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The Episode starts with Basu requesting the party to announce the name of a new candidate. Dev asks Durga how did you do this. Durga says I did not do anything. Mrs. Basu did this. In FB, its shown how Anuradha has sent the video against Basu and Karan, as Basu has hidden about the rape case, if they have to save their respect, then Basu has to take his nomination back. The party asks Basu to quiet as they can’t let the party lose because of him. Dev says if Basu knows this, then he will not leave Mrs. Basu. Durga says no, he won’t dare t harm her, Akash helped me in doing this. Dev asks why, whats the reason to support Durga. Akash smiles and says not Akash, Akram Rahmat Khan.

He says Dev actually, my father knew Rajnath has killed your dad, and he wanted to bring the video infront of

world and punish Rajnath, but my mum Sakshi Rahmat Khan…. Dev is stunned. Durga says its true. Akram says my mum killed my dad and blackmailed Rajnath to marry her. He says our fate is same, Rajnath and Sakshi have lost our fathers, we three are together in this fight for truth. Dev says I can’t think that Sakshi Goenka has go to this extent. Durga says Mrs. Basu will not leave them. Dev says we will take all revenge one by one. He says about Dayal’s death too, Mohanty has sent dinner invitation on Shaurya’s saying, it was setup to send us far and make us busy.

Durga says what? Dev asks her to think. She gets angry. Shaurya sees the news about Basu taking back his name from elections nomination, and his quitting his political career. Rajnath and Sakshi come home and see the news. The news comes about the rape case and both the families coming in news again and again. Sakshi says well played Nitya. Rajnath looks stunned. Sakshi says you are a fool, its Durga’s game, and that good for nothing Basu, you have risked my daughter’s happiness for him. He says no, trust me, I was using Basu, I did not know he will run, he would have won. She says be quiet, as this did not happen.

She says no use to talk to anyone now. She says media is understanding the game now. She says soon they will reach Shaurya’s case and Nitya is responsible for this, whom Durga is supporting. Shaurya comes and hears them. Sakshi says she would have tackled Durga if he did not do the Akram Khan circus. Shaurya says mind blowing dialogue, please think about acting career mum, as it will be only source of income, you both have got old, slow, weak and helpless. You both can’t do anything now, you go for Ganga yatra. Rajnath says and you go to any rehabilitation centre again. Shaurya says I heard enough.

He says dad is foolish since beginning, but he has hopes from mum, and she is even more foolish. She says dad was having an affair with her best friend, which the world knew, I knew it, but you did not know it. He laughs. Sakshi asks did you know it about this, and you did not tell me. Shaurya says how would I tell you, if I told you, then dad would have gone free. Rajnath asks Shaurya to be silent. Shaurya says you both get quiet, I m taking over, I will play the game, as I m incharge. Sakshi laughs. Rajnath smiles and claps seeing him on wheelchair and talking so high. He says Suchitra’s son has taken our business and now our wheelchair helpless son will run our life.

Shaurya says no, after getting up. He stands on his feet and shocking Rajnath and Sakshi. Shaurya asks what happened to their expressions, ain’t they all happy. Rajnath asks since when? Shaurya says shocked? Your doubt was right, I have killed Dayal Thakur. They are stunned. Shaurya says I will kill everyone now, whoever comes in my way, they will go to Lord, and if you try to stop me, then…. Sakshi shouts Shaurya. Shaurya whistles……… Dev and Durga come to meet Suchitra. She says its good you both came, and asks Dev what happened. Dev recalls Arnav’s death and cries. She asks what happened. Dev hugs her.

She gets tensed and asks is everything fine. Dev says nothing, I was missing dad. He says the school kids are waiting for us, come. He leaves. Suchitra asks Durga is Dev saying the truth. Durga says yes, everything is fine, don’t worry. Sakshi asks Shaurya how dare he lie to her. Shaurya says he never told the truth to her, he has just lied to her, what she wanted to hear, lets not waste time. He says he knows what to do, he has a plan. She says keep your plan to yourself, I m still alive and not that weak to hear your nonsense, I m your mother Shaurya, and you will listen to me.

She says what did you achieve by killing Dayal, first you were a rapist and now a murderer, is this your achievement. Shaurya says Dayal has made me paralyzed, he has sent those goons, he has to get his punishment, which I gave him. They are shocked. She says she knew this, but did not get proof. Shaurya says and I got the proof, it means you both are good for nothing, I did that I had to and I will do what I have to. She says its turn of Durga now. He sits on the wheelchair and says I will be still handicapped infront of the world and will attack on Durga. Sakshi says no, you won’t do this. Shaurya holds her hand and says mum, you can give lecture to your loyal husband, your son is gone from your hands now. He leaves her hand, and asks dad not to tell anything, as his half life has gone to serve his mum, and rest half to serve his son. He whistles and leaves.

Sakshi tells Rajnath did he hear and see what Shaurya has become. Rajnath says its because of your love, he has become an animal. Sakshi says my son is not an animal, he is stubborn that’s it, and what did I do, Durga did this, she has made him helpless to become like this, if they did not do this to him, then he would have not become a murderer. She says now my plan will be fulfilled.

Sakshi asks a ward boy to get Payal to her by making her unconscious. The ward boy goes to get Payal. Sakshi thinks once she gets Payal, she will get the mask off Durga’s face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks for d quick update amena…

  2. Giving a long whistle to durga… pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  3. this is gonna be missed badly. love it

  4. Omg… now wht will they do with innocent payel?? Now the show is getting at the point of edge, in its end… will miss this unique show a lot…. ;-(

  5. Awesome serial. Awesome updates.. Thanks guys.

  6. sravana bhargavi

    I think there may be no payal on the did u observe??? it was like some setup

  7. Hope nothing happens to payal

  8. That payal kidnapping will be then a filmy story pls dont spoil it

  9. Incredible show!

  10. Payal ki kia galti h agar shaurya itna gir gaya h to

  11. Terrible precap! nice move Durga. I just hope the show will have a happy ending. Because the story deserve it.

  12. Wake up Raima. We are waitibg for you…

  13. Finally u 3 gt united!!!
    Common sakshi rather shwing ur power to da world,show ur mamta for ur rapist son n change his mind set.
    widout changing ur son ur stil ruining a life who is half for ur son!!!
    story is getting more n more interesting day by day
    lovely story
    thanks 4 da update!!!
    gonna miss it 4 life long

  14. Finally u 3 gt united!!!
    Common sakshi rather shwing ur power to da world,show ur mamta for ur rapist son n change his mind set.
    widout changing ur son ur stil ruining a life who is half dead for ur son!!!
    story is getting more n more interesting day by day
    lovely story
    thanks 4 da update!!!
    gonna miss it 4 life long

  15. Plz save payal,durga dev come 2 save her.
    as c shudn’t be harmed.
    shaurya shud be killed to teach a lesson to people who chose his path

  16. Precap is horrible……but dis show is unbeatable compare to others….

  17. Only serial I watch
    y are dey ending such a marvellous serial:(:(:(
    Dr. Dayal thakur(baba) miss u the most plzzzz cme back
    itna acha insan khabhi nahi dekha duniya mein
    love u baba vry gud father

  18. Finally…..sakshi wil ovr cme her weekness…..yesss………i herd she will kill shurya…..ths might b end of ths serial…….

  19. Things are happening so fast! Each episode could be a months worth of episodes in any other. Maybe two months in saathiya! It would have been nice to see what is happening at just a slower pace so we can enjoy it much longer instead of rushing it. So much happens in each episode. It’s a blur!

  20. telly friends

    i think durga or dev will do something to save payel.saurya hate u realy.durga tum usko eisa saja do ki ye jindegi var na vule.gonna miss this show.this is the only seriel that i watch..

  21. akanjali devga veeba

    akash & anjali(everest);veera & baldev(veera) and dev & durga(eht)…these jody i love most.u all are sooo sweet sooo& ur lovestory also soooo lovely.bt gonna miss devga..oho hei guys plz stop to end eht..hope from 22 dcm the time of eht changed..plz guys

  22. akanjali devga veeba

    awsm dev&durga
    akash is also suprb……

  23. awesome presep..

  24. hei “akanjali devga veeba”our coise is same.i also love those jody a lot..suprb episod…

  25. I think durge,dev or akash will shift payal to a save place,aftr all ths happen to dayal thakur,durga will be very alert,she will nt take any risk on payal’s life..hope she wil be alright

    1. I dont think so. Sakshi may kidnap Payal and try to get the truth out of Durga. BUt i think she has done this once even before. LEts hope nothing hapens to Payal

  26. very nice serial among all other serials…very interesting….

  27. And it is not true

  28. It is boring ! And not true!

  29. just a fantastic episode….. Durga you are just wow…

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