Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh and Naira asking Akshara why did she lie. Devyaani comes and says she lied for Girja’s sake, as Bhabhimaa woulkd have been angry on her. Naksh asks Akshara to cook. Girja says Chitti will be fired if he does not work. Devyaani says I will cook today. Naksh asks Akshara to cook as she makes good continental. Naitik says even you know to cook well, you can make any dish. Naksh and Naira insists Akshara. Varsha and Shaurya does not talk to Ananya. Jasmeet says she might have gone to meet any friend. Nannu says maybe BF. Dadi asks where did he learn this. Nannu says TV. Dadi says no need to watch tv now. Nannu says no, I learnt from school friends, will you stop me going to school. Dadi says he became naughty.

Akshara comes in kitchen and cries seeing the things there. Bhabhimaa comes there and gets angry seeing her in kitchen. She asks why did she send fruit salad and came here. Akshara says sorry, kids insisted. Bhabhimaa says they insisted so you are here, don’t try to take advantage. Akshara says no, trust me. Bhabhimaa says you broke my trust by your mistake, I will not come in your words like others, they did not lose as I have lost. Akshara holds her hand. Bhabhimaa asks her to stay as guests, they are many people to cook in kitchen. Akshara sees Naksh and Naira.

Bhabhimaa asks her to tell anyone to cook for her. Akshara tells her not to scold her like before else her children will tease her. Bhabhimaa asks them to tell Akshara not to cook, I told her to rest. Naira says I told her to cook. Bhabhimaa says she will make food for them, and laughs. Akshara reminds how Naitik used to miss Bhabhimaa’s hand made food. Naksh gets message and leaves. Bhabhimaa asks Naira what will she like to eat. Akshara comes out sadly and Naitik, Nandini and Devyaani see her.

Nannu says he wants to eat what he had yesterday. She asks him to have medicines and then she will give him cauliflower. She says doctor said if he eats much, then tummy’s dragon gets angry and if he does not ge different things to eat, he gets much angry. Rajshri says he bites in stomach. They all scare her. Nannu says fine, give me some food. She makes him eat medicine and then khichdi. Rajshri says they have to do so much to convince kids. Dadi says its not wrong. Kaki says but lie is lie. Rajshri says but when kids know the truth behind lies, we all know what happens.

Naksh talks to Ananya. Ananya says I m not nervous for interview, in fashion magazine, I hope they don’t have objection about my fat looks. Naksh wishes her all the best. Yash and Sanju talk to her. Sanju says tell them that fashion is about feeling good, but looking good, size does not matter, she is working behind the stage. Ananya thanks her. Yash smiles seeing Sanju and says he is thinking something. Sanju asks what. Yash says nothing. She says lets see some action movie.

Ananya sits waiting and eats chips. She sees a slim girl eating apple and turns. Naira asks Bhabhimaa about the spices. She says Girja does not keep anything at place and goes to ask. Mishti puts baking soda instead of salt. Mishti says sorry, I was helping. Naira says Bhabhimaawill be angry. Naksh asks is mum not cooking. Naira says no, Bhabhimaa is cooking. Bhabhimaa comes and Naira says Mishti added baking soda in it. Bhabhimaa says I cooked with love, its all ruined. Naksh says Lord does not want you to cook, we will call mum to cook. He calls Akshara.

Akshara says why is he insisting. Bhabhimaa says I will make food, does Akshara cook better than me. Naksh says you take rest and goes to Akshara. He asks her to cook halwa for Bhabhimaa. Devyaani says I m sitting free, I will cook. Naksh says no, mum will cook and takes her to kitchen. Akshara gets tensed seeing Bhabhimaa. He says I m telling Bhabhimaa not to cook and she is cooking. He asks them to cook together. Akshara says he can’t force them. Bhabhimaa says yes, let her rest. Akshara says we will eat what she made. She goes. Naksh finds it weird.

Sanju likes the movie and says the lines. Her hand hits Yash and she cares for him. He says I m ok. She says sorry and thanks for coming, I will not forget you supported me when my best friend did not come, I will not leave Naksh. Bhabhimaa happily serves the food to everyone. Akshara comes and sits with Naitik. Naksh says wow, its great food. Naira says superb, its better than Akshara’s dishes. Naksh says he is trying to crack some imp thing.

Naman asks Naitik can he come office today. Naitik asks why, I mean is the problem not solved. Naman says no, I wanted to discuss other things at office. Naitik says I don’t think its needed, I will try to find solution at home, send me facts and figures. Naman says staff and records will be at office. Naksh asks him to go, as he went office and old manager asked about him. Naira says she wants to go along. Naitik says I won’t go. Naksh asks why, you like to discuss about gems.

Devyaani says its your right to help us and our right to take your help. Bhabhimaa coughs. Akshara gives water and Bhabhimaa takes the other glass. Naira asks Naitik to help Naman. Naitik agrees. Bhabhimaa leaves from the table. Naksh looks on.

Naksh tells Ananya that elders are hiding something, he made some plan to clear things, and asks her to come outside Sanju’s hostel, he called Yash there. She says it will be fun. He says he has many things in mind and want to clear it all.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This serial is so boring bhabhima’s darama is so long plz over it if she accept akshara than right otherwise all people leave her on her condition and live happy with akshara and natik. Their children r so noughty and have bed manners akshara is fiel in her duties like a baho, a mother and patni. After 10 years her children r so badtamez and haven no sesnce and manners. So this is so boring.we c’nt inderstand the story .story is unfeare there fore the daramas of this channal r so long like 10 years ,5 years like sath nibhana sathiye in that serial gopi’s doughter r also badtameze and have no respect for elders and specialy her mother

    1. Aur Pyar Ho Gaya Fan

      Dear pari
      If u dnt wanna watch the serial get lost but at least stop saying this nonsense..
      Have sme brain..

  2. how many days u r going to extend this nonsense. senseless story, how many days children are grownup and even they can’t understand what’s happening, daily same thing. if this continues no one watches this show. getting so boring, 1 day 2 day drama ok but dragging it with bhabhimaa nonsense. stop it yar

  3. Really bhabimaaa is doing to much now…stop it

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