Sasural Simar Ka 28th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 28th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vadahi slaps Piyush. Vadahi says don’t take my name. What you have done is not love this was just your ego. You wanted to prove it. You want to be God? You are a monster. Answer me who gave me right to ruin my life? I loved you I trusted you. I thought you would stand by me. I thought you.. I lost. I was so wrong. And this your best friend won. Congratulations Mr. Kapoor you daughter is married. She told me she would do anything to take Piyushy from me. I appreciate her. She took Piyush from me. Congratulations everyone your son is married. Congratulations Piyush. You proved today there is not such thing as love. There is just one thing real, hatred. I hate you. You promised me so many things and broke everything. My heart only curses you. Simar says please Roshni dont’ say this. Please his life would be ruined. Vadhai says what about my life? She shoves her. She says you are not ma you are Simar aunty. If you were my mother you won’t have let this happen with me. You only pretended all what you did. Mataji says please calm down Vadahi. We are all with you. I won’t let any injustice happen with you? Vadhahi says did you stop Piyush? Vadhahi says I swear on this pure fire that nothing would save you from my hatred. You will suffer all your life. You will never get love. You will crave for life. Our knots were tied together. You insulted that you. They throws her duppata away and burns it. She says everything between us will burn with this today. There will only be one relation between you and me now, and that’s hatred. Vadhai steps out of the house. Piyush sits there crying.

Scene 2
Roshni is sleeping in her room. Piyush comes there and sees her in anger. He is crying and breaks everything. He recalls what Vadhai said. Piyush breaks all the decorations. simar comes there.
Piyush goes to out house. He touches everything there. He recalls the moments he has spent there with Vadahi. Piyush sits there and cries his heart out. He the only truth is that I have only love you and I always will. No one can take that place in my heart.

Scene 3
Next morning, Roshni wakes up. She is dazed where she is. She looks at herself in the mirror. She sees sindur and managlsutra and is dazed. Anjali comes and says what is all this? What happened? ANjali says what an amazing game you played. You has a sixer on last ball. Roshni says what are you saying? Anjali says you are married to my brother. ROhsni says you are joking right? He says he married you in front of everyone. Roshni says I don’t remember anything. Anjali says your slitting wrist worked. When Piyush saw you this way he married you and left that Vadahi. Roshni says so I am.. Anjali says you are Piyush’s wife. Roshni says I wanna meet him. Anjali says get ready first you are daughter in law of this house now. Roshni goes to get ready. Anjali says be as happy as you want. You don’t know whats next. The real drama is left.

Precap-Roshni hugs Piyush and says I knew you would choose me. We will always stay happy together. Piyush shoves her and says what do you think? I left Vadahi and married you? Rohsni says but.. He says your papa wanted his favors back so this was just a deal. This mangalsutra is part of that deal.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. P.N. Bhargava

    Too dark of red lipistick makes the actresses ugly rather than beautiful.. Let not Roshni win. It is vadehi who should get Piyush. ‘

  2. Yes kick roshni out this was totally wrong and how this directed, Bullshit honestly this is so wrong. Vadehi needs to get victory not roshni she is such idiot. If roshni wants to see piyush happy she needs to do something special for him to go to found back Vadehi and give her hand to him. Please we love to see piyush and Vadehi.

  3. I’m with Vadahi and she nailed the episode , she’s is broken twice ! hope she’s for piyush

  4. Kya baakwas story. Whoever thinks piyush and roshni should be together needs a reality check, she did evil and harmed others to fulfil her selfish desires, even NOW she doesn’t care about the damage she’s caused. She’s happy she got what she wanted and forced her way into becoming piyush life partner when she knew he didn’t love her, he loved vaidehi. She could’ve killed vaidehi with that lizard and she doesn’t care. She doesn’t deserve piyush, piyush and vaidehi love each other, you can’t force someone to love you. Very selfish ladki, I can’t believe the director ruined such a good couple. Vaidehi and piyush were perfect. Such a shame.

  5. Arrrggghh. Now simar will try to unite roshni with piyush.

  6. we want piyush and vaidehi to be together.pls don’t change vaidehi into negative character by uniting her with kushi.hope Roshina realizes her mistake and unites them.moreover anjali should transform totally into a good girl leaving her cunning nature. but yesterday vaidehi rocked the show.

  7. I in the starting wanted roshni with Piyush and Anjali with Rohan. Everything is fair in love and war so roshni won and vadhehi lost. If roshni loved Piyush it’s not her mistake.

  8. I in the starting wanted roshni with Piyush and Anjali with Rohan. Everything is fair in love and war so roshni won and vadhehi lost. If roshni loved Piyush it’s not her mistake. She won

  9. Heyy don’t let Roshni win.Let vadahi be with Piyush.Anjali should not support Roshnii

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