“The First Love Is The Last Love”- 2 shots.. (Shot 1)

“♥The First Love Is The Last Love♥”- 2 shots (shot 1)
In case if some1 missed the summary ->
A boy was walking like a lifeless body on the road..seems like he was very much hurt about something..his whole world have came to an end..he was having a lean figure with muscular body..he was wearing a coffee brown shirt with black jeans n black shoes..his eyes were shown..they were swollen n blood red due to continuous crying..his tears were dried n now he kneeled down..his energy was all gone..suddenly it started to rain..he was now crying bitterly..seems as if the sky was also crying with him..then after sometime of crying hardly he stopped..he went inside a building..it was looking like a hostel..he went inside his room n shut the door behind him..there was sitting a boy with the same lean figure n muscular body..he sees the boy n after sometimes completely Observes him..he is shocked n asks..

Boy 2:”Hey..what happened to u bhai(friendly wala bhai..)”
Boy 1 doesn’t gives him any response n he sits with a thud on the bed..
Boy 2:”Kunj..what happened? Why r u crying?”
So, Boy 1 is Kunj..
Kunj:”Everything finished…each n evverything.. sidharth..y? Y did this have to happen with me?”
So, Boy to is Sidharth(u all can assume any1 u want but here sidharth is Ravi Dubey who is currently playing the role of Satya in Jamai Raja..)He is the best buddy of kunj..kunj shares everything with siddharth..
Kunj:”Now I will never love some1..I just hate the word LOVE..Frm now on love means nothing to me..”

Sidharth was shocked to hear this..a boy for whom the word LOVE used to be his whole world is talking bad about love..his trust that was once on love was now not that..a person who can do anything for love was now not believing in love..but on the other hand he(sidharth)was like ‘this was bound to happen’..a person who have always faced betrayals even when he believed in it was the worst thing in the world..bbut he was having a feeling that one or the other day a girl will come in his life who will completely change his life and will make him believe in love once again..but he didn’t knew when..when sid saw kunj..he was asleep..so he putted blanket over him..turned off the lights and went to sleep..but hw was not getting sleep..he was thinking how to make kunj normal..
After few months
Kunj was not normal but he showed everyone that he is Normal..even he shkwed sid that he was normal..but as it is that ‘a true friend can sense the pain we r carrying in our eyes whlie every1 believes ur smile’..same was with kunj’s case..hentried to hide his feelings frm sid but failed to hide it..they both knew how much hurt kunj was..hkw much broken he was..it was their final year..so there were many new comers..among them was a twinkling star..yep guyz..she was twinkle..she was looking cute in a blue jeans n white top which was having netted sleves..

she was a brilliant student n was in kunj and sidhatrh’s class..at the very first look of her..kunj was attracted towards her..but then some flashback’s flashed in front of his eyes..and he backed off to again fall for some1..he was still having guts to love some1 but was afraid as if 1 more time he will face betrayal then his whole world will come to an end..its true..how many times a person can tolerate betrayal..and everytime frm the lerson whom he loved the most..twinkle saw kunj n felt strange..she felt as if she was having some connection with him..but she ignored it..she saw around n saw that there was only one bench near kunj..so she went there n sat beside him..kunj saw this n asked another boy, rohan, to exchange their seats..rohan did as instructed..twinkle seeing his strange behaviour was shocked..sidharth also didn’t like his behaviour..
(A/N: Guyzz now their will be p.o.v. of the 3 of them one by one about the same incident, but just to show their feelings..)
Sidharth’s p.o.v.
Twinkle came n sat beside kunj..he exchanged his seat with rohan..why..what is this..he have to come out of his past..i know he says he is normal but he is not..i m his best friend moreover his brother..he need to come out of his past..he needs to understand that every1 is not the same..there are some people who are trustalbe n not betrayers..God! Plzz send some1 who can take him out of his crucial past..I feel that u have send twinkle as an angel..she did nothing but i have a feeling that she will do something that will force kunj to come out of his dark past..hope so..during the lecture i found him staring her..now m sure she will surely cure him..she is the one..
End of sidharth’s p.o.v.
Twinkle’s p.o.v.
I m new to this class..to this college..i guess i can get some good friends here..i went n sat beside a boy..i guess kunj..Wow! What a sweet name..Wait! Wait! Twinkle..u can’t do this..u can’t think of any1 else..kunj signed a bky and they exchanged their seats..i felt hurt..don noe y..’I CAN’T THINK OF ANY1 ELSE THAN BUNNY’ i guess that with bunny it was just an attraction..but if it was that..i would have forgot him..but y m i getting attracted towards kunj..and moreover y did he changed his seat..Ughh! I m over thinking..just leave it..during the lectures i found him staring at me..y cant he stop..or if he wanted to stare me then y did he went..but i felt very happy..dont know y..Aghh! Leave it..
End of Twinkle’s p.o.v.
Kunj’s p.o.v.
A new girl named twinkle came To our class..i got attracted towards her..she was looking attractive..but all the betrayals came in my mind..in my life i faced many betrayals n cannot handle one more..what if she is the like rhose who betrayed me..No! I cannot take chance..i sawher coming towards me..i saw the whole class n noticed that there wasn’t any seat empty other than the one beside mine..but i dont want to sit next to her..so i exchanged my seat with rohan..but during lecturws..i was not able to concentrate their..i was continuously staring her..Oh God! Please dont..not again..dont make me fall for some1 again..and if u do so..then plzz..no betrayals..i faced a lot in my life..
End of kunj’s p.o.v.
The professor asked kunj n sid to help twinkle with the notes..sid gave her the nltes but kunj didnt..twinkle felt strange n sid sajd understanding her..
Sidharth:”He is like that only..dont feel sad about it..can we be friends?”
He said stretching his hands for a handshake..twinkle smiled and shook her hand with his..
After 2 weeks
Sid n twinkle were good friends but brother n sister will suit their relation more..in these kunj also knew twinkle very well but always talked with her coldly lr should say rarely talked with her..this always left twinkle hurt..in these few days she had developed a soft corner for kunj but the thing she wanted to know was y he was always sad..y he always used to ignore girls or should i say her..1 day twinkle went to talk to him..he as always didnt said anything to Her..this made her furious..n she bursted ou on him..
Twinkle:”Y u always do this..m i too bad that u keep on ignoring me..whats ur problem..”

Kunj:”Whats my probkem..huh..whats ur problem..u all are bl**dy betreyars..u all know how to break a person’s heart..never ever try to come n talk to me..”
Saying this kunj went frm there leaving a heart broken twinkle behind..this was all witnessed by a pair of eyes..the owner of the pair was sid..twinkle went to a place or a garden like place and went near a tree which was her favourite place..sid followed her n saw her crying bitterly..he went to her n consoled her..

Twinkle:”Sid..today u have to tell me what have made him like that..u r under my swear”
Sidharth:”Ok fine..i will tell u but first calm down..(he sighs)..in his whole life he faced many betrayals..when he was 7 his mother died n his father lest him in a NGO..he was all broken..there my parents adopted him as we were their family friends..i n kunj..when wr were 5..frm that time only we were like brothers..we knew each other very well..so if he has any problems he comes to me..u know its not easy to forget anything that is related to ur heart..then when we grew up n were in 1st year of college..he fell in love with a girl named Maya..but she married manish who was our friend..then we came to know that she actually loved him..n he very well knew that maya n kunj loved each other..she married him n was very happy..it broke kunj comletely..then during his 3rd year..he met a Girl named alisha n fell in love with her..bit it is said that ‘DON’T FALL IN LOVE..ALWAYS LOVE SOME1..

BECAUSE USUALLY THE THINGS THAT FALLS..BREAKS DOWN’..which is true..he fell in love many times and the outcome was his broken peices of heart..i was able to join his heart..to heal his wounds during maya’s case but not this time..i tried my level best to make him normal again but i was not able to do so..n i didnt told u about 1(he sighs)..she..she was our best friend but kunj had a soft corner for her but no one knew..untill she left..we didnt knew her real name..but we all called each other with the names we made for each other..she used to call ma Ravi..(twinkle was somewat surprised..) and kunj as Bunny..n we used to call her as….
Twinkle:”jas or jasmin..rite..”
Tears were gushing frm her eyes..but they were of happiness..her lips had wide corners..sid saw her n was confused..twinkle shlwed him a pic sensing his confusion..it was a pic of 3 children..2 boy 1 girl..n they were..yep guyzz..twinkle..kunj..sidharth..sid saw towards twinkle and through eyes asked is it true..she nodded her head in a yes and as she did so..he just lifted her in his arms n started to twirl her..both had a banana spread over their faces..he then puts her down..n then sid says..
Sidharth:”I missed u so much jas..we missed u so much..y sidnt u came back..we promised each other na that we will never leave each other..n u know..kunj really loved u but u left..he still remembers u..but there was a Phase of time where he needed u..not as his love but as his best friend..just go to him n again make him believe in love..prove that to him that love happens once n other time its just ur infatuation..”
Twinkle nods in affirmation and runs out but comes back running..hugs him n before he could respond..she breaks the hug n goes frm there..sid had a contentful smile on his face..he was now sure that twinkle is the onewho will cure kunj..heal his wounds..he looks up n joins his hand without decreasing the lenght of his smile..n thanks babaji..
Next scene
Kunj is standing near a lake..he is continuously looking at the pic..it is the same pic which twinkle was having..he had tears in his eyes..
Kunj:”kyun..kyun tune mere saath esa kiya..kyun jas..or should i say..twinkle..”(“y..y u did this with me..y jas..or should i say..twinkle..”)
Screen frezes
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