Sasural Simar Ka 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Daksha says hits him siamr. vikrant says you cant simar. simar recalls champa screaming. she hits vikrant on head. he screams with pain. simar recalls munni crying for champa. She takes some spices and throws it on vikrant. she says you will know what a mom can do for her kids today. I remember every scream of champa and you will pay for it. She recalls begging for chanpa’s life. SArpanj says leave hokum. simar says brinmg my daughters to me only then I will stop. His pain is rising with time. A chit comes in the factory. Simar opens it, it has prem’s ring. She is shocked. She say prem ji you are here. everyone is shocked.
Roli reads it, it says we are in village stay strong we will all be out of here. roli says no one can stop now. simar says God is always with truth. Prem is coming and this shows the your end is near. vikrant says go and enter wrong password. simar says I will kill your God. Its your decision. Sarpanj is confused.

leela gives prem and sid some clothes. Two men come and point guns at them. They say hands up. one says you are betraying you dad. You will be punished.

Roli says lets see what can you do and how long can you bear this pain. rli puts some more spices on Vikrant’s face. sarpanj says I cant leave vikrant like this. roli says your God is screaming with pain, bring sanju and anujali. SArpanj says stop this torture.

roli says our planned has worked. she hugs simar. Prem and sid snatch the gund from the guards. Leela says don’t shoot. Bapu will kill me if they tell him. prem and sid chases them. prem catches one and hits him on the head and he faints. sid sees a snake coming. Leela says you will find simar and roli. lets go we don’t hafve time. I cant help you anymore. she gives them clothes. sid says thanks.

Vikrant says you cant do this to sarpanj ji. I am your God you should keep your word. siamr says for first time you are doing better for women don’t step back. Daksha puts tape on Vikrant’s mounth. Simar says the first responsibility of sarpanj is to maintain justice. you have killed many innocent people for this evil. you still have time. truth never loses. Save my daughters.

SArpanj says I always did what my heart said right but I had to go woth injustice to keep my word with your vikrant. I knew that simar is bing tortured but o kept standing with you. I killed my own people. but I cant stand this word anymore. He says we will always be with you, but I cant take this anymore. He shoots himself. Leela comes and says what you did. why you left me alone.whom will I live with now? vikrant says only I know the password and I will get you anyway simar.
I will kill them all. you will be responsible for all the casualities in the village

Precap-prem jumps in the factory. simar hugs him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy boringgggggggggggggggggg serial of the channels.hate u director
    will kill the director if i see him

  2. madhu and ros you are correct if i saw the director and writter i will put spice on their eyes they are changing positive character as negative and do injustice with that character too much prem and bharadhwaj family ruin surbhi’s life who will put species on their eyes according to simar she is fought for sunaina injustice as she knows she is a goast but do not care about
    surbhi’s feeling and life she helped a goast but ruined a human’s life what a
    lead character the writter made

  3. T.Parvath if you watching watch but don’t scold the writter . Because their imagenation is this.This is not ture life to make injustic.Pls understand

  4. Change the precap

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