Friends. . Condition Apply 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Friends. . Condition Apply 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

ALL of friends are tied.and are travelling in a tempo,.All of their faces are covered except shakti…At last the major puts cover to shakti…They are taken to a room…and covers are remove.Kidnappers force read a paper He r.reads saying “They are kidnapped by people united group..If they want to free…then rajneil prohit should be released in 48hours otherwise all will be killed one by one..Benoy tells kidnappers they will die of dog’s death…One kidnaper comes and beat benoy is bleeding..kidnapper remove the ropes of all friends..Isha,,CHirag run and sees Benoy is alright..Benoy tells that kidnappers have list of their name’s Benoy accuses Shakti that she is responsiple for all this,,,Sakti says she is not…Imple vomits..Ravi tells that the place is situated at a height soo everyone will feel dizzness and all,,,Shakti is uncomfrtable..Shakti goes in flashback thinks that doctor says that shakti is suffering from a disease promatic disorder due to the incident happened in childhood..SO shakti have to take tablets…Shakti searches her tablets in bag,,,Somehow she finds and hides that in her hand,..
Juhi shouts that they will be free..juhi tells they will run…Shakti thinks dizziness ..Shakti goes and slaps juhi…Shakti thinks and then hugs juhi,,saying everything will be alright…
Shakti thinks about few days before calls the major(the head) who Dada (brother)..He shows the photo of Isha..Imple …juhi and benoy..he tells they have to kidnap these people…Shakti tells she cannot do…He tells then baba will be killed…Baba who adopted both of them and took care of them…
Shakti tells his brother that they should not be molested…he tells okey ..shakti is sweating…Shakti tells that baba dont want violence. .Shakti tries to eat tablet but his brother comes and tells how baba would released??Shakti is quiet….Shakti somehow hides and eats tablet..He slaps Shakti..And says sorry..
All the parents tells police..they want their children..police officer tells that rajneil is a politcal person..Rajneil is shown in jail from back..Police officer tells that they will agree kidnaper’s demands.soon and release as soon as possible..Shakti tells that kidnapper’s knows Isha’s dad is politician…and Benoy’s dad is NRI..have links…Chirag asks why juhi and shakti is kidnapped.??chirag asks..juhi..who is her father??juhi tells his dad is nomore..Benoy tells that deadline is 48hours otherwise they will be dead…Isha tells Imple that they have to run anyhow..Benoy tells that they wil Run..Shakti tells its not james bond film..Shakti tells if they are caught they will die..Chirag tells they should take risk..Chirag asks Ravi where is this area..Ravi tells he dont know ….Benoy tells if Ravi is freed then he would know the location..Shakti tells its harmful..Chirag tells who is ready to run????All raises hands except shakti..

Precap::Benoy and all other friends are pulled outside the house.

Update Credit to: Ansari

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