Can love happen twice with the same person? – Twinj (Episode 9)

Is it too late to say sorry?!
I know I know I know I am late! Very late! But kya karu this blo*dy exams! I hate them! But I love u sweetos that’s why I am back amid my exams!
In the previous episode all of u had confusion! But trust me I did write a looonggg episode which included twinjs engagement! But I don’t know why only half of the episode was issued! Anyway I am really sorry for being late and leaving u all in utter confusion!
Anyway without further lets get into the episode!
The link of previous episode:
Episode 8
RECAP- twinjs flashback and twinkle telling about where she wants her marriage venue to be.


Fb continues
Tw- I mean…. I want OUR to be at… u know somewhere near the beachside like Goa…..
Ku- waah! Meri siyappa queen ur choices are the best!
Tw- yaa of course my choices are the best….! any doubt?
Ku- no no doubt! Cause I am also one of ur best choices! (he winks at her and pulls her closer to him)
Tw(blushes and mutters to herself)- yess u are my best choice kunj!
Ku- heard that!

Tw- I think I was too loud!
Kunj again pulls her closer and their foreheads meet…. Slowly kunj leans for a kiss and twinkle closes her eyes and parts her lips. Their lips meet and they have a passionate kiss.
(oye! Why disturb them! lets give them some privacy na?! XD)

Fb ends
Both did have tears in their eyes but as usual they controlled!
Us- kya hua beta?
Tw- no nothing aunty…..
Us- so u decided?
Twinki nods her head….

Kunjs P.O.V
Oh babaji please help me! And twinkle plz don’t say goa! Plz plz!
P.O.V ends

Tw- goa is that fyn?
Usha and manohar widens their eyes and looks at kunj and then at twinkle
Ku(to himself)- damnit! (he covers his face with his arms)

Twinkles P.O.V
Oh crap! Did I say too much? Y r they looking at me like this! Twinkle!! U ruined it! U knew goa is too much and then too? U should have thought about it! Kunj is right, I am a siyappa queen! My thoughts where disturbed by usha aunty.
P.O.V ends

Us- u both have a gr8 understanding!
Tw- huh?!
Us- twinkle, even kunj told the same place- goa!
Ma- then fixed the marriage venue is at goa!
Le- haan haan!
Twinkle sighs in relief.

Us- twinkle, tani, uv aur kunj; u four will for shopping cause wedding is aftr 2 weeks and-
Twinya and yunj got surprised especially twinj. Their eyes widens. they look eo and then at their parents
Twinya and yunj tgethr- what!!!
Tw- aunty 2 weeks? Its too-too fast na?!
Ta- haan aunty we cant do all the shopping by 2 weeks!!
Yu- haan maa! 2 weeks is too fast!
Ku- maa… 2 weeks mein s-shaadi? All preparations n all and maa-
Ma- first u all relax!!! Atleast take some breathe!
Us- tani that’s why we are telling u to go shopping… twinkle uv aur kunj its not at all fast….. and kunj about the preparations…(she looks at leela and smiles, leela smiles back at her) what if we say all the preparations are done?
Ku- huh?
Le- puttar we did all the preparations like calling the guests, caterers, phool wala etc now we just need to book a resort and arrange everything and v r done!
Us- isliye u ppl go shopping tmrw itself!
Ta- I am soo excited wow!
Ma- tho thik hain leelaji v’ll leave!
Le- ji….

(the sarnas left)

Tw- maa if u knew, u could tell me before na?! (says a bit irritated)
Le- I know, if I had told u before then u both will tell some excuse and will try to drag this marriage somehow. See, mothers are also smart.
Tw- maa! U could have atleast told me this!
Le- oho twinkle! Let it be….. and guruji even told that ur marriage should be in the coming 3 weeks!
Tw- then maa, y not after 3 weeks??! Like if it was 3 weeks then we would still have time u know um.. for all the preparations!
Le- twinkle u know there is no point in arguing and then also? And-
Ta- point maa! (says sarcastically)
Tw- shutup tani! Maa! (she stamps on the floor like a baby)
Le- twinkle! And guruji told that if ur marriage is done in 2 weeks then it’s a good-
Tw- I’ll screw this guruji now! (says irritatedly)
Leela shots her an angry glare and tani giggles.
Twinkle was about to go to her room while tani stops her….

Ta- di di!! lets go shopping tday na?
Tw- no! and with u never!
Ta- plzzz(and makes a puppy face)
Tw- fine!!!!!
Ta- I love u!!!
Tw- lemme change and come!
she changes and comes and they for shopping.

PRECAP- twinjs engagement!

Phew! And that’s a wrap of our 9th epi! I know this epi is short but I have to study so….. 
Anyway hope u like this epi! Plz comment and tell me how the track is going and if u have any suggestions, ur welcome!
Love u all!!!

  1. hima my sweetheart yrrr finally u posted….
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    Hey the episode was too good and emotional
    Twinkles and Leela talks was nicely written
    Plz clear all the misunderstandings between twinj
    Do continue

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