Gangaa 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Gangaa 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganga very carefully and quietly picks up the cricket kit and starts walking backwards holding it. Maid is coming from the other side. she is looking happily at the locket in her hand. they both don’t see each other and collide. The locket lands quite near to where Amma ji is sitting. Maid is tensed. She asks Ganga what is she doing here with this kit. Amma ji asks Ganga is she was going outside. Maid gets tensed as Amma ji walks towards them. Amma ji walks past the locket without noticing it yet. Amma ji and Maid question Ganga. Ganga smartly replies that she is only taking it in the courtyard outside as Sagar would want to play as soon as he is back. Amma ji declines. stay at home only. Everyone got so worried when you went missing last time. Amma ji walks past the locket when Ganga notices it. She points it out to Amma ji. Amma ji picks it up. This is Madhvi’s locket. She calls out Madhvi. Keep gold carefully as it is considered inauspicious to lost gold. Madhvi is glad that they finally found it. Amma ji gives credit to Ganga. Luckily she found it and your locket was saved.

Madhvi touches Ganga’s face lovingly. You only found it last time too. You deserve a prize. Amma ji gets irked hearing that. Ganga tells them that she does not want any gift / prize. Madhvi insists so Ganga requests her to let her go out for a while. I will be back soon. Amma ji asks her questions. Madhvi tries to take Ganga’s side but Amma ji stays put. You have kept an outsider girl at home so think about your responsibilities too. Ganga, you wont go anywhere. I spoke to you nicely for 2 days but it doesn’t mean you will do what you like. Don’t even dare to step out of the house. Madhvi goes to make list of groceries as per Amma ji’s orders. Maid too heads to do her work. Amma ji tells Maharaj ji to keep an eye on Ganga.

Maharaj ji makes Ganga sit in a corner as he has other work to do as well. Ganga thinks of Sagar’s words and Niranjan’s words. It is 11:30 already. What should I do now? Maharaj ji washes veggies nearby. Ganga looks at the wall clock worriedly.

At school, teacher gives the class an essay to write as soon as the lunch period is over. Kids take out their books sadly. Sagar gets busy reading a comic book. A girl (Shruti) tells him to do his work but he replies that he wont be here after lunch break. I am going to play cricket. His friend asks him how he can play when his cricket kit would be at home at this moment. Sagar tells them about Ganga. I have told her to bring my cricket kit here. She will surely come. She listens to everything that I say.

Maid eyes Ganga irritated while she washes clothes. I had finally got that locket but I lost it because of her. Maharaj ji advises her to be slow and careful. He gives her more clothes to wash which irks her all the more. Maharaj ji teases her. maid threatens to leave this house and work at Mrs. Gupta’s house. She is after me since long.

Pulkit returns home and calls out for his mother. He asks for some money as he has to go to police station with a random kid. There was theft at his house. Amma ji is taken aback. Maid too gets curious. Madhvi gives money to Pulkit. Amma ji suggests him not to go but Pulkit says I am a lawyer’s son. Saket (his friend) said that it will be a good factor. Pulkit gives his bag to his mother and goes out. Madhvi is happy with her son’s behaviour. He has taken after his father. He is always ready to help everyone. Amma ji tells Madhvi to learn a lesson from this theft. Keep your valuables safely. She next sends Maharaj ji to lock the other door as well. Keep all the windows closed. She sends maid to feed chapatti to cow and then sends Ganga upstairs to shoo birds away from the stuff kept on the terrace. Ganga is worried as the clock is ticking.

Recess bell is rung. Sagar gives his tiffin to Shruti. I am going to play with Ganga. I will eat food outside only. She should be here by now.

Ganga is shooing the birds away. Sagar’s recess period would have begun. He must be waiting for me. if I don’t go then he will get upset. If that happens, then Dadi will throw me out of the house. What should I do? Maid asks her to help her in drying clothes. Ganga obliges.

Sagar is waiting impatiently for Ganga. The recess is about to get over and Ganga is still not here! Did she forget the way? But I had written (drawn) it for her. His friends come there. They are not sure if Ganga will really come. You have not even written your essay. Teacher will surely punish you. Sagar looks towards the main gate again.

Ganga asks maid about the time. She is nervous to know that it is 12:30 pm now. Maid leaves. Ganga is drying a dupatta when she gets an idea. She runs to the boundary and checks the height. A big smile spreads across her face. She joins many dupattas together.

Recess period gets over. Shruti tells him that no one can come inside the school after third bell. His friend calls him a fool to believe Ganga. You have not even written your essay. Be ready for punishment. He heads inside with Shruti. Sagar is really angry with Ganga by now. You have fooled me. Now just wait and watch! I will complain to Dadi as you lied to me! She will scold you nicely then.

Ganga makes many knots in the dupattas. She looks downstairs to make sure the road and the courtyard inside are empty. She goes downstairs and picks up the cricket kit. She throws it down from the terrace. Amma ji hears the noise. She mutters something and then lies down to sleep for a while. She is disturbed by the passerby seller outside. Ganga drops one side of the dupatta down and ties the other corner from the boundary of the terrace. She prays to her Gods for safety as she begins to descend the balcony using it. Ganga realises that she is just outside Amma ji’s window. She prays that Dadi doesn’t open her eyes. She is finally able to reach the ground successfully. She runs away from there with the cricket kit.

The third bell too rings at the school. Sagar paces anxiously. Guard comes there and tells him to go to his class. Sagar leaves dejected. Guard locks the main door and Ganga reaches there just then. She is shown running towards the gate with the cricket kit bag slung on her shoulder. She too is sad to find the door locked.

Precap: A man points a knife at Madhvi. She shouts for help and holds his hand so he doesn’t hurt her, yet she gets wounded on her hand in the process. Inspector assures Niranjan that they will find the thief soon. I cannot understand who made this rope using dupattas and hung it from your terrace?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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