Forbidden love (Four and Tris) – Chapter 2: Who is she?

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Hola Twisties this the second chapter, but will be the same as chapter one but the only difference is that it will be Tobias’ pov.
Guys thank you so much your reviews mean a lot to me and I’m glad that you guys are liking the story so far.

Tobias’ pov
“Four wake up man, I have bad news for you!” Zeke said while shaking me, I open my eyes and look at him angrilly. “What is it Zeke, Uri and Eric?” I asked them while I was glaring at them.
“We just found out that your dad died, it was on the breaking news as well as they are guessing that Andrew Prior will take over your dad’s position.” Eric said.
“Oh god I need to call my mom and give her the emotional support that she needs!” I worriedly said.
“Sure man you need to support your mom as much as you can!” Uriah said with a small smile.
“Thank you guys for being my support system, whenever I needed you!” I said with a sincere voice.
“Don’t make us so emotional Four, it doesn’t suit you at all!” Zeke and Uriah fake cryingly said while I and Eric slapped their heads. Then they started to pout at us but we didn’t stop hitting them until the three of them left. Soon after getting ready, I called my mother, we talked about what happened after I left, we were remembered about the past and then she told me that the Priors are coming over to eat dinner with her.
“That’s so kind of them, that they are coming over and you’ll get some company!”
“Yeah and I won’t feel so lonely without your father, I miss him a lot and I know that you miss him as well.” She sadly said while I agreed with her.

After an hour I ended the phone call with her, went to meet the other Dauntless leaders, then we started to talk about the changes that we can make in all factions, especially between Erudite and Abnegation as their hatred is increasing day by day, which we all have to lessen as well as work together closely with these two factions. I had an idea, so I told them that we should talk separately with the new head leader of Abnegation and then with Jeanine Mathews and maybe we will find out what problem is between these two factions. The other leaders agreed with me, they said that Eric and I should talk to our previous faction and we both agreed. Then we all were dismissed, Eric and I went to meet up with our friends for lunch. Most of my friends are in pairs and I’m the only single one in my group. Zeke’s dating Shauna, Uriah is dating Marlene, Eric is dating Lynn and Will is on and off dating the most annoying girl named Christina. “Hi guys!” Christina shouted from a quite long distance and I mentally face palmed myself. It was funny that Eric had the same expression as me.

We went to our usual table, where we all greeted each other with a smile, then Zeke and Uriah started their usual banter of who loves Dauntless cake more than the other one. It’s always hilarious to see them acting like toddlers. The girls were talking about shopping excluding Lynn, she was rather interested in listening to music than to these guys, so I started talking to Eric about who will be the new head leader of Abnegation as far as I know Andrew Prior was my dad’s best-friend, so I was deadly sure that he will be taking dad’s place.
“So when will the famous Four have his first girlfriend?” Shauna asked me and I answered back: “when I will meet the most beautiful girl and when I can’t stop staring at her, you will know that she will be the love of my life!”
“I know someone that suits your desciption of beautiful and she’s my older sister Nita!” Christina beamingly said.
“No, I don’t like your sister at all, I would prefer to date Zeke, because he is the most beautiful girl I have ever met!” I said while the expression of Christina’s changed. The others found it funny while one particular person was hissing angrily like snake. After we all were finished eating, we said goodbye to each other and went our own ways, when I reached my apartment, I was so exhausted, so I went to bed earlier than planned.

The next morning I woke at eight o’clock, showered, got ready, made myself Nutella pancakes, I ate the pancakes and drank a cup of coffee with it. On the way to the meeting room I met Eric, who going there too, so we talked about the party which will be held tomorrow night at the Pedrads. Some of the other factions like Candor, Amity and Erudite were already here, so Max send us to the main entrance of our headquarter, so that we wait for Abnegation to come.

We didn’t have to wait that long for them, when I was checking if al the leaders are here I saw a young woman and I asked myself, who is this girl, because I have never seen her before. We approached them, we greeted them by shaking their hands and then Eric asked them: “Why is a Abnegation woman here with you?”
“That’s my daughter Beatrice Prior and she is one of the newest Abnegation leader!” Andrew Prior proudly said.
“Oh hi my name is Eric Coulter and this gentleman next to me is Tobias Eaton better known as Four here in Dauntless!” Eric introduced us to them.
“Nice to meet you both! I’m so sorry Four for your dad’s death, he was a great man and he was the one who taught me, how to be a leader!” Beatrice said with a sad smile.
“Thank you so much for your kind words Miss Prior!” I said with my deep and quiet voice.
“No need to call me Miss, because you can call me by name!”
“Okay then I will call you Tris as Beatrice doesn’t suit you at all!” I said with a slight smirk, while her dad winked at her.
“Like father like son!” She mumbled to herself and I heard it so my smirk grew wider and wider. We lead them to the meeting , where other leaders were already seated.
“I think that the head leader of Abnegation should start the meeting!” Jeanine Mathews said with a smirk and I was smirking at Tris, because of her weird expressions, while Eric raised an eyebrow at me, like he knows that I like her.
“As the head leader of Abnegation…” She started to say, but she was interrupted by I know it all Jeanine saying: “how can a woman be the head leader of Abnegation!”
“Just like you are the head leader of Erudite Jeanine!” She rudely answered back to her and soon after that her dad bursted out laughing.
After he calmed down and Jeanine’s face turned red because she felt insulted by him, she stormed out of the room after saying: “watch your back Abnegation, because you won’t last any longer!”
“Are you declaring war with us? If it is like that, then let me tell you something Jeanine, your army won’t last any longer than ours, because our faction has learned, how to defend themselves! And I won’t back down Jeanine, because I know a lot about this ignorant and selfish faction of yours!” She spat at her and she looked like she has seen a ghost, she came closer to her and tried to slap her, but I stopped her. “How dare you to stop me from slapping that little plain stiff!” She asked me and I replied back by saying: “because she’s right! You were the one, who openly declared war and Dauntless won’t be siding with your blo*dy faction.” I angrilly hissed at her.
“Four please calm down, you’re not thinking straight when you’re angry!” Eric said, while I glared at Jeanine, who was looking like someone had punched her in her face. Tris smiled at me and I could see that her eyes were filled with gratitude, I smiled back at her.

After an hour the meeting was finished as Jeanine was constantly insulting the leaders of Abnegation, but Tris was no less than Jeanine. Everyone had left the room except for me and Tris, who approached me. “Thank you so much Tobias for everything you did!” She said and it felt like she wanted to say more than a thank you, so I took the opportunity and said with a flirty tone: “no problem at all Tris as I love saving a beautiful girl from the wicked witch Jeanine!”
“Did you just flirt with me?” She asked me while a smirk was playing on her beautiful lips, I would love to feel her lips on mine.
“Maybe I am!” I said with a wink as well as scratching the back of my neck as I was nervous, she came closer to me and then she whispered into my ear before winking at me, her hot breath was tickling my ear and neck: “I find it quite hot when a handsome guy like you flirts with me and is nervous at the same time.” I wanted to react to what she said, but by the time she had left to meet up with the other leaders of her faction.

Disclaimer: Sadly I’m not the owner of the Divergent series or else it would have ended differently. Four would have never ended up with Christina. Eric, Tris, Uriah, Lynn, Marlene and many more characters would have been alive and living an happily wver after with their better halves. But what I actually own is the plot of this story.

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  1. Hey 🙂 Nice story
    But I just wanted to say that i have also watched all divergent series, and i think Tris and Four are together in the end… ain`t they? Because you mentioned that she also died along with the others in the movie… Just wanted to set that right 😉
    Keep it up dear 🙂

    1. AMkideewani

      Heya thanks for liking it?
      Tris doesn’t die in the movies, but in the books she does and then Veronica Roth wrote We can be mended and paired Four up with Christina. Which I feel is kinda bullshit if she wanted to pair them up, then she should have done it from the beginning and not break many FourTris fans heart including me?

      1. Ahhhhh okay 🙂 Thanks for clearing that 🙂
        Then I am so happy I didn´t read the books 😉
        Yes then that´s really weird ….
        Thanks for replying 🙂

      2. AMkideewani

        @Anonym You are welcome, I actually didn’t read the books Insurgent, Allegiant and We can be mended?, but I have read people ranting about it, so that’s how I got to know about Four and Christina

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