BrahmaRakshas 28th January 2017 Written Episode Update

BrahmaRakshas 28th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raina is shocked to see boy turning into Brahmarakshas. Brahmarakshas roars and walks towards her. Nalini in Sudha’s room asks Kammo to kill Sudha as Daadi will transfer property into Sudha and Rishab’s name. Kammo in her usual style agrees and says she will cut Sudha’s neck with a knife. Nalin asks what will they tell Daadi and Rishab. She says she will tell knife was in fruit plate and while turning Sudha’s neck fell on knife. Nalin says it is a good idea. Kammo is about to slit Sudha’s neck when Daadi enters room. Nalin and Kammo get nervous. Daadi asks Kammo what is she doing. She says she came to check water.

Raina runs to escape from Brahmarakshas. Brahmarakshas corners her and she hits her head on stone and falls down. Brahmarakshas is about to kill her when Narsimha in Rishab’s body comes and lifts stone. Brahmarakshas hides seeing him. Narsimha thinks if Brahmarakshas sucks Raina’s blood, he will become more powerful, so he will kill Raina before that. He lifts stone boulder in air, but Rishab says he cannot kill Raina. Narsimha says he has to kill. Raina starts gaining consciousness and wakes up holding her head. Narsimha gets out of Rishab’s body and Rishab shouts loudly and then collapses.

Daadi in haveli is concerned for Rishab and Raina. Yug brings Raina home and scolds Ved what was he doing. Ved says even he was searching Raina bhabi, if Yug found her before, what is his mistake. Daadi asks them to shut up and asks Raina how is he, how did she get injury. Raina tells how Brahmarakshas attacked her and she fells unconscious.

Yug goes back to his room and Brahmarakshas in him fumes that he could not kill Raina. The irony is he has Brahmarakshas in him and Rishab has Narsimha. He thinks he has to defeat Narsimha and thinks only Kanakaraj can help him. He goes to asur sthal and finds Kanakaraj there. Kanakaraj asks how does he know that he is here. Yugt turns into Brahmarakshas and roars and then pushes Kanakaraj on floor. He then turns back to Yug and asks what is special in Narsimha. Kanakaraj says Narismha is more powerful that Brahmarakshas and Brahmarakshas cannot defeat Narsimha. Yug throws him on floor again and warns to tell him how to gain more powers and control Narsimha. He warns to do it fast, else he will cut him into pieces and throw him in front of animals.

Raina in Sudha’s room consoles her not to worry, Rishab will return home soon, he is protected by god’s blessing. She sees Rishab walking in and runs towards him. Daadi follows along. She asks Rishab where was he. Narsimha in him orders to kill Raina. Ved also asks where was he. Mitali says they were worried about him. Ved asks Yug if he brought Rishab back. Yug says no, he does not know where Rishab was. Raina touches Rishab and asks if he is fine. Rishab pushes her hand and walks towards his room. Yug tells Daadi that Rishab has gone arrogant now.

Rishab goes to his room and while washing his face thinks what happened to him, reminisces becoming Narsimha and thinking of killing Raina and thinks if also become rakshas. Raina comes and knocks door. Narsimha in him orders to kill her. Raina continues knocking door and says she is his chindi. Rishab thinks he cannot kill Raina and panics. Raina continues sitting near door.

Yug returns to asur sthal and warns Kanakaraj that his time is over now. Kanakaraj says he found how to defeat Narsimha, Narsimha’s weakness is his relationships, if he kills Narsimha’s weakness, then he can be defeated. Yug says Rishab has 2 weaknesses, Raina and Sudha, if he kills them, Narsimha will also die in Risab.

Raina jumps pipe and enters Rishab’s room. She is about to slip when Rishab holds her and gets her in. Rishab asks what is she doing. She says why did not he open door, Brahmarakshas attacked her, if he is not worried about her. Narsimha in him orders to kill Raina. Rishab says he does not care and walks out of room. He goes to garden and reminisces attacking Raina with stone and Raina words, thinks what he should so, he wants to come near chindi, but Narsimha in him wants to kill her. How to tell how much he loves Chindi. Raina holding Rishab’s clothes thinks why Rishab is pushing her away, she knows he cares for her, but what happened otday. She reminisces getting into Rishab’s room via window and telling when god opens door. Rishab shouts he is not god. Raina thinks if Rishab got a way to kill Brahmarakshas and it is a tough path, he does not want her to be on a risky path, so he is pushing her away. He wants to kill Brahmarakshas alone.

Raina takes juice to Sudha’s room and finds her missing. She thinks if she went to washroom, then thinks may not, and calls daadi. Rishab hears Brahmarakshas’s voice via telepathy that his mother is with him, if he wants her back, he should come to asur sthal. Rishab walks hurriedly. Raina asks if he saw Sudha. He ignores her and leaves. Raina thinks he is going to kill Brahmarakshas alone and follows him. Yug in asur sthal shouts once Rishab comes he will kill him. Sudha thinks Rishab should not come here. Raina searches Rishab in jungle and thinks where did he go.

In haveli, Kammo suggests Nalin to get property papers signed by Daadi. Nalin scolds to shut her mouth. Daadi starts crying and tells whoever brings back Rishab, she will transfer her property in their name. Nalin and Kammo look at each other’s face.

Yug turning into Brahmarakshas shouts at Rishab if he is courageous, he should come in front of him. He hears Risab coming and laughs that he is coming to die. Narsimha comes and disappears. Brahmarakshas shouts to come in front of him, he will kill him today. Narsimha comes and throws stone on him and says now he should be in fear instead. Brahmarakshas runs towards him. Narsimha holds his neck and throws him in air. Brahmarakshas falls down. Narsimha pins him down. Brahmarakshas throws his power and gets up. Narsimha lifts him again and throws him in air. Brahmarakshas falls far apart. Raina reaches asur sthal and searches for Rishab. Yug is seen unconscious on floor behind a boulder. Raina sees Sudha and runs towards her and asks where did Rishab go.

Kanakaraj runs in jungle to escape. Brahmarakshas stops him and warns to throw trishul, else he will die. Kanakaraj says he did what he could for him. Brahmarakshas orders to heal his wounds, else he will kill him. Kanakaraj says he will apply medicine on his wound. Brahmarakshas says heal right now, else he will kill him. Kanakaraj agrees. Brahmarakshas walks limping and orders to follow him.

Raina asks Sudha if she wants to say something. Sudha thinks she wants to tell a long, her son is in danger and she should save him. Ved and Mitali enter and thank god they are safe. Mitali asks where is Rishb bhaiya, if Brahmarakshas took him. Rain says she does not know, when she came here, she saw Sudha here. Mitali looks around. Yug is seen behind boulder again. Ved stops Mitali and says let us go from here, it is very dangerous.

Precap: Yug thinks Rishab has gone out of house, nobody can stop him from drinking Raina’s blood. He lifts unconscious Raina and takes her to asur sthal. Kanakaraj is seen walking towards Brahmarakshas holding an injection. Raina looks at them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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