THEY ARE WATCHING!! (Horror ff) Shivika and Shraman by Mehku. Part- 3

Later that n8,
Anika keeps her eyes peeled.incase she spot her again.What was she?Was she a person ?Or ghost?there were many questions but no answer….
Suman:The coast is clear,folks!Are we ready to partaaaay with the ghosts of the manor?
Shivaay(slowly):This gal is too much. why dosent she understand ghost dosent exist.
Suman:did u say anything? Shivaay!
Shivaay:what?no,nothing. U must have misheard ….

Shivaay:fine.whats next?
Anika:lets run through our checklist.Flashl8?
Anika:water bottles?

Adi:c’mon rosaries dosent stop ghosts.
Shivaay:For once I agree with Aditya.Rosaries are religious objects used to show devotion.they wont protect in case any of us faces a supernatural phenomenon.
Shivaay:haha …… ok I got the signal . I should shut up.anika ,do u guys really believe in this supernatural hogwash?
Anika:LOL!!!!this ghost hunt adventure does seem dumb.
Suman:but u always support me ani.

Ani:of coz and I always will,silly gal.
Shivaay:hey!i lik to question everything.especially if the existence of something is doubt like the paranormal.
Sumo:OK!OK!Einstein.why don’t u let ton8 decide it for u?
Ani:yeah….SSO,the blackbourne manor might give u a solid proof.

Comes our shravu,
Shravu:don’t u guys read at all?the number of people who have been to the manor,and not survived.Here,I’ve put together a list.I’ve been researching about the manor since long time.
Sumo:u are just correlating data.Is there a visitors book at the manor that has about who goes in and who goes out?
Shravo:look sumo,I care.I cant let u go there.Haunted places have other risks too.Plus it’s a secured manor.You’ll be charged for breaking in.
Ani:shravan,what are u scared of,really?

Shravo:Scared?! Its not about facing a fear.this is about walking into danger.
Ani:How about we all choose for ourselves?Lets vote on it.
SSO:I am in.
Adi:So,am i.
Tia:I’ll stay.I’ve got enough on my plate to deal with.
Tia goes.

Sumo:What are we waiting for?
Shravo:sigh,I am coming too.
Shravo:I cant let u go there alone.
Sumo:shravo…..i mean shravan,u don’t have to.

Shravo:sumo I can’t let u face this alone.
All leaves without shravo.
Shravo:I owe it to u.
Later,OUTSIDE OF Shravan:The blackbourne manor was built in 1827 by lord Bryant blacknourne.he was known to be fierce but a ruler.fair

Sumo :WOW! Its chilly!Is it me or is the temparatrure much lower here?
SSO:Well….its a cold n8.
Shravan:The blackbourne manor was built in 1827 by lord Bryant blackbourne.he was known to be fierce but a fair ruler.i have heard whispered tales of an impudent west Indian slaves..
sumo:I think that was enough need for u to speak more.
Shravan:I didn’t force anyone to listen to it.

Sumo:then were u practicing public speaking here?!
Shravo:I thought anika might want to know.
Anika:guys enough!!!!! I think we are losing our focus.
SSO:paanika is r8!!
Sumo:fine! Lets go inside.we want to be back at the campsite before dawn.i don’t want to get detention for this.we all have phones but in case anyone is in trouble,Scream the house down!!!!!

Sorry for such a small chappy! Actually I was damn busy!! For somedays I was even out of town.thought it wont be r8 to delay the next chappy anymore,,so,,though its small but I tried my best…..hope u all will understand my compulsion………… and sorry today no precap…. I didn’t thought about next epi till now but promise I will try my best to post next epi ASAP………

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