Fragile Heart (Part 2) (True Friend)

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Swara is sitting blankly in floor, hugging her knees. She recollect her childhood when she gets panicked seeing some stranger there was an arm who gives her secure. She is missing that warmth, she is missing her. The memories plagued her making her eyes welled up. It is too much to take her, she needs someone to console her. She felt desolate.

Adi sees her feeble, his heart wrenches seeing his doll condition. He goes running to her. He sat next to her, stir her from her thoughts, wipes her tears and consoles her taking her in his arms. She embraced him tightly as tear streaming down her eyes.

“Shhh… Kiddo don’t be scared, your bhai is with you nah. Everyone is afraid of somethings. Everything we do and everyone we meet is for some purpose. We did not meet them by accident; be strong face your fear, not run away from it. Because it only haunt us down and hurt us. Try to solve this problem by audacious. This world is not so good it will misuse your innocence.

Always stay on your toe. Whether you know or not, the world is never going to be easy on you. Even if your innocent, they are never going to understand. You have to be strong Swara to face this world” His words imprinted in her mind. She was in predicament, not knowing how to react to his words.

Adi makes her sit in bench and says “if you have any problem just tell me ok. No more tension ok, now give me million dollar smile. ” Swara smiles sheepishly. He too smiles walked out room, not before turning around and glance at her.

Swara took deep breath, preparing herself for whatever was to come. Her gaze shift turns to door when she heard bangles sound, and see a girl entering a class. She is wearing black jeans with white top. She looking stunning, she finds Swara pale face and thinks she worried as its first day.

She walks directly to Swara, “hey?” She said chivalry. Swara just look at her and smiled coyly.

“Oh sorry I forgot to introduce myself. I am Ragini….. Ragini Malhotra…” saying this Ragini gave handshake to Swara.

“You seems to be worried, so let me tell you one thing if you scared of seniors and ragging then your problems solved as no one here dares to rag Ragini friends. I am quite famous here, I am the old student of this college. From now on we are friends.” saying she hugs Swara making her astonished.

She started talking without giving chance to Swara to open her mouth. Ragini speaks all her experience in college in one breath.

“How much she talks.” Swara mumbled.

“By the way you didn’t tell me what’s your name still.” She said with smile plastered on her face.

Swara gives her sheepishly smile and pointed out not giving her chance to speak, “if you allow me talk then only I can say naa….” Ragini chuckled hearing her, it’s the fact she never allow anyone to talk if she opens her mouth.

“Oops sorry dear. I really talk to much. Chatterbox is my another name given by my friends.” Swara forgot all her worries as she gets involved in Ragini talks. Ragini again asks her name.

“I won’t finish my talk soon, but you can tell your name.”


“Swara nice name. Well nice to meet you.” Ragini is not so fond of first bench, so she moves towards her favourite last bench seat.

As time passes by, all started entering class, almost all are boys. Seeing boys Swara face fell, she glance whole class once more. Realising more than half of the population of class is male, she trembled in fear.

She started to panic, but her Adi bhai words come in her mind “you have to be strong Swara to face this World be strong….” this gave her strength.

Suddenly a group of girls enters a class, a girl shrieks “Swara…” making her gaze turn to girl. She looks at them and smiles. They are all her classmates.

To say that girls are surprised to see Swara will be understatement. Being a girl who scared to talk to a boy now she is in co educational institution. They never in dreams thought she join co education college. They greets her. Swara smiles seeing them.

Her all worry went away as this college is not unknown to her anymore, some faces here are familiar to her.


College canteen

Sanskar is sitting in canteen with his gang. He thinks about Swara, her angelic face, but something is missing in her. Her eyes lost brightness, smile vanished from her face. Though she smiles it not reach her eyes, she hiding herself in mask of fake smile. There is story in her eyes which she hiding from everyone.

He murmurs “that girl is so weird. But she is beautiful like an angel from heaven.” a smile curve on his lips thinking about her.

He looks at Adi, his crony who is lost in somewhere. Sanskar throws a small water bottle on him and says “Adi, where you lost?”

Adi looks at Sanskar and says “yaar,  you know my sis is so scared of boys, I was just worried how she may now in class…” Sanskar was surprised to hear in 21st century any girl is scared of boys.

Adi further explain him about Swara, her previous life, all her education was on girls school only and how her father made her a puppet without any emotion who only obedient everyone, not take herself decision.

Sanskar was shocked to listen this. He now understand why she is behaving weird. He ask Adi “not to worry, I will change Swara and it’s a promise. ” he is determined to make fragile girl strong.

Adi know if Sanskar promised something, he will surely do it. He thanks Sanskar for his help, making Sanskar grimace tells his epic word “in friendship no sorry, no thank you.”

Adi smiles, someone said true ‘friend in need is friend indeed’. Sanskar is true friend anyone wish for. He was delighted to have Sanskar as his friend.

Sanskar says “I have one happy news for you. Himani is also in 1st year B. Com. She may help us in changing Swara.”

Now he was least bothered about his sis, as Sanskar sis is there for her, “it means Himani is also in same class of Swara, then I didn’t need to worry at all.”

A girl who wearing dark pink color top and black jeans walks to their direction. Sanskar sees her and waves his hand asking her to come to him. She goes near to him, hugs him. Adi seeing Himani lost somewhere. He mumbled “how pretty!”

Sanskar explain Hima about Swara and ask her to help in changing her. Hima smiles and says “why to fear When I am here bhai. I’ll manage Swara.”

Sanskar moves his hand forward and says “so lets begin mission Swara.” Hima and Adi keep their hands on Sanskar hands.


Hima enters class and started looking Swara. She neither seen Swara nor had idea how she looks, so she was confused who might be Swara. Then she sees a girl worried face, she looked so distant instantly understands she is Swara.

Hima sits near her and gave her intro. Swara replies her all questions.

“So friends?” Hima asked offering her with warm smile. Swara immediately nodded and shook hand with her. They both mingle well. Soon classes begin, as its first day class leaves before afternoon.

Hima and Swara becomes good friends in short time. Swara is happy to find her as friend, she was different from her other friends from previous school. Her politeness and bold nature, she liked most. Himani is a girl who talks whatever she has in mind, she never hide anything in heart.

Hima smiles and says “so in name of our friendship, let’s have party.” Swara nods. Both leaves for canteen. Adi sees Swara talking without any fear with Hima, he feels relieve seeing Swara happy.

Feeling his hear beat raise, uneasy feeling inside him, Sanskar turns to find a cheerful, smiling angel. Her smile brightness her face seeing it smile crept in his lips.


Precap : mission Swara begins.


Hey guys. How it is. Are you liking Swara this role.

There was girl like Swara now too who not mingle easily with people. Even I was like Swara before a conservative girl, scared to talk to boys and even too. My pov through story is just everyone has fear for something or other. We should overcome our fear, then only we can survive in this world.

How do you think Sanskar change Swara?

Don’t you think Sanskar is more interested in her than changing her.

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  1. AnuAnn

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    hmm I can totally relate to your story as I had been same for many years though I won’t say that I was scared of anything of any one but talking to a guy or mingling with people had been my weakness for years.

    1. Meghs

      Yes even me scared to talk to guy and migle with others. But time changes everything

  3. awesome ???

  4. Simi

    Awesome dear

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  6. Neptune

    awesome.. i am liking both swasan’s character and waiting to see how he changed swara..
    their love story is going to be awesome ..
    do post soon..

  7. Super awesome

  8. awesome but I think I Read it before ???but Jo bhi ho h to awesome

    1. Meghs

      A year before the ff posted in other name. I discontinued earlier. But now posting here. You can check wattpad to same stry posting there

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  10. Pramudi

    Awesome Meghs..
    Actually even i used to be afaid of guys ealier. But not now. Time changes everything.
    Yes, i think sanskaar is more interested in swara than changing her. ?

    1. Meghs

      Yes. Even it changed me.

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