Kriyam FF chapter Love in trip (episode 13)

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It’s morning

Sayyam is in the washroom and Krishna is packing their bags when Suhani enters.

Suhani – Krishna you both are going somewhere?

Krishna – Yes aunty. We are going to chandigarh. Sorry I forgot to tell you.

Suhani – It’s ok. But why are you going there.

Krishna – (gets tensed) Actually aunty my best friend Rutvi, she is not feeling well and you na that I am her only family. So I thought I should go there.

Suhani – Yes you are right, go and you stay there till she is perfectly fine.

Krishna – Thanks aunty. Aunty do you have the address of my old home and the hospital.

Suhani – Yes but why do you want it.

Krishna – Now coincidently I am going to chandigarh I think I should visit both these places as there are memories of my parents.

Suhani – Beta whatever you do I am with you, but take care of yourself. (She gives her the address and leaves from kriyam’s room)

Sayyam was listening to all that was happening

Sayyam (in mind) – Krishna I promise you that I will find out the truth behind that note. (He comes out from the washroom)

Krishna – Sayyam Thank you.

Sayyam – Thank you for what.

Krishna – Thank you for coming with me.

Sayyam – (Holds Krishna’s hand and looks into her eyes) You don’t need to thank me. It’s my duty and I promise you that I will do my best to help you, now I think we should leave.

They start their journey.

It’s late evening

Krishna – Sayyam see there. There’s a Dhaba. Stop there we will eat something I am hungry.

Sayyam is about to say yes but he thinks of the people who drink and misbehave with girls in dhaba’s

Sayyam – No Krishna I can’t take you to a Dhaba. Let’s travel for some more distance and maybe we will find a hotel there.

Krishna – Sayyam why don’t you understand. I didn’t had my breakfast and now it’s almost 8 I am hungry.

Sayyam realizes that she must be really very hungry and stops the car at the Dhaba.

Sayyam – OK we will eat here. But you see won’t go anywhere away from me. You have to stay with me for the whole time. We will quickly finish our dinner and then leave.

Krishna – Yes boss. If your instructions are over can we go I will get unconscious if I don’t eat anything.

They go inside and sit on a corner table and order the food and are waiting for there food to arrive. When two drunk people sitting on the oopsite table make a comment.

1st man – OMG what a beauty. Are you only interested in him (Sayyam). Once look at us we are also interesting.

Sayyam is about to get up and go to them but Krishna stops him.

Sayyam – Why are you stopping me Krishna. You saw na what type of comments they are making.

Krishna – I know Sayyam but let’s just ignore them and finish quickly and leave. (Sayyam obeys Krishna)

After some time.

2nd Man – Hey beautiful, Are you going to a hotel with him. Leave him and come with me you will be more happy.

Now Sayyam’s patience is over, Krishna tries to stop him

Krishna – No Sayyam please.

Sayyam – No Krishna I can’t control when anyone makes such comment for you.

He starts beating both the men and while beating he is saying “How Dare you make such disgusting comments for my wife. Because of you guys girls are not free. You have no right to live I will kill you” He starts beating more badly. Krishna gets scared and tries to stop Sayyam, but he is not in his senses. Krishna then holds Sayyam’s hand but he gives her a jerk and she falls on a table and slightly gets hurt on her head, she shouts in pain and Sayyam looks at her and his anger cools down looking at her. He runs to her, his eyes are filled with tears as he remembers the previous incident he cups her face.

Sayyam – I am Sorry Krishna, I have hurt you again.

Krishna – No Sayyam it’s not your fault. You didn’t realize that I was there. Please don’t blame yourself.

Sayyam – Let’s just leave I don’t want you to stay here for another minute.

Krishna – Yes I will just go to Washroom and clean my head.

Krishna is in the washroom cleaning her cut. She cleans it and comes out to find Sayyam drinking. Sayyam full drunk with the bottle still in his hand. Krishna runs to him and throws the bottle and takes him to the car.

Krishna – Sayyam why did you drink so much.

Sayyam gets close to her and pins her to the car.

Sayyam – Today I am too hurt. I was not able to do anything to stop those guys from making comments and on top of it. I again hurted you.

Krishna is looking straight into his eyes. His eyes are clearly showing guilt and anger. Krishna cups his face.

Krishna – No Sayyam, you taught them to behave with a girl. Next time I am sure they won’t forget your slap. And please forget about hurting me I know you will never hurt me intentionally.

Sayyam looks in her eyes, he can clearly see concern in them.

Krishna – But you did wrong you shouldn’t have fought with them.

Sayyam moves close to her and now he keeps his chin on her shoulder and holds her waist.

Sayyam – No one has the right to admire you. You are only mine. Only I have the right to admire you. You are my wife. I…. LO……(He sleeps in her arms)

Krishna – (confused) Sayyam you are so different. You care for me, but I know it’s only because you are guilty for marring me against my wishes. Once we go back to home, we will get separated. (she makes him sit in the car and she herself drives)

After 1 hour they reach chandigarh.

Krishna stops the car before a juice stall. She gets a lemon juice with extra lemon squeezed in it for Sayyam.

Krishna – Sayyam get up. Please we have reached. (She sprinkles some water on his face)

He wakes up and she makes him drink the juice and waits for him to come back to his senses.

Sayyam (holding his head) – I am really sorry Krishna.

Krishna – It’s ok now we will go to Rutvi’s house.

Sayyam – She is really unwell?

Krishna – No but we will stay at her house.

Sayyam – You told her?

Krishna – No we will give her surprise.

They go outside Rutvi’s house and Krishna keeps on ringing the door bell, but no one is answering it. She then calls Rutvi.

Rutvi – Hello

Krishna – Hello

Rutvi – Krish you called after so many days I am very happy to hear from you but everything is fine na.

Krishna – Ya everything is fine, By the way where are you.

Rutvi – I am in Chennai for some work.

Krishna – When will you return to Chandigarh?

Rutvi – After 5 days. But why

Krishna – Nothing. Just like that. Bye.

She cuts the call and sees that Sayyam is sitting on the door.

Sayyam – What happened in how much time she is coming.

Krishna – (looks down) In five days.

Sayyam – What?

Krishna – Don’t take tension I have the duplicate key we will go inside.

They get inside with the duplicate key.

Krishna – Come with me in my room.

Sayyam – What do you mean by your room.

Krishna – She is like a sister for me. I used to live with her till my college.

Sayyam – OK  I am tired so take me there.

They go to Krishna’s room and both of them are so tired that as soon as they hit the pillow

Precap – Kriyam in the hospital. Krishna to visit her grandma.

Sorry for not updating soon. I was busy in my cousin’s wedding. And if anyone knows then Indian weddings are just full of Enjoyment and fun. So I didn’t get Time.

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