Sasural Simar Ka 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Fake Roli/Nagin standing with sindoor plate. Roli asks Mata Rani for help and wants Sindoor’s significance to be intact. Little girls Anjali and Sanjana fall down Nagin’s sindoor plate which makes her much shocked and Siddhant couldn’t complete filling her Maang. After some time, Simar speaks with Prem about Nagin and Roli comes there. Simar speaks that Siddhant knowing about Nagin’s truth but he is trying to hide. She is also worried why Nagin is keeping quiet though so many things have happened at the godown. Roli is also worried with Nagin and Simar speaks that Siddhant will be away from Nagin’s poison. Meanwhile, Siddhant recollects past moments he shared with Roli after looking at the photo frame with himself and fake Roli. He admits his big mistake and wishes very soon the photo frame will have Roli in it. He hopes Nagin will leave from their life soon.

Nagin comes inside and he recollects Roli’s words asking him to be careful. Nagin touches him and asks what happened. He speaks of getting headache and she tries to massage him. He speaks of having business loss and wants to sleep instead. She notices that Siddhant is not wearing the thread which she has put on his hand to control. She insists him to tell more and he shows the thread which is similar to Nagin’s one. But this thread belongs to Mata Ran and the FB scene shows Roli giving that thread. Nagin gets relieved and goes out with some doubts.

Simar and everyone in the family are surprised to see Nagin doing aarti in the morning. Soon, they come to know that Mata ji is missing and Simar thinks that Nagin has done something. Nagin speaks to herself that Simar is right. Siddhant goes to confront nagin and Roli intervenes, and Sid’s mom calls Roli. Simar is worried since now Nagin now knows that the entire family knows the truth. Nagin speaks that the family has played a game. She reveals herself as Icchadari Nagin and doesn’t want to listen to Siddhant. She reminds that he is lying and talks about putting thread on his right hand and not on left hand.

She reminds him that her thread has fallen in the godown last night, and this thread is being given by Roli. She asks Roli on how she got the Sindoor which is present from last night. She tells Roli on knowing well that she will not fill her Maang without Siddhant. Nagin speaks of coming there for Siddhant but everyone has used deceit to send her out. She speaks of wanting Siddhant by forgetting all her powers. Roli brings out Mata ji from Lal darwaaza. Mata ji is now in good health and can walk. She prays and hugs all. Nagin speaks that their Mata ji is fine

Nagin admits on giving troubles to get Siddhant but she was forced to do because her identity is attached to her husband. If she loses Siddhant, then she will lose her identity. And it is not her ego or stubborness, but the truth of her life. She cannot live without her husband or die. She speaks of bringing Mata ji in fine health as Simar has saved her life in godown. Simar speaks of having confidence that Nagin will repent on her mistakes. Nagin smiles andd tells Simar that she is very innocent but she is not. Everyone is surprised and she wants to clear their confusion and goes to bring something. Simar is worried with Nagin’s new move.

Precap: Fake Roli/Nagin tells Siddhant to meet her family in 24 hrs because he will not see them after that time. She speaks of giving a favor to Simar and if someone can on her way then she is going to kill.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dragging……..

  2. Oh god again the problem

  3. Am loosing interest now,is that all left of the story line?can’t the directors put an end to this nagin episode? In fact am tired.

  4. Heard nags will take Sid wit her… Is tht true??? Omg…. Then will stop watching ssk…I love Rosid

  5. Anyone out der plssss tell me whthr tht news is true… I saw a video regarding tht… Pls help me out

  6. Hey sent me the link of tat vedio

  7. No way..hw cud the writers separate rosid… I’m watching this serial only for rosid.. Ichhadhari… Get lost … We hate you

  8. Noidea! But till he gets some new story he will Drag this story as much he can.Thought uts going to end wen she cured mataji but again Same old story.starting from zero

  9. Oh god phir say nooooooo

  10. Gents in this family are useless and cowerds
    all story around roli nagin and simar only
    there are so many useless twists and turns… now slowly serial become boaring.. its better to watch on another channel… uff..

  11. sharmila mary

    i think nagin has realised sid n roli’s luv s true. may be she s acting n plans to surprise them. otherwise curing mataji s meaning less bt wat abt sattu?

  12. Here aftr i wl nevr watch dis shit

  13. the ritten epi is too late today i was waiting till 10 o clock then i went to sleep so amen pls write the the update fast . plssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. yesterday i was so upset wit u amena

  15. Vaighaa… Was that video in desitv or sum site like that.. Me too saw title naagin going to end and all… But did not see d video.. Pls send me tht link.. I just wanna know abt rosid

  16. new nation segment may ye kya de raha hai.. ab tak we herd dat nagin ka track end hoga.. but again sid wil go eith her and . in dat segmnt dey said dat sid insaani nahi hai wo bi naag hai.. ye sab kya hai?? i didnt found link but.. in seg sid also tel that he is nag ban gaye aab.. kya new nation me egaya news such hai? agar sid naag hai tho wo ab tak bw house may sid bankar kyo rah rhai hai… is it correct which i heard da news.. any one tel me plz.

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