Tere Sheher Mein 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tere Sheher Mein 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sneha and her daughter looking for the house and they ask a man about it. He says everything changed, it looked like you came after much time. Sneha says yes, after 20 years. He asks for some land mark. She says Chobey Nivaas and he says he will show them. Jaz says is it good to follow him. Sneha says we don’t have choice. Amaya says we lost our bags and now this place, how will we stay here, I m feeling scared, where is this man taking us. Rachita says even I m scared.

Sneha sees the old homes and sees Chobey Nivaas. She says yes, this is the one. She pays the rickshaw vendor. The man asks will they get home now. Sneha says yes. He says about Mahadev and leaves. Sneha looks at the door, and recalls the old man’s words that he hates her, and he made her leave. Amaya asks where do we have to go, where is home. Sneha sees Rishi. He says we came Banaras finally, come home.

Sneha wipes her tears and says that’s the home. They see a dark place, locked and sandy. Rachita says its so scary. Amaya says where did we come mum. Sneha says this is what we have, and sees the big lock. She sees the keys and opens the lock. The coolie brings the bags and says he was worried for them, he missed to get them,, and then he came here to find them and some man told me you all are here. Jaz says its strange, he reached when he did not know proper address. She asks who told the address. Amaya says I m glad we got the lullage.

He says my dad got waste, give me wage, I will go. Sneha says thanks and gives the money 200rs and asks him to take more 200rs. He says no need of extra. Rachita says we did police complaint, we felt it got stolen. He asks what did she do, he did not steal anything. Sneha says sorry, we will take complaint back. He says its easy to do complaint, and hard to take back. She says sorry and he leaves.

Sneha cleans the webs from the lock. They go inside the dark place and Sneha sees Rishi. She cries. Rishi says I got peace that you all reached here, and apologizes for his mistakes. He says I love you. She says I love you Rishi, I don’t know how will I live without you. He says you will manage everything, I m sorry Sneha, I did not fulfill all my promises, but I fulfilled my promise to make a home infront of your home, come in this house, its waiting for you. Rachita calls her out and says this house is so old. Sneha wipes her tears and smiles. She says yes, Banaras homes are like this, big ones, lets go inside.

Jaz cries and says she is afraid of darkness. Sneha hugs her. Amaya says we are with you, it will be fine in morning. Amaya hopes the morning is better. Its morning, Amaya wakes up by the religious calls. She sleeps again. She wakes up by the temple bells. She says Amaya Mathur, say good morning to your reality. Sneha wakes up and sees the girls. They see around the house in daylight. Rachita sees the frames and goes. Jaz wakes up and they all see her face bitten by mosquitoes. Jaz asks what happened to my face. Jaz goes to take mirror from bag. Amaya sees her. Jaz asks Sneha is this permanent marks. Sneha says no, its mosquito bites, it will be fine. Amaya says you are special, so mosquitoes chose you. Rachita says she has to wash her face and goes. Sneha says relax, I will manage. Rachita says there is no water in kitchen tap. Amaya says so our sweet home does not have electricity and water, have fun.

Amaya says she will get tea and goes out to find the shop. She says there are so many lanes, how to find my home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This story is so related to my life. I had gown through the similar conditions.

  2. Wow…what a show…. Lovely one…..

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