Devon ke Dev Mahadev 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Narayan gives training to kumari. Kumari asks, who is mahadev. Narayan says, mahadev is nothing and nothing is everything and everything is mahadev. Before understanding mahadev, you have to understand tridev. Bhrama, vishnu and mahesh. Mahesh is known as mahadev. Kumari ask, who is bhrama. Narayan says, creator. Kumari asks, who is vishnu. Narayan says, help people to live. Kumari ask, who is mahadev. Narayan says, he is destroyer. He is unborn, bhootnath. Kumari ask, where is he living. Narayan says, kailash but he live everywhere and he is reason of everything. Kumari says, he doesnt have family. Narayan says, he live always happy thats why they known as sanyasi. For wellness of world, shiv and shakti must unite. Kumari thinks about previous incident. Mahadev then married with sati. Kumari says, what is relation with shakti pith of sati. WHy i felt that someone calling to sati. Narayan says, there is no relation between shakti pith and sati but shakti pith is sati. Kumari then again remember sati incident. How sati burnt herself. narayan’s sudarshan chakra destroyed sati’s body and then created shakti pith. Kumari says, if this incident complete with shakti pith then mahadev again meet with sati. Narayan says, sati brings new birth in parvati. Parvati was in danger situation and she has done worship to mahadev and after sometime mahadev arise in front of her. Kumari ask, what about their family. Narayan says, they live in kailash and their children, Ganesh and kartikaye. SHiv and shakti is for forever. Kumari parents gets worried about kumari. Kumari ask, who he looks? Naryan says, he doesnt have any shape, he is chandrashekhar, trilochan or natraj too. He is white as well as neel kanth. He wears rudraksh, trishul in his hand and happiness in eyes and he is so decent.
WHole world is with him and he is destroyer. He is unborn and he dies on every death. He is mountain as well small stick too. He is everything. He is light. HE is doubt and result too. He is relax and unrelax too. He is bhrama and vishnu too and he is God of all GOd.
Kumari mother says, banasur sent message to us, whether we will do marriage of kumari or else we all will die. Kumari says, so sent message to banasur but only one case when mahadev will marry me. Kumari’s mother says, what are you saying, how it can possible. Kumari says, why it can’t be possible. I have chosen my bridegroom. Everything will sort after mahadev married. Kumari says, why are you not understanding. We are human and he is dev. KUmari says, devi parvati also married with mahadev.
SHe has done worship of mahadev and i will too worship of mahadev and i know that he will arise in front of me and i definitely know that he will accept my proposal. Menawati says, if parvati is married with mahadev then how will he married with you. Kumari says, i am just trying and just complete myself.

Precap:- Banasur says, kumari will marry with mahadev and then nobody will kill me. Kumari says, i only want to marry with mahadev and i will complete with it.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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