I want you in my life…….. AGAIN..!! part 4

Hey guys…! How r u all..!?? Hope u all were gud.. I knw I’m extremely late. And a need of apology to me is a must. So forgive me guys. And now enough of my talks …lemme start the epi.

Episode 4
Dev couldn’t come out of his grief of pain which was screwing him up to leave everything and go in search of his love. But he couldn’t. As sona said that there was in no use of searching her and his beloved son. He couldn’t figure out a reason fa her sudden move. Then he made up his mind to penetrate fa the reason. He slept in the bed almost after the next day was hit. He couldn’t manage but just lie down. He couldn’t be without thinking of her. He couldn’t be without his son. He couldn’t get out of her thoughts. But then he tried to make his way to bed.

Ishwari’s room
Ishwari felt guilty after looking through the letter written by her bahu, who just made her MIL healthy, who juz wanted her(ishwari’s) family to be hers too(sona). Sona’s words, “ I want my son’s life to be saved”, was the only thing that she was scrutinising. She felt helpless of the words by sona. Ishwari thought that, is she a reason fa sona’s sudden depart from the house, from her sasural, from her husband. Is she separated a unique bond in the world after the bond of a mother and a child : husband and wife, ishwari’s thought were trialing in her mind. She couldn’t digest that she is at fault.

It was almost quarter past nine according to IST. No dixits had their dinner but made their way to bed just not making their thought to take over by sona. Each and everyone in dixit mansion loved sona. They had a unique bonding. Their relationship with sona was so long that no could ever try to break. But Mamiji is far enough to do so. But no one cares. Ishwari accepted sona as her bahu more than bahu , she accepted her as her 4th daughter. Dev was the only person who will pull sona’s leg indulging into a big fun where all take sona’s side to pull out Dev.
Sonakshi never failed in her responsibilities. She carried out it well. Each and every person who made their visit to dixit mansion were mesmerised by sona’s work not only that but also by her beauty.(of course y not). Ishwari was proud of her bahu always.

In flight
The whole 12 hrs 30 mins to Australia was quite uncomfortable to sona. She couldn’t think of anything, anyone, but except Dev. She was so worried fa his condition. Because she knew that he would surely distorted. He couldn’t spend his time without her, without his lovely son. He couldn’t stay away from them. She knows everything. Everything. That was the only thing she could suffer of. She is feeling bad to let her two cute sister in laws suffer a lot because of her. She thought about her MIL, her Ma fa whom she is devoted TOO. She is regretting fa ditching them. She even thought about Neha, first daughter of the house.

While her thoughts wander Neha, her heart starts to ponder. She couldn’t control her tears. The tears from her eyes was fa long time which seems that her lacrimal sac was almost over flowing by secreting tears. Asha who had dhruv in her lap turns to see sona who was with tears. Asha could understand that she has a problem. But she couldn’t find a issue over it. This screws up Bijoy to his seat end just to witness why sona have tears in her eyes. Sona who were in the travel fa this long 10 hours with Asha and Bijoy was just silent wishing not to utter anything or to be consoled. Asha and Bijoy poured their heart out to sona.

Sona’s POV
Though tears rolled down my cheeks, I could clearly check upon two persons next to me who were just trying to have a conversation with me. But I’m least interested. I know its awkward. I might sound substandard but irrespective of the fact I’m not so but bit concerned. As the lady was playing with Dhruv she started her story of her life to which I could relate mine. They were the couple who just lost their child when it was born. Their child was dead. She couldn’t share her motherly feelings to anyone. She adviced me to take care of dhruv. It was same like me where I just replaced myself in the case of them. I lost my parents. And I couldn’t get any love or care from my mother but only from my MIL as the couple couldn’t relish their moments with their child. It was that when I stopped myself from showing my tears to them. She took care of Dhruv very well. She is emotionally attached to dhruv within this 10 hrs. I just couldn’t believe my eyes.

It was when she started asking to me what was the reason behind my tears. She continued saying, u can think me as your mother and share it feelings. We are here to help u. We didn’t get any chance to pamper our child. We will be pleased if u r convinced. U will never be cheated. We here fa u. U can pour out ur heart to us. When she just completed I landed in her shoulder just to avoid an eye contact with her while I recite my story. Yes, I decided, I decided to pour my heart to them. Yes, I decided to burst my life’s tantrum to them. This was not my failure instead a success of saving my son. Yes, I completed saying while my mind felt relaxed to get landed in her arms. I said her everything. My loneliness in childhood, when I first met Dev, my love, my marriage, my sasural , my home, my sudden depart everything. She was melted to hear all my life.

All through the while I had a broad smile covering up my face which is noticed by both of them. While we r talking we felt unnoticed that dhruv have slept in Ashaji’s lap. I felt elated to be in her embrace. Bijoyji was too emotional all the while. I could see the tears rolling down in both. I don’t knw wat to react when I came back to my senses. Yes I completed saying my whole life to those who were my co passengers. Yes I narrated my whole life to those who were with me fa just 10 hrs. Yes I felt awesome to be wit them. I couldn’t unravel the fact. I thought of asking them to be with me …fa my whole life….with dhruv…..
But I stopped myself when my mind popped not to do such things else they would feel ill at ease.

Hey guys….!!!I knw u all were angry on me….fa not replying to any of ur cmnts. But pls do believe I was actually not in the city since 14th. But though returned I was not active in TU due to my studies. Really my works were piled up like a hill after my return. It really took me a time to complete everything. And I really apologise to every writers who had posted their ff as I was not even giving any respond to ur lovable writing. Really sorry fa that. I don’t whether u felt wrong, but I really feel guilty fa it. Will try to respond from next week as my xams have already approached. So guys it may take a week or above to upload the next epi. Dear writters of TU.., I’m going to read all ff in one go. And I’m completely unaware how lengthy would everything be and so interested. Surely will cmnt from ur next epi, I swear.

I knw this was extremely short, but was little stuck up with left over portions and should complete it.
Hope I was not boring u all.
And yeah coming to the epi….
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