Gangaa 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Gangaa 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sagar scolds Ganga. Papa was talking so sweetly to you but you kept quiet. You angered him all the more. What has happened to you? Tell me atleast, I will talk to papa. Talk to me! She recalls her vow to Amma ji. Sagar doesn’t let her go until she tells him the truth. You are certainly hiding something. Did Dadi say anything to you? She shakes her head. He is now cent percent sure that she is scared so she is quiet. She nods but then shakes her head. He requests her to speak up. You used to tell me everything earlier but now you don’t care! You don’t care about me anymore. I was so concerned for you. I couldn’t sleep the entire night as I was worried about you. I thought you would be hurt and crying but papa is right. You are stubborn. You don’t listen to anyone. He begins to go but she stops her. She agrees to tell him through gestures. He is confused. You can write if you are scared to talk. He realises that she cannot talk. She tries once again through gestures. This time he tries to figure out everything. Dadi has made you take up a vow to keep quiet? He wants to tell it all to his father but she requests him not to do so. He wonders why she doesn’t want him to tell it to anyone. We should share it with papa. He will become all the more angry if you keep quiet. Atleast I can talk to him. I will talk to him don’t worry. She makes him take a swear on her. He agrees for her sake but is still not sure why she is doing so. He runs off to tell the same to his mother.

Madhvi gets a sprain in her back while tidying the bed. Maharaj ji is concerned seeing her in pain. She doesn’t let him share it with Niranjan as he is busy in his study. You will have to handle the kitchen work today. He nods. Sagar comes running there to tell his mother everything. He notices her sitting in pain.

Amma ji is reading mantras when Ganga comes running there. She tries to explain the situation to her but Amma ji cannot understand her gestures. She dismisses her. let me concentrate. Ganga wonders how to tell Amma ji. She only made me swear to keep a maun vrat. Why don’t you understand! It will be a big problem if Sagar tells the truth to Bahu ji.

Sagar offers to massage his mother’s back but she assures him that Maharaj ji is bringing pain relief spray. She reminds him that he has to go return Shruti’s notes. He leaves for his room. I will share something with you when you are well. It is about Ganga. She nods.

Ganga is all tensed. She notices Sagar running towards his room. Maid tells Maharaj ji to go to the study room as Niranjan is calling him. He gives the spray to Ganga to give it to Madhvi. Ganga is all worked up thinking that Madhvi will tell Babu everything now. He will get all the more angry. Sagar got me in trouble.

Sagar leaves for Shruti’s house. Pulkit is talking to someone about one particular day where he and his friends had seen a movie together. His friends still tell him to join them. We will go to mall. Pulkit is tempted but scared of his father. His friend talks against it. Papa lectures everyone all the time. It is nothing. We are right outside your house. Come, join us!

Madhvi is in very much pain. She is having trouble breathing. The pain is unbearable. Ganga comes there. She tries to help Madhvi but has no idea how to do it. Madhvi sends her out to call someone asap.

Pulkit’s friend talks about his new phone that his father had brought from Singapore. It is the latest model. Pulkit agrees to come. He thinks of escaping from the balcony. Ganga tries to stop him and tell him about Madhvi but he tells her to save him this time like he helps her always. He leaves. Ganga runs up to Amma ji to explain Madhvi’s situation to her. Madhvi is writhing in pain. Amma ji is unable to understand her so Ganga runs towards the study room.

Ganga comes running to the study room. She signals Niranjan but he tells Raghav ji to send her out. Raghav ji tells her thus but Ganga cannot leave. She cannot even talk as she has sworn in on her Bappa’s name. Niranjan makes Raghav ji take her out and closes the door from inside. Ganga gets an idea.

Madhvi is in terrible pain. Ganga runs on the street bare footed while praying for her Bahu ji to be all fit and fine. On the other hand, Madhvi tries to get up but in vain. Ganga reaches the local hospital. She signals the doc to come with her asap. He thinks that she cannot speak and goes with her. Madhvi somehow tries to reach for the spray but it falls from the table.

Maharaj ji and Amma ji talk about how water comes only at specific time these days. Maid comes to Madhvi’s room and finds her lying on the floor. She calls out for everyone. Niranjan and everyone come there. He makes Raghav ji call the doc. I will bring her to hospital right away. Niranjan picks her up. Ganga and doc are on their way. They reach there just when Niranjan and Madhvi are leaving in the car. Doc asks her why she stopped. The patient seems to be in a bad condition. Don’t worry she will be fine. You are a great girl. you came running to me bare footed. Stay blessed! He leaves.

Precap: Niranjan questions Ganga. Madhvi told you to bring someone yet you dint share it with anyone. why dint you tell me? Did you forget it? She explains to him through gestures. Amma ji watches everything and is scared.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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