Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita coming to her room. She thinks of Ruhi and Suhail’s matter and worries. She lies to sleep. Its morning, Raman and Pihu surprise Ishita. Ishita asks what is this. Raman says this is your breakfast in bed. Pihu says Papa and I made breakfast for you. Raman says we made it carefully. Pihu says Papa did not take anyone’s help. Ishita says unbelievable, wow. She tastes it and says heaven, its so yummy. Raman and Pihu smile. Pihu says I will tell Dadi that Ishita liked breakfast a lot. She goes. Ishita asks how did you do this. Raman says your face got smile, I saw you did not come to sleep at night early, we are going through tough time, best part is we are together. Niddhi thinks she is smart, if she does a mistake, we will see her.

Adi asks Aaliya why did you call me. She says its imp, Shagun got to know about our breakup. He asks how does she know. She says I did not know, she heard us arguing on Lohri night, she is blackmailing me. He asks what. She says yes, after Vidyut’s incident, Shagun and Mani’s relation changed, she is ready to do anything to stay with Appa, she wants me to convince him to go on stupid resort to stay with her. He asks her to solve her problem. She says I will not going to stop Shagun, even if she tells anyone about our breakup. He stops hearing this and says fine, I will help you, what to do, my image is not good infront of Mani, I don’t think he will agree to me. She asks him to come home, and talk to Shagun.

Shagun asks what’s problem, I want to go resort with Mani. Adi says stop it, you did not focus on Mani when you should have, you should have not been with Mani. Shagun says I should tell your breakup truth to Bhallas and Mani, Raman and Ishita already have tension, nothing wrong in more tension. Aaliya says she is right, I don’t want to give more stress to Raman and Ishita, we have to convince Appa to go resort. Mani comes and asks which resort. Aaliya says its surprise for you, I did booking for you and Shagun, Adi and I planned this surprise.

Adi says yes, go and do packing, resort is amazing, you will like it. Mani says wait, thanks for this, but I don’t want to go, I m sure you know why, I have meetings schedules. Aaliya says I m upset with you, Adi and I want to marry and some problems are coming, when Dadi knows you and Shagun are staying like this, there will be complications again, I m trying to make things fine, please make a new start for my sake. Shagun thinks smart girl…. and smiles. Mani says fine, I will go, but I have a condition, you and Adi will come along. Adi and Aaliya worry. She asks how is this possible. Mani asks why, Adi is your fiance. Aaliya says last moment bookings are not possible.

Adi says yes, hotel is booked, we will join later. Shagun says yes. Mani says I will talk to resorts manager, show me reservation details. He calls the resort and says I have extra rooms. Shagun says you both can’t come along. Adi says we are not interested to come along. Mani says sorry. Shagun asks did reservation did not happen. Mani says you both have less time, pack bags, I booked two rooms. Aaliya says this was surprise for you, Adi has much work in office. Adi says yes. Mani says its fine, I will cancel reservation, when Adi and I get free, we will go together. Shagun says its okay, we all will go together.

Raman finds Ishita in stress and thinks to divert her mind, else her BP will get high. He goes to bathroom. He shouts Ishita, I fell down. She asks when. He says I have fallen here. She asks shall I come inside. She goes to him. She says how did you fall down, there is no water. He asks her to come close and give hand. He pulls her. She says what are you doing, leave me. He says there is no place for romance. She says room door is also open, it won’t look good. He says its my wife, not neighbor’s wife. She says get up. He says we can make old memories fresh. He reminds that they were under shower in bhaang effect before. She says what are you doing. He holds her and starts shower. Inna sona…..plays…………

Raman and Ishita smile and hug. They hold each other. He hugs her. Her phone rings. She says its very imp call and runs out to room. She answers call. She says thank God, thank you. Raman asks what happened. She says I got permission to meet Niddhi. He says I will come along. She says you can come, but please I have to talk to her along.

Parmeet meets Simmi in parking lot. She asks him not to be around her and Ananya. He says listen, nothing happened between me and waitress, after talking to you, she got coffee and I don’t remember what happened. She scolds him. Gaurav comes and looks on. She asks how much will you lie, you can never change. Gaurav asks what happened Simmi, is he troubling you. Parmeet asks what, will I trouble her. Gaurav asks him to leave. Ananya says no way, my Papa won’t go anywhere. She hugs Parmeet and defends him.

Parmeet says no one is shouting on me, Simmi is angry on me as I did not come to pick you from school, sorry its my mistake. Ananya says its okay, shall I go with Papa, please mumma. Simmi asks her to take care. Parmeet thanks Simmi. Parmeet and Annaya leave. Gaurav says you did right Simmi. Simmi cries and says I don’t want Ananya’s heart to break, she is young. Bala’s mum sees them and thinks who is this guy with Simmi.

Raman and Ishita are on the way. Raman asks are you sure you want to meet him alone. Ishita says yes, I want her to know this time I will not let come close to my children, what’s Niddhi and Suhail’s connection. Abhishek calls them and tells Suhail is Niddhi’s younger brother. Ishita and Raman ask are you sure. Abhishek says yes, I have checked all records. Raman says I m going central jail to make Ishita meet Niddhi, I will come to meet you. He says I will kill Suhail, he is doing this. Adi calls Ishita and asks her to put phone on speaker, he has to talk to Raman. Raman says tell me Adi. Adi says I m going to resort with Mani, Shagun and Aaliya, Mani wants me to come along. Mani says Raman, I made this plan, don’t refuse. Raman says its okay Adi, go and enjoy yourself. Mani asks Adi to come. Adi worries and says sure…. Shagun looks on. Ishita meets Niddhi in jail.

Shagun says I will come on walk with you. She sees Vikram. She says I m tired, I will go to room and rest. Mani goes. She follows Vikram and says its same tattoo, that was seen in CCTV.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. At last they revealed suhail as niddhi brother!

  2. Wow. At last a beautiful Ishra moment. I am happy. I just wish somebody can steel all the cell phones. But we are back to YHM world. Only one resort/hotel in the whole of India and everybody goes there at the same time. Ooo no Bhalla’s mom is also back!

  3. One step closer – the connecting of Suhail is known. Lovely serial. Good family bonding. Wonder what is Gaurav upto. Poor Simi hope she does not give into him she is very happy the way she is. Thanks to Ananya at least she has that bonding with her dad.

  4. Hi YHM fans. See Cv’s got a bit of a wake up call after YHM fell out of the TRP for the week.
    Today’s episode was good. The chemistry between DT and KP fantastic as always. Both are exceptional actors.

    hi is what viewers want to see…good rapo between the family members.
    Lovely to see a positive Pihu. Now they must add a bit of comic scenes like the old YHM.

    But in all a good episode after ages.

  5. Divan/Ishra was amazing as usual … a treat to Divan fans . KP and DT together brings happiness to viewers … we audience just wants to see their happiness . Raman and Pihus break fast all really was nice and pleasant to watch . When trp falls cvs will show some Ishra scenes . And spoikers to believe Raman to blame Ishitha for Ruhi to be in jail . Who is not gone in jail now … its Bhallas rented house I think . Shaghun responsible for killing the Advocate never been in jail . Cant tolerate Shaghun at all … now Alia will understand Shaghun and really hope Mani will divorce her . Please cvs let us have some scenes of Ishitha Pihu … now Nidhi track .. then Shaghun and Nidhi .. Hi to all ..

    1. No vp….i dont want mani to divorce shagun….if he divorces shagun , she will blame ishita for everything…and may come back to bhalla house…because she has no place to go….i dont want to see shagun and ishra together,in same house..but mani deserves someone better…

      What’s wrong with this Raman….why he blames ishita for everything…??..Ruhi is in jail because she disobeyed her parents…its completely ruhis fault…Raman knows everything that suhail trapped her but still blames ishu….

      1. Shivani, I don’t agree with you.

        Mani can’t keep his fake marriage with Shagun. Mani have his right to end his marriage with Shagun like Shagun did with Raman. Shagun dumped Raman for Ashok then now She want to dumped Mani for Vidyut and lied to Vidyut that Pihu is not her daughter in front of Pihu. Mani get to know that Shagun want lifestyle and money. Shagun realised that Mani is important for him and want to use him to revenge Ishita and want to break friendship between Mani and Ishita. Now Shagun don’t want to see Raman and Ishita happily.

        Ruhi want to meet Sohail but Ishita stopped Ruhi many times but Ruhi emotional begging Ishita make her weak and let her meet Sohail. Sohail blackmailed Ruhi that she ihad involved in the murdered of his friend that shocked Ruhi and geoes in depression then give false statement to stay in jail. Ruhi did not know about Raman is going to divorce Ishita. Adi will blame Ruhi for parents divorce that will shattered Ruhi for Raman and Ishita divorce and plead Raman not to divorce Ishita. Pihu get fumed and demand Raman that he should not divorce Ishita or she will be leaving. Raman don’t want to lose Pihu then decided to keep Ishita back so that Pihu will stay.

  6. Adejoke

    I really enjoyed today’ scene. Love ishra scene

  7. Lovely episode

  8. Finally ravan kumar n ishu are back ?

  9. Nice episode. Loved it. A wonderful feats after a long time. Nice bathroom scene where Ishita helps Raman. Raman and Pihu making breakfast for Ishita. These are lititle scenes that make all of us very happy. I just loved yesterday’s episode. I am so happy. Hopefully it is like that.

    I do know that in the spoiler Raman would again shout at Ishita when RuhI goes to jail. So again this would happen after some happy moments.

  10. Hi to everyone one of the individual YHM fans

  11. Tvfan1

    Hello to all yhm fans

    I hv seen decreasing number of comments on yhm nowadays..
    But I’m not sad as the show has lost its charm


  12. Shreya shetty

    A BIG HI to everyone here my dear yhm fans and friends!!!I am extremely sorry for not having been coming here since for such a long time.anyways I hope all of u are fine and doing well
    actually the reason I took such a long absence was because next week my science practicals examinations are about to commence so I must hurry up and study for them
    alls well but at the same time once more a nother mishap is created again.finally the cvs have revealed that sohail is that evil niddhis younger brother.if only ishita,raman and abhishek catch hold of that dirty blackmailer whos none other than that Sadistic Sohail,I am sure that ruhi will forget about him forever and so shall never make any boyfriend like him at all
    looks like parmeet has completely changed quite a lot after 8 years when he and simmi got divorced.poor ananya,I wish if she too could have a normal family relationship where both father and mother would stay reunited forever,this is the same situation with avni as well in that another show Naamkaran.both these girls cant stay like this whose parents are separately living far away from each other,since they re too young.
    why is this show getting worser and even more after we observed.this so called ekta mam is behind all this.i mean to enhance the shows popularity why many baddies villains are entering the show just to brainswash all of us.come on,show us something beautiful like pihu and ishita bonding more and the familys environment to be good and well wished

  13. In spoilers they have shown that Ruhi will be sentenced to jail for 10 years as she takes the crime on her for killing the blackmailer which Suhail has done. What happened to Ekta Kapoor. Why is she dragging the story ???

  14. Being a dentist, ishita is having breakfast directly after waking up… no brushing :D, and what is the use of this dumb ACP abhishek…. he has to be ousted out

  15. Hi guys . stupid stupid can ekta give ruhi 10 years.silly cvs

  16. Hahahaha. This is great. Buttering us up with some romantic IshRa scenes just to prepare us for all the never ending bad things that are coming. Ruhi jailed for ten years. IshRa separation again! Adi really stupid these days. I can feel a ten year leap coming on ! ! !

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