Maharana Pratap 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Commander asks Akbar why he wants to meet US. Akbar tells him to bring in Aalim Khan first. He too should know what my strategy in this war is. Commander leaves to carry out his orders.

Pratap knows that Akbar is laying a trap for US. Why can anyone not see it? Why does father not understand this fact that if he goes to meet that Mughal then probably he wont return alive from there ever? It will be a big problem if he really goes to meet that Mughal. Akbar will gain Chittor and then he will torture the citizens of Chittor. Rajputanis will have to do Jauhar once again. why can anyone not see this? He hears a voice telling him to stop this on his own. Only you can stop this. You will have to explain to your father that he is doing the wrong thing. You cannot just sit like that. The future of Rajputana is in your hands. Do something. You cannot let US die like this. You have to save the Rajputana. He looks at his ancestors’ photos in shock. He holds his head in pain as the voices are all shouting together. He lets out a scream and falls helplessly on his feet. He cries wondering what he should do in this condition. My own people doubt my thinking / outlook. How do I stop this then?

Aalim Khan greets his Shehanshah. He is grateful to Akbar for everything. Your favours have indebted me for lifetime. I will do whatever you tell me to. I don’t want anything except your forgiveness. Akbar shocks everyone by telling Aalim Khan to run. You have very less time. You must run as fast as you can and right away. Your life will be long if you do it asap and soon. He points out at a man filling bullets in his gun. He will shoot you as soon as his gun is ready. It is better to run away from here or you will die for no reason. The soldiers back out. Aalim Khan is also scared. He begins to walk away but trips. He gets up and starts running. He stumbles upon a rock on his way but resumes running once again. The gun / rifle is ready to be fired. Aalim Khan is shot dead in the first bullet itself. Everyone is taken aback except Akbar. Whoever goes against me gets the same fate. One has to be scared of me and abide by my rules if they want to live or they will be meted with the same fate like Aalim Khan. The shooter tells Akbar that this distance was perfect. Akbar shares the plan. The place where US will come to meet me is at an equal distance from our tent where Aalim Khan’s dead body is lying right now. He thinks of US getting shot. Rajputs are anyways not too aware of guns so they wont ever find out who shot US. As soon as the news of US’s death spreads around in Chittor then they will be boggled. We will make use of that opportunity and attack on Chittor. No one will be able to stop us then. Wait for the auspicious time tomorrow when US will come to meet me. Victory over Chittor will make me a Shehanshah for real.

Akbar and US get ready for their big meeting. US says today we will add a new chapter (of peace) in the history of Rajputana. Akbar says today we will make sure that Hindustan finds out who the real Shehanshah is.

The ladies are tensed but still are hopeful that the meeting will yield some good results. DB does US’s aarti. She prays for his success. Chittor should be all peaceful once again. US guides Amar Singh about what all he should do in his absence. They wait for Pratap. He comes there just then but greets his father really sadly. Please forgive me. US has already done so. Pratap is all emotional.

Akbar instructs his commander that they will have to be really careful. Rajputs will be boggled but we will handle it. we will attack them asap. Our army will be in trouble otherwise. The commander nods.

DB wonders why Pratap hugged Rana ji like that. Rana ji hugs Pratap that ways when he leaves for a war. I cannot understand it. Ajabde says it might be because of the differences that they had yesterday. He might be feeling guilty of going against his father. This is why he apologized to Rana ji too. DB has noticed that this is the first time when Pratap dint touch his father’s feet. He never acts like that. What is going to happen?

The shooter takes his place. Akbar confirms with him if he will be able to kill US. Wait for the right time. I will drop my hanky when US comes here. He should die in one bullet itself. The shooter nods. US will go back on 4 shoulders.

Everyone watches US heading towards Akbar’s tent. Raja Jaimal is still sure Akbar cannot be trusted. The royal family is worried as to how soon everything can be back to normal once again. Jagmal is scared and wishes that everything is fine soon. I cannot even sleep at night because of it. Ishar Das ji knows that US will think about a compromise if Akbar talks sense. He wont spare him if he talks otherwise. Dhodiya ji talks about when Rana ji had made a compromise with Shamsher Khan Suri. Back then, Rana ji had even given him the key of our fort. We were a little helpless back then but today we are stronger. Pratap watches his father with the help of binoculars.

The shooter is waiting anxiously for US. Akbar and US come face to face. Pratap checks the surroundings from a distance. Akbar drops his hanky. The shooter moves around as Akbar is standing right in front of US. He looks around for a more appropriate place to aim and shoot at US. US asks Akbar to speak up. Pratap finds something fishy. He notices the shooter at the distance. I had told father about it. Akbar is waiting for the shooter to shoot. Everyone is tensed.

Precap: US and Akbar get into a sword fight. Akbar pushes / hurts US. Pratap calls out for Akbar angrily.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    Update correction:- will someone tell me how shamsher khan suri became shamsher singh suri….such mistakes are not supposed to be made

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