened well. Shiv considers himself guilty for not being able to save Bauji. He promise Savitri not to let her in any pain, and will go to any extent for her happiness. When he leaves the room, Savitri wipes her tears and smirks.
Shiv comes out to the veranda. He cries remembering his father, and Savitri’s complain about not being able to save him. He removes his shirt and pours bucket full of cold water over himself. Ganga watches this from the window while Dai Ma comes to stop Shiv, as he might get sick. She holds his hand and tells him to go to his room, else he might fall ill.
Thumpki prepares for her dress when Pratab enters the room. She goes to ask if he still came second; Shiv arrived at the right time and curses Pratab to be used to get defeated from Shiv. Pratab was worried what if Savitri knows about it. Thumpki taunts that Pratab is useless, and says Ria would tell Savitri and no one can stop her. Savitri comes to the room then, Pratab explains everything was going fine but… Savitri says Shiv is considering himself guilty, right now Pratab must get everything named after him. She hands him a list from the next day preparations. Thumpki reads the list and wonders how expensive is it all going to be. Pratab was thoughtful.
Ganga wakes up in the middle of night when there is a knock at the door. It was Radhika who throws ink over Ganga crying that she isn’t her mother, and runs away crying. Ganga chases her outside, then locks herself in the bed room. She goes to change her dress, thinking about all the developments and fell asleep. In the dream, she gets flashes from her boat ride.
Shiv notices the lights of Radhika’s room still on. Radhika was singing lullaby to her stuffed toys. She says her mother used to sing this to her; she is missing her mother and Dadu both. Shiv plays with touching his nose with her, and shares he miss them both too. Radhika complains him for marrying Ganga. Shiv says he abide by his father’s will, but this doesn’t give Ganga the place of her mother. He advices her to respect her anyway, however no one will force her to call Ganga as a mother until her own wish. He promises to sing a lullaby to Radhika, she cheers and lay down in his lap.
Ganga was badly sweating and crying in bed, and asks why she has such flashes. What relation she has with those faces and voices and wonders why she doesn’t remember anything.

PRECAP: At the grahpravesh, Thumki minds Ganga she can never take Parvati’s place in the house. Ganga replies she didn’t come to take anyone’s place, she is Ganga and can pave her own ways.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Lynn pachmsee

    I have watched Gangaa from the very 1st episode faithfully but this new direction that the storyline is going to it pains me and I find that I just cannot watch anymore, I am truly sorry because the storyline was amazing to watch, I just couldn’t wait for my late night fix of the program to see what happened to karishna would she overcome her problems with her cousin, if gangaa would be happy would she go on to to a judge as she wanted etc… and other members of her family what would they overcome but it seems the writersame have other ideas so I’m wishing you all goodnight and bye.

  2. I like the precap. Getting to see some glimpse of our original gangaa! Though the storyline has gone a bit confused and I wish the CVs could have shown a good ending to the prev characters!

  3. i don’t like precap gangaa didn’t forget her self-respect and forgot the past and her loved ones and the new characters are little bit confusing.we miss you ruhana, vishal and hiten…..please come back to the show…

  4. i don’t like precap gangaa didn’t forget her self-respect and forgot the past and her loved ones and the new characters are little bit confusing.we miss you ruhana, vishal and hiten…..please come back to the show…

  5. I agree with you Anu. I didn’t like it when Shiv put sindoor on Ganga’s Mang. I felt that she is betraying Sagar. It did not feel right.

  6. Congratulationzzzzzzz on completion of 500 episodes…?????..But the SOUL of the show is missing by keeping Chaturvedis aside and casting new ones. It’s really hurting me to watch ganga now.Please turn this story to sagars way ASAP.. the show loosing its uniqueness and charm.where are Chaturvedis???The show has created a bond with viewers since its origin.Sagars is alive na???how can the writers close that character?? Doesn’t he search for his gangaa??What about that??I hope the show should regain its soul with much TRPsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
    Good luck

  7. Gangaa completed 500 episodes!! Wow! This is one serial I have watched from the beginning and still watching! The chaturvedis played a pivotal role in Gangaa, each of them was wonderful! They connected with the viewers so fast! Especially Niru and Sagar 🙂
    Although I wish the CVs do justice to sagar’s character yet am interested to watch the new phase of gangaa’s life and how she overcomes her hurdles.
    I am positive towards the idea of revamp bcz ultimately I feel the show is about Gangaa and how she overcomes her problems with her confidence and self respect.

    P.S. I know Sagar is important to the show and gangaa and Sagar should have been been together, but that should not rule out the possibility of new ideas.!

    1. I totally agree with you deeksha…looking forward to new twists and turns in gangaa’s life. Let’s see how Shiv supports her. She probably will win Radhika’s heart. Seeing this Shiv might fall for her…hope their love story is charming enough to keep the viewers engaged…

  8. Yes Deeksha I agree with you I too enjoyed this new story line and new character’s but miss the Vishal and give me information about the Vishal new show guys if u got information then only ad hope Sagar had definitely back to show

  9. Lovestruckmac

    missing Ruhana vishal and others…well the new story-line is quite disturbing with the viewers…as the sudden change is hard to accept….but as the flashback which ganga is getting is the hope for the old characters to return soon…..and the flashback is also holding the viewer to adjust with the new changes……lets see when this goning to end and we will see The Origin Of it Back again…..

  10. We miss vishal.if he is there then only the serial will be please let Sagar to be there in the upcoming episodes plzzzzzz

  11. We miss vishal.if he is there then only the serial will be please let Sagar to be there in the upcoming episodes plzzzzzz.we don’t like the new casting.where is chaturvedi’s family ?.how could you close that story like that.if Sagar and ganga not be together then the serial will become worst…and the TRP will be decreasing.we don’t like this new cast if it continues like that then we won’t watch the serial……

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