Swaragini Raglak ff Benaam Rishta Woh Chapter 8

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Hey everyone.

Thank you for all your comments. Please keep commenting about the best dialogue.
That’s a humble request.

I know all of you are wanting to know why Sahil did such a thing even though he knows the pain of losing his love. It’s because he feels that he got back his love after so long and he doesn’t want to lose it.

Now with the eight chapter.


Next day morning, the last day of the Ghangaur festival. The Maheshwari Mansion was in a complete hustle bustle. It was one of the most important festival for the Marwari families.

All the ladies kept the fast for long life of their husbands. And there are many guests who will be coming that night.
All the ladies were busy in preparations for the festival.

Laksh’s room

Laksh woke up from sleep with red swollen eyes. He got up from the bed and walked up to his cupboard. He opened it and saw Ragini’s clothes and jewellery placed in it. He recalled how he threw Kavya’s belongings long back.And how he filled all of Ragini’s stuff inside the cupboard.

Laksh: I know that I have lost you forever Ragini but for my existence I need atleast
your things in my life. I will live with the feeling that you are with me.

He takes out gift box and says to himself.

Laksh: Today is Ghangaur festival Ragini. I brought it yesterday and how I wish that I can give you this as a gift. But our lives have now taken a major turn and the truth is that now you are Sahil’s fiancé.
But Ragini I will keep a fast for you. For your happiness, for your long life.

Saying so he keeps the gift back in the cupboard and goes to washroom.

Gadodia House

Daadi: Shomi, do you have any Marwari attire for today or will you wear Bengali sari today also?

Shomi: Don’t worry ma. I have a beautiful attire for today.

Ragini comes out of her room wearing a yellow color anarkali.

Daadi: Laado….

Ragini: Yes Daadi maa.

Dadi: Did you see what gifts Sahil gave you?

Ragini: Yes Daadi maa, I saw it. It’s a pink and blue lehenga.

Daadi maa: Arey wah, for that lehenga wear the ancestral bangles I gave you.

Ragini didn’t know what to say. Because those bangles and most of her stuff was still at Maheshwari Mansion. She never got a chance to bring them back.

Daadi: What happened? Why are you not saying anything?

Ragini(stammering a bit): Daadimaa lot of my things are still at Maheshwari Mansion.

Daadi got furious at this.

Daadi(angrily): And you are telling me this now? Sharmishta call Swara NOW and tell her to send all of Ragini’s things back.

Shomi: Maa you please calm down. I will call Swara.

Shomi calls Swara and tells her to send Ragini’s things back. Swara wanted to say something but before that she gets remembered of Ragini’s words and tells that she will immediately send them.

Swara was about to go but she hears Sujata calling her. So she tells Uttara to
collect all the things from the cupboard and bring it down.

Uttara goes to Laksh’s room and absent mindedly puts all the things including the gift box into a bag and gets it to Swara.

Meanwhile Swara and Ragini are talking on the phone.

Swara: Ragini, along with your belongings I am sending a few gifts for you. When I was selecting a dress for me, I brought a few for you also.

Ragini: Ok Swara.

Swara: Its my first Ghangaur today. How I wish you all were here.

Ap who heard this came to Swara and took the phone from Swara.

Ap: Ragini beta, give the phone to Shomi ji.

Ragini gives the phone to Shomi.Ap invites Gadodia’s to Maheshwari Mansion to celebrate Ghangaur. Shomi unwillingly agrees as she didn’t want to disappoint them.

Uttara brings the bag to Swara and she puts other gifts also in it and sends them to Baadi.

At Baadi

Daadi: How come you agreed to go there Shomi?

Shomi: Maa they are in laws of Swara. How can I say a no to them.

Daadaji: Parvati, Shomi is right. It will be like we are disrespecting them. And it’s Swara’s first Ghangaur. We need to be with her.

Daadi: But how can Laado break her fast? Sahil must be there right.

Shomi: Ma I told this to Ap ji. She told that she was going to invite Raheja’s also.

Daadi: Ok then.

Raheja house

Maya got a call from Ap and she invited Maya and Sahil to their house. Maya accepted it and told Sahil about it.

Sahil(in mind): Shit. I thought that I can spend some time with Ragini alone but now that Laksh will be there. Whatever happens I must be careful. I can’t lose my Ragini.


Maheshwari Mansion

Laksh and other men have come home from the office. Ap told them that Gadodia’s and Raheja’s are also coming. Laksh was still in his own pain. And now this came as a blow.

Dp : Now I think we all need to get ready. The guests may be arriving at any time.

Everyone dispersed to their rooms.


Gadodia House

Daadi: Laado bring your dress. Let me put it at Kaatur Sham ji’s idol and light the diya for your happy life.

Ragini brought the dress and gave it to Daadi. Daadi lit the diya and kept the dress near Lord Krishna’s feet. Both of them closed their eyes to pray.

Ragini(in mind): Kishan ji, I have kept the fast for Laksh. Please give him all the happiness he deserves. And bless him to have a long life.

Daadi takes out the dress and gives it to Ragini and in a hurry the diya falls on the dress.

Seeing this, Ragini suddenly leaves the dress and it falls down. Daadi starts shouting.Shekhar comes running and sets off the fire.

Shekhar: Ragu,are you okay beta?

Ragini: Yes Papa.

Daadi: But the dress Sahil gave…

She eyes the dress which was lying on the floor. And continues

Daadi: Now what will Laado wear?

Ragini: Daadi maa don’t worry. Swara sent me a few gifts. I will wear any of them.

Saying so she goes to get ready.


Maheshwari Mansion

All the guests are arriving and the family members are busy in welcoming them. Ladies were making arrangements to break their fasts. Laksh was standing there uninterested in all this and thinking how good it would have been if he could have given Ragini that gift.

Just then Raheja’s enter. Swara and Sanskar tell the family members and all of them go to welcome them.

Ap: Please come Maya ji. Come Sahil beta.

Sahil comes smiling and his expressions change seeing Laksh. He smirks seeing Laksh.

Sahil(in mind): Just wait and watch Laksh, how I will take Ragini away from you. She belongs to me, only me.

He stands there speaking with Dp and then he hears Sujata’s voice saying ” See jiji, Gadodia parivaar has come.”

He turns to see Ragini. But he was utterly shocked. Ragini was wearing a red and gold lehenga. She was wearing a beautiful neck piece. She had her hair straightened but curled at the ends. She wore her dupatta on her hand and didn’t tuck it.

But one person was more shocked. That was Laksh. Because Ragini was wearing the same dress that he packed in the gift box. He was confused.

Maheshwari family went to welcome Gadodia’s. Ap and Dp went to Ragini. Ragini took their blessings. And then she took Sujata and Rp’s blessings.

Maya then came to Ragini and blessed her.

Maya: Now I understood why Sahil didn’t allow me to see the dress yesterday itself. You are looking like an angel.

Ragini smiled at her and turned her face to Sahil who was looking furious for not wearing the dress he gifted her.

Laksh ran towards his room and opened second side of the cupboard in which he placed all of Ragini’s stuff. And found it empty. Uttara who came to call him saw and asked what happened.

Laksh: Where is Ragini’s stuff in the cupboard?

Uttara: Swara bhabhi told me to send all of it to Ragini bhabhi’s house.

Laksh understood that Ragini was actually wearing the dress he bought for her and was happy.

Uttara: Let’s go down Bhai.

Laksh: You go. I am coming.


Sahil was walking ahead and Ragini was walking back of him to give him an explanation.

Ragini: Please Sahil. Just listen.

Sahil: What do you want me to listen? Why didn’t you wear that dress I gifted you?

Ragini told him everything why she didn’t wear that dress. Sahil understood that it was Daadi’s mistake.

Sahil: I am sorry that I was rude.

Ragini: Its ok Sahil.

Sahil: And what about this dress?

Ragini: Swara sent a few gifts for me in the morning and it was one of them.

Laksh who heard all this then understood that Ragini was thinking that the dress was given by Swara.

Later in the night Ragini was feeling really uncomfortable at Maheshwari Mansion. All her memories with Laksh were becoming fresh. And that’s when she realized that Laksh had to live among these memories all his life.

Everyone were in the hall and Sahil was talking about business to Adarsh and Rp.
Ragini felt that she needs to spend some time alone or she will end up crying owing to the memories.

She went away silently and was walking in the corridor when she felt her head spinning. It was the effect of not eating anything from the morning.Before she could even react, her strength gave up. But before her body touched the ground, a pair of strong arms caught her. And it was Laksh.

Laksh saw Ragini a bit disturbed. When he came after her to check if she is okay, he saw her fainting and held her.

Laksh: Ragini, utho. Ragini please utho.

He started shaking her and when he got no response. He started shivering and he got really tensed. He noticed a pooja thali kept there. He went and brought it. He sprinkled some water on her face. Ragini opened her eyes. He made Ragini drink water. And she then seemed to be okay.

Laksh: Ragini are you okay?

Ragini: Yeah Laksh. It’s because I didn’t eat anything from morning that I fainted.

Laksh immediately made her eat Ghevar-the sweet with which Ghangaur fast is considered to be broken.

Ragini realized that the person for whom she kept the fast has himself broken it.
Laksh made her stand and she walked away. She had a contentment that her fast was now completed.

Laksh stared at the pooja thali in his hand. He took out the piece of Ghevar that he fed Ragini. He recalled how Ragini touched the piece when he was feeding her. He smiled happily and ate it.
Laksh also had his fast broken.

Later in the hall

Everyone had broken their fasts. And for everyone Ragini again ate a piece of Ghevar herself to show that she broke the fast she kept for Sahil.

All the guests except Rahejas and Gadodia’s left. Maya mada an announcement.

Maya: I have asked Pandit ji for a good muhurat for engagement and marriage. He said that there is a good muhurat in this month itself. So me and Ragini’s daadi daadu have decided that marriage will be held at that muhurat at our Raheja haveli.
All of you must come.

Sahel started smiling happily. Ragini was standing there helpless and Laksh was left heart broken. His life came to a still

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