Remember twinj ff part 6

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Remember twinj ff part 6

After somedays of yuvi’s death
Taneja’s takes mahi to home to stay with them for some days because she is going through really tough time . In very small age she lost her husband she was broken its true that she was upset with him because he gives more time to work and not to her. But he loved her truly and gave her everything she deserved . And there life going really well and suddenly this accident snatched her husband from her.(really she is sad not drama in this) and yuvi’s dad surjith what to tell about him he was broken when listened this news his son was his life but now he wasn’t with him. Taneja’s asked surjith also to come with them so he can forget this things which gives him only pain because yuvi will never return to him back. Surjith denied them saying wherever he go finally he has to come back to his home only and he just want to live in memories of yuvi now he said may be his son yuvi is not lucky to spend some more time with his daughter mahi (he think mahi as his daughter only) so he told them to take care of mahi now.

Kunj is very sad . Yuvi is his best friend from childhood he is more than friend to him they are like brothers. Yuvi always sharing his good and bad moment with only kunj. And when they were studying in school and college yuvi was living in kunj home only he loved usha like his mother and chinki like his pwn sister. And usha gave equal love to everyone she became mother to yuvi also who lost his mother at young age only . It was very difficult time to everyone . For twinkle he is not only jiju a best friend and guide. She was happy for her sister who got husband like yuvi who loves snd respect her so much. Twinkle went for taneja mansion as they need her now . Twinj became strong to handle everything kunj busy in handling yuvi’s business twinkle took leave for some days she wanted to be with her sister.
Twinj missing each other every second every minute every hour . Both addicted to each other badly . Kunj missing twinkle in office too she use to sit in his cabin only he knows how it was difficult for him to concentrate only on work when there relationship started initially.
One day kunj meets mahi
Kunj- mahi I got to know that you are going to mysore
Mahi – hmm kunj you know papa ji health condition. It is better he is away from business . If you stay in bangalore and look after the business it may help papa ji
Kunj- Dont worry about papa ji health or business ill take care of them if you have any problem contact me mahi node in yes

@ office
Kunj- twinkle do you know that.. and when he turned to see twinkle at her table she wasn’t there them he remembered that twinkle not coming to work now
Kunj finished his work early and left from there
Kunj – siyappa queen see how much I addicted to you please come back to me . I MISS YOU SO MUCH TWINKLE.
Kunj got twinkle call(kunj driving car
Kunj- hello siyappa queen what is this haan ?why you didn’t received my calls? Where are you ? Why you didnt called me from morning you know I was waiting for your call and when I called you you didn’t received when I called another time line was busy with whom you were talking from that time? What is matter ? Who called you and how dare you why you didn’t received my call are you that busy that cant talk to me? And why are you silent now speak up damn it
Twinkle- kunj if you give me chance then I can speak to you right? And sorry I was sleeping when you called me and after that my friend called me so i was busy with that call
Kunj- who is that friend?
Twinkle (to tease him) – oh he?why you asking about him Leave it na
Kunj-he mean he is boy
Twinkle- obviously kunj he is referred to boy only
Kunj- who is that? Your uncle or brother
Twinkle-oh not uncle or brother he is my ex boyfriend controlling her laugh
Kunj- oh then its ok!!! Wait what??? Your ex boyfriend ??? did you just said he was your ex boyfriend
Twinkle- yes you heard it right my exxxxx boyfriend oh kunj you know he is such sweetheart now also he is in contact with me and daily calls me and speaks with me for hours
Kunj- huhu??? he is shameless and you idiot why you talking with him? Block his number and wait give that number to me
Twinkle- oh ho kya huva baba why are you angry?
Kunj- then do you expect me to dance or gift you something for talking to your ex huh
Twinkle- hahahaha??? kunj its joke I was just teasing you hahaha my possessive boyfriend

Kunj- possessive husband got it you are my wife no one have right to see you
Twinkle- aliali baby my cutiepie??
Kunj- yar dont say me cutiepie how many times I have to tell you?
Twinkle- what you will do haan ill say chikna cutiepie my baby cutie
Kunj- see what ill do now someone held twinkle waste and turned her its kunj Twinkle mouth got open in big O in shock kunj smirked at her and raised his one eyebrow…so siyappa queen what you were telling huh ex boyfriend right? You were kidding me he tickled her twinkle laughing
Twinkle- kunj you here?
Kunj- same question to you
Twinkle- to meet my friends
Kunj- I was going by this way and saw you here do I am here Twinkle hugged him
Twinkle- miss you sadu
Kunj- missed you too siyappa queen kunj broke the hog and kissed on her cheeks
Twinkle- kunj we are in public place dont start romancing here what others will think?
Kunj- they think this girl is so lucky to get hot boyfriend like me and thinks they are romancing so lets not disturb them kunj looked at her lips twinkle got his next move she covered her lips from her palm kunj made irritated face and removed her hand and pinned her to near by wall held her both hands above her head and locked it from his one hand and his another hand touched her face sensually without breaking there eye lock then he rubbed her lips from his thumbs twinkle bites her lower lip snd closed eyes giving him permission without wasting time kunj placed his lips on her soft lip he kissed her widely showing how much he missed her and showering love on her he lifted her bit up to match his height then they kissed so passionately and widely they broke kiss after 15 minutes breathing heavily kunj then gave her love bite for which twinkle moaned loudly Twinkle became red tomato in shy she hugged kunj tightly kunj smiled at her twinkle got friends call saying they are in resturent already
Twinkle- kunj come lets have lunch my friends also came ill introduce you to them
Kunj- yes darling lets go

Twinkle introduced kunj to her friends they all started to talk with kunj and not giving chance to twinkle to speak with him.and saying twinkle she is so lucky to get boy like kunj who is caring, down toearth, respect women he has every good quality with him.
Twinkle suddenly got hiccups its continues her friends
Ria – oh she again got hiccups now it will continue for 30 min
Nia – drink water twinkle drinks water but also no twinj look at each other face Twinkle node in no looking at kunj. Kunj sat silently for few minutes then he got up little from his place pulled twinkle close to him and and placed his lips on her all friends mouth got open in big O being shocked he kissing her infront of all after 5 min they got separated and twinkle hiccups stopped and looking at her all her friends got hiccups
Kunj- how can i help you all
Twinkle- shut up…and girls dont even think like that about my boy friend ok
Ria – so this is medicine to stop your hiccups nice who found it?
Kunj- me only obviously
Twinkle- kunj….come lets go bye girls will meet next time
Kunj- let me tell them howbi got solutions for your hiccups twinkle dragged him outside
Twinkle- kunj why you did like that huh shameless why kissed me infront of my friends
Kunj- arey i was just helping you to stop hiccups dont you know it will not stop until my lips meet yours and you telling me I am shameless right then what you? Why you didnt pushed me instead you are pulling me more dont you feel shame siyappa queen
Twinkle- help..ok if I start to hiccups infront of my family and your family that time also you do this only?
Kunj- haan but room pe le jaake karunga winking at her kunj pulled her by waist both lost in looking at each other eyes after some romantic moments after spending some time
Twinkle- ok now ill go to home its quite late
Kunj- hmm miss you darling
Twinkle- miss you too cutiepie??? ….twinkle shivering in cold kunj takes out his hacket and covers twinkle and kissed on her forehead
Kunj- take care jaan they left to there respective homes

At taneja mansion
Leela- twinkle puttar kitte gayi thi?
Twinkle- to meet my friends maa how is mahi now?
Leela – like same only silent always….she want some time puttar
Twinkle- haan maa dont worry she will be alright
Leela- hmm chal khana kavo
Twinkle- no maa i had outside only Twinkle goes to room closed door behind looked herself in mirror and then touched jacket feeling kunj touch like he is back hugging her she slept hugging it feeling like she is cuddling with kunj.

At sarna mansion
@kunj and chinki room
Chinki sitting on bed being shocked looking at her dear brother who is busy in romancing with pink color teddy before sometime whenever chinki playing with her teddy kunj use to scold her saying childish and use to throw it and now he is playing with it and loving it like its his girlfriend
Chinki- ??? what happened to him why he is behaving like mad and wait what ? He is applying bindi to it he has gon mad baba ji save my brother. Kunj got up from bed
Chinki- oh bro now what dont tell me you apply sindoor to it now
Kunj- what? Sindoor to teddy do you think I am mad to do it? Idiot
Chinki- huhu you are mad not me and wait its twinkle’s teddy right?
Kunj- haan tho kya news paper mey dalegi now dont dare to disturb me got it
Chinki- kuch jyada nahi huva how dare he is to talk with me like this huh iski ithni himmath ki chinki sarna se aishe bath kare ek ladki kya mil gayi behen ko dhamki dena chalu pehe tho bheegi billi jaishe tha
Kunj- what ? What did you just said bheegi billi who? Say it again twisted her ears
Chinki- ahha bhayya mey hi hun bheegi billi
Kunj- good girl now sleep and one more thing what all will happen in room it should be here only if this news reach mom ears then you will reach swimming pool got it chinki nodes in yes and slept

After somedays
Surjith comes to taneja mansion
Mahi comes and takes his blessing he hugs her and they all sit talking surjith takes some file and give it to RT
Surjeeth- Rt this is documents of my entire property I have passed it on my daughter’s (mahi )name let it be with you.
Rt – why hurry
Surjeeth – tell me who is not in hurry? Take your son in law example He was in such hurry he left us all mahi start to cry remembering that day
Rt calm down them
Surjeeth- i think my son is not lucky enough to lead full life with my daughter
….Rt isn’t it same place where we talked about our children wedding?rt node in this place i want to talk with you one more thing will you do it for me
Rt – yes tell me
Surjeeth- please send me my daughter back to my home as sumangali (married) mahi goes from there and twinkle behind her ….I cant discuss this matter with her you people decide and just tell me who is that boy i just want her to be happy he left from there
Rt leela thinks about it they comes to mahi room to talk about the same
Rt – mahi your father in law is right you should remarry
Mahi – dad i have decided not to marry again. Its my final decision
Leela – mahi puttar take your time and decided how long will you stay like this?
Mahi – till i take my last breath
Leela- nonsense angrily …be practical mahi
Mahi – dad .. If I am burden to you tell me ill go to bangalore
Leela- look mahi puttar we are saying for your good…rt sign leela not to talk now and takes her back to room
Twinkle comes to leela rt room
They tell her what mahi said them
Twinkle-dad may I try to convince mahi?
Leela- no problem in trying how she responds is to be seen she responded us rudely then how she behave with you?
Twinkle-however she responds me ill take it she is my elder sister and i think ill convince her

Rt – ok puttar you also try and we also
Twinkle- no dad leave it on me now its my responsibility to convince her for another marriage
Twinkle calls kunj and says him everything what is going on in home
Kunj come to TM to take mahi signature on some files
Mahi- why did you take the trouble of coming here kunj you could have send it through the courier
Kunj- actually i wanted to talk to you personally mahi look at him suspiciously
Mahi- did Twinkle call you?
Kunj- yes ..but its my decision to talk to you
Mahi – thank you kunj for the pity in attitude
Kunj smiles – one must understand the difference between concern and pity.only then one can solve the problem. Bye..
Mahi looks at him going what he said it echo in her ears when she is standing in balcony she looks at kunj and smiles remembering moment she spend with him . And also looks at twinj who is standing very closely and talking something and twinkle shying .
Twinkle takes mahi outside saying she want to see sunset mahi busy in reading book
Twinkle- mahi we get beautiful view of sunset from the top of that canopy
Mahi – I dont like to watch sunset Twinkle I am reading now.if you want please carry on
Twinkle- you read so much will you answer my question ?
Twinkle- what is difference between pity and concern mahi? Mahi looks at her and smiles ..let me ask another question then

Mahi- twinkle..i know why you have brought me here
Twinkle- oh then you must be knowing what i wanted to ask you?
Mahi- yes I am sire you cant guess my answer
Twinkle- i know i think its the same answer you gave to mom and dad
Mahi- no i have changed my decision . I jave decided to remarry. Am i not worth it twinkle?
Twinkle smiles and hugs her
Twinkle- thank you mahi thank you so much
Mahi – twinkle if you dont want me to change my decision again. You need to help me a lot
Twinkle- tell me what can i do for you?
Mahi- if i ever marry it is kunj . Twinkle got shocked she cant beleave what she heard just now her di wants to marry her Kunj. Her eyes filled with tears mahi broke the hug
Mahi- can you discuss this with kunj and covince him about it ? Twinkle doesn’t answer anything..ok I’m not in hurry take your time and tell me about your decision. The son has set lets go home.
Mahi left from there without looking at twinkle once . Twinkle was shocked to react anything just mahi words echo in her ears that if she marry someone now then it will be only kunj then no one else . Yes she wanted her sister to move on in life and live her life happily so she tryed to convince her for remarriage and she agreed to marriage she got happy and hugged her happily she told her your help I want in this twinkle happily agreed without knowing what coming next then she said she want to marry kunj and twinkle should convince kunj to marry her.
They both left to home twinkle and mahi were silent in all the way twinkle expression is shocked and sad whereas mahi expression was of relief she just asked what she wanted and she believes twinkle she can do anything for her hapiness and she will always keep her words but she didnt answered till now

At twinkle room
Twinkle sat on bed thinking what to do now.she wants her sister to be happy always but she will be happy only when she will get kunj it means twinkle should leave kunj. She should leave her love for her sister happiness.
She thanked baba ji more than thousands time for sending man like kunj in her life who saved her life that day when she fighting between life and death. That days rain she never forget because it connected two hearts. It welcomed love in there life . She was busy in thinking this and there started fight between her mind and heart , heart said you cant leave your love you just cant give up your love like this for someone. Her mind said but what about your words which you gave mahi and you promised your parents you will convince her remarriage and now she want to marry kunj . What you will do now whos happiness you want but remember one thing kunj will not leave you he loves you truly and you too love him truly . You cant live without him
Twinkle pov ( yes I love kunj but in this situation my sister hapiness is most important right i want her to move on in life and if her hapiness is in kunj then I have to convince kunj to marry her)
Twinkle- no how can i leave kunj i love him but twinkle you can’t be selfish dont think only about yourself mahi should move on and she wants to move on with kunj…
She is not finding any words to tell kunj about this matter she goes near to river and sits on near by steps writing a letter to kunj preparing her self what to tell him she just throwing every letter making it paper ball she gets up to pick it up someone holds her hand she looks at those hand then looks at owner of it its kunj who is smiling at her (her imagination) its her imagination then he disappeared she ran from there and kunj (img) followed her
Twinkle looking at moon referring it to kunj

Twinkle- dont follow me the moonlight
Dont force me to continue love travel (dont force me to continue live journey with you)

Kunj – What could be the reason
Twinkle – I’m not in my mind
Kunj- but you have heart which has feeling listen to it
Twinkle- It doesn’t have right or strength to love
Kunj- but you accepted my love…. your love is true
Twinkle – yes yes yes !! I am in love …..
Kunj- you are failed to keep your promise.. now dont miss the word betrayal you are betraying me
Twinkle – yes yes yes !! I know that angrily she is spoke this words to herself and breaked the glass in her hand while having dinner…leela rt looked at her shockingly from some days she is behaving weirdly
Leela- twinkle concern twinkle ran to room not speaking anything leela looked at mahi and asked her through eyes “what is wrong with her do you know?”
Mahi node in no like innocent and she doesn’t know anything she continued having her food
Twinkle sat on bed crying still she didnt talked with kunj about this matter she is only remembering those words of rt ,leela and Surjeeth all want to see mahi happily and mahi said she will be happy with kunj .twinkle took decision what to do now she came to mahi to tell the same
Twinkle- mahi I came here to tell about my decision
Mahi- what is your decision?
Twinkle – it is my responsibility to convince kunj for this marriage
Mahi looked at her for sometime then smiled then forward her hands to take promise from her to keep her words twinkle gave her promise and assured her kunj will marry her for sure
Twinkle called kunj to meet her

Kunj parked his car and went to meet twinkle he reached near to twinkle who is busy in looking at the plain sky he back hugged her Twinkle smiles feeling his touch but next moment she seperated herself from him kunj got confused
Kunj- what is wrong with you I am observing you from somedays you are not that fun loving twinkle anymore why you ignoring me why you are not talking with me correctly from somedays what happened to you ? Any problem?
Twinkle- k..kunj..oh she describes everything that mahi wants to marry him and she promised her sister that she will convince him for marriage kunj got shocked listening to her. He gets angry on twinkle .
Kunj- I dont agree for this sternly
Twinkle- I….I have promised her so
Kunj- I cant help it Twinkle…How could you do promise without my this days this was reason behind your behaviour huh?? you are mad twinkle do you even know what you are saying you telling me to marry your sister…how can you say this dare you to proise her without my consent
Twinkle- my faith.I trust you kunj I have faith in you so I promised her
Kunj- do you know your promise will kill or destroy our love twinkle looksat him silently and doesn’t speak anything kunj goes from there Twinkle runs his behind and stops him
Twinkle- Is it wrong to think about my sister’s life?
Kunj- it is not wrong , But to save one’s life , to forgo others is wrong calmly
Twinkle- yes kunj. Look at this this way kunj. My sister is a widow and it is better if a person who knows her well marry her. It may not be problem in my case to find groom for me. Please kunj ignore your love for me and marry mahi
Kunj- twinkle are you out of your mind, we took oath that we would be husband and wife . Iam not loving you because you are beautiful girl , I love you as my wife. I Look up to you as my future wife. Do you remember that day day we took oath to be husband and wife and accepting that we started to love right?

Twinkle- yes but the circumstances are different kunj
Kunj- what if it changes? Again another circumstances may come and you change decision twinkle look at him
Kunj- twinkle you are my wife for ever. Ill not imagine other girl as my wife even in my dream got it now please leave this matter here only kunj leaves from there again twinkle runs his behind
Twinkle- kunj if you dont agree my sisters life will be on rock
Kunj- If I agree then our(twinj) life will be on doldrums
Twinkle- I dont care about our life
Kunj- but I care
Twinkle- this is selfishness I wasn’t knowing this my love kunj is this much selfish
Kunj- yes it is. Love is such. All lovers are selfish . Yes I am selfish for you and for your love you are only mine and I am only yours. If this looks at selfishness yes I am selfish all lovers have wish to be with there love forever if is called selfishness then yes I am selfish to get your love and you .
Twinkle- kunj I need your approval not your lecture
Kunj- Iam not in position to loose my love for widow . Iam not ready tie knot to widow and I dont want to see my wife as widow who is in my heart (twinki) in order to give life for widow.
Twinkle bows head down
Kunj- If you still insist you loose me forever…remember it
Twinkle- I am prepared for it. I know if you do what i said you to do ill loose you forever but also I want you to keep my promise
Kunj – if ever I tie a MANGALSUTHRA (tali ) it is to you I am 100% sure
Twinkle- it is illusion . You will end up tying it to my corpse remember it ..she goes from there now kunj is upset she is not ready to listen to him his siyappa queen saying him to marry another girl and forget her he just cant do it he want his siyappa queen back he cant give that place to anyone

At kunj office
He is just screaming on every employees and always in angry mood he cant concentrate on work also always in frustration and twinkle simply sitting in her room holding mouth organ and jacket given by kunj they were meeting each other that time Twinkle continued same and kunj to same Twinkle want kunj to marry mahi and kunj want to marry Twinkle snd not to anyone kunj tries to convince her and twinkle tries to covince him in the end both showing back to each other there opinion not matching
Kunj- its never going to happen get it .
Twinkle- kunj listen to me
Kunj- if you speak ours matter ill listen and if you want to waste my time by talking about others then bye
Twinkle force him to marry mahi and said she will die if he dont agree now for marriage kunj got angry daily her blackmailing going on and that day she just went on his nerves kunj raised hand on her being frustrated and in angry like she is not understanding him and hurts him saying she will die he just cant control his anger he slapped her hard across face next moment he was shocked thinking what he did its first time in his life he raised hand on girl and that to on whom he raiseed his hand on his twinkle.
Twinkle looked at him teary eyed
Kunj- I am really sorry twinkle ?
Twinkle- bye ?? she went from there but she never stopped her attempt to convince him
Daily this only repeating in there life who never fight with each other now started to fight .
Twinj imagination or there daily talks
Kunj- hey moon light (twinki) don’t burn my heart …Do not cheat yourself
Twinkle – sorry in love..forgive me
Kunj – sorry? Sorry what to do ..what will I do by taking your sorry..What can i do by forgiving you?
Twinkle- dont remember me forget me
Kunj – instead of that better ill die
Twinkle- I am a traitor of love
Kunj – hey you fool
Twinkle- I am selfish with sacrifice
Kunj – hey you fraud
saying this kunj throwed some documents in office employees shocked kunj muttered sorry and left from there
Both(twinj)were talking in phone daily only this matter no one is winner and no one is looser kunj trying all possible way to convince twinkle and twinkle trying to convince kunj kunj stands infront of yuvi’s big photo and tells him problem and asks him to give solution now

Kunj and chinki also talks on same daily how to make twinkle understand
Chinki- bhayya twinkle is in her illusion world thinking on her decision her sister’s life will be sorted you cant change her decision now need to chang mahi’s decision not twinkle’s
Kunj calls mahi to meet him at Hill station
Kunj tells mahi t0 change her decision of marrying him only
Mahi – I dont want to change my
Kunj I need you and I am an opportunist I married yuvi for my needs now i want to marry you for my mind…everyone wants there hapiness and if my hapiness is in you then why I have to leave you kunj ill not giveup now
When twinkle only promised me and assured me that she will convince you to marry me then why i have to change my decision kunj…kunj feels disgusted listening what she is saying
Mahi – kunj you are thinking this only na that what kind of women she is!! She heartless yes I am.. see kunj I want some one to marry by cocern not by pity and you are right person to marry me . Iam saying again I married yuvi only for my needs (life needs richness, popular,name fame)and i want to marry you for my heart or mind. If you want to talk with me talk or say anything but dont say me to change my decision
Kunj comes near to mahi
Kunj- mahi..
Mahi turns to him
Kunj sit on his knees
Mahi – hey Kunj what are you up to?
Kunj- I cant go lower than this. I cant marry or love one for need and another for mind/heart for me both my mind and body are same to me they dont apoear seperate to me . And in that both only Twinkle dwells there my mind and heart is only filled with love only for twinkle please dont tey to force your way into it mahi
Mahi smiles at him him and sits with him
Mahi – I know how much you both love each other. Only jyst for 2 months I acted like your lover and I fell in love with you and twinkle loved you really and still loving you then how much she has love for you i can understand no kunj….ill give you hope that twinkle will not leave you for me kunj looks at her smilingly thinking then she agreed to change her decision
Mahi – but I have more hope on words twinkle promised I know she will keep her promise…mahi shows him watch you remember kunj I gifted this watch to you on my birthday and you gifted it to yuvi on our wedding day ? Gentleman coming monday is my birthday ill afain present this watch to you again will you wear it? Kunj looks at her angrily..and leaves from there
To be continued…

Will twinkle leave kunj for mahi? What will be kunj decision will there love win on mahi stubbornness or selfishness
(Thank you for likes and comments guys glad you liked this story share me your views for today’s episode . What you liked in kunj? And twinkle in sacrificing mode will she understands she is doing wrong ……Iam extending it to one more episode next will be there decision and end)
Share your views on this ill try to update other ff also soon dont forget to share your views via comments ok bye love you all..

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    Mahi is being so stubborn.
    Loved it

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