Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Negi gets his hired puppets to party venue and asks them to spoil Anjali’s mind. Watchman stops them from getting into venue, but they bribe him and get in.

Deepika reminisces Abhiman lifting her up to get file and walking out with it, leaving her irked. She ruins his designs on his laptops silently and walks out. Abhiman starts presentation with his team and team starts laughing seeing a cartoon presentation instead. Abhiman gets irked seeing it. Team members discuss that Abhiman cannot do this, someone must have played a prank. Abhiman gets out of conference room and asks Deepika to apologize him in front of everyone. She asks if he has any proof. He shows her CCTV cameras and says if she does not apologize, he will show her video to everyone. She says even his morning

act is recorded then, even she can show it to everyone, says he made a mistake and she also made one, so it equal now. He silently watches her walking out smiling.

Soniya and Raghav pray at the temple. Raghav asks why particular pooja items are kept. She tells him the reason behind it. He continues questioning. She says they should first perform pooja for their sister’s wellness and unity, then they can discuss about it. Raghav says even he will pray god for her. She starts pooja.

Negi’s puppets enter party venue and start staring at Anjali. Other guys discuss that these 2 are not among their group and then say that it is Reena’s party, she must have invited them. Anjali thinks she forgot to tell Soniya that she has reached her friend’s house.

Raghav tells Soniya that god should not come between us. Soniya asks him to apologize. He apologizes and asks what did she pray. She says she did not pray for herself as she already got him, but prayed for her sisters. He says don’t worry he will not let any trouble touch her sisters.

Negi’s puppet starts misbehaving with Anjali while dancing. She asks why is he misbehaving. He say he is not, it is his heart and says she is very hot and should come out of party and enjoy him, holds her hand. She asks him to leave her.

Soniya asks Raghav to add 1000 rs in donation box. He asks when she spends money so carefully then, why did she donate 1000 rs. Panditji says he will explain and tells him the reason behind donations that it is to keep one’s family away from greed and selfishness. Raghav thanks panditji for explaining him well.

Suhasi shows Anjali’s dress price tag to Ratna. Ratna says now she will make Anjali more greedy. Suhasi says now she believes that she is her james bond. Ratna ask her to stop acting and concentrate on her mission.

Negi’s other puppet start faking fighting with his friend and kicks him out. Anjali gets impressed. Reena asks whom he came with and if he knows that goon guy. He says he does not know who he was, waves some guys among them and says he came with them. Reena lets him continue partying. He starts luring Anjali.

Ratna and Suhai gives Khushi Anjali’s dress tag. Khushi checks it and says nobody wears such a costly dress among them. Suhasi says servant found it in their room’s dustbin. Khushi says this size does not fit neither Rathi nor her. Suhasi says then it must be of Anjali’s and asks when Soniya can spend 3500 rs on Anjali’s dress, why can’t she pay her course’s fees. Ratna says she should not talk like that. Suhasi says Soniya is having different treatment for own and cousin sisters. Ratna says Khushi can ask Soniya about it and she does not have any right. Khushi thinks technically suhasi aunty is telling right, Anjali would not have bought such a costly dress.

Precap: Soniya and Raghav enter party venue and see Anjali inebriated with stooped gait.

Update Credit to: MA

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