“Finding Love” – SwaSan Love Story by Dolly

Hey guys , it’s dolly back again…do you guys remember me ? of course not ! as I am not active since 2016 . sorry , I just shifted to wattpad and I didn’t have time to come back !

but here I am , hope you will love this story . Its 100% swasan added ! so enjoy reading and please comment your views and shower your love .

Let’s start the story ,

A party hall is shown , which is elegantly decorated with red flowers and roses embarking a special occasion on the eve .
Swara (female lead) comes wearing a black and white full gown gifted by her boyfriend on her birthday , she was looking all happy as its their 1st year anniversary . They have completed it with a perfect relationship status .
So Laksh (boyfriend) was throwing a grand party for it , They invited all their friends for that !
“Awww..sweety you look so beautiful !!” Kavitha (friend of swara) said hugging her and giving a slight peck on her cheeks .
“Thank you kavitha !!” Swara said smiling back brightly .
“Laksh must keep an eye on all the boys tonight . Everyone are eager to see you !!” Kavya , Kavitha’s twin gushed her , for which swara blushed slightly making her cheeks go pink .
Thats also , when Nikhil comes and hugs her , giving a kiss on her forehead .
“Happy 1st year love anniversary sissy !” He said looking at his sister cum friend , who is glowing tonight .
“Aww…thank you bro !” Swara said smiling back at him .
“Look girls , learn from swara…how long my sissy maintained her relationship !” He said proudly wrapping his arms on swara’s shoulder .
Kavitha and Kavya nods in agreement .

“Now swara I am sure your lover boy must be waiting…go and check on him . Also , We do have a special guy today !” Nikhil said smirking .
“Special guy ?” Swara questioned with curiosity .
“Laksh , will say you . Now go and check him up !” Kavitha gives a slight push to her .
Swara smiles and walks towards laksh who was adjusting his tie looking hot and handsome . (Pic on the side)
“Lo..agayi Teri girlfriend” His friend Arav mutters .

Laksh straightens up and turns to swara holding a bouquet , swara eyes gleams with happiness seeing that .
“Oh my…you look beautiful swara !” Laksh says looking at her , the angel down earth in front of him . He felt blessed for having a girl like her , in his life .
Swara blushes , Laksh gives her the bouquet , she takes it happily .
“Thank you laksh , you don’t miss a chance to surprise me !” She says with a bright smile on her face .
Laksh wraps his Arm around her waist .
“I can do anything for this angel next to me , count it as a small gift !” He says lovingly .
Swara kisses his cheeks , Laksh smiles .

“Anyways , come on…let me introduce you to someone special , can’t have him waiting for a long time !” Laksh winks at swara and then grabs her hand and walks towards to the garden arena .
Swara looks at him confused ,
Laksh takes swara to a person and taps his shoulder , the person turns revealing us , the handsome Sanskar who was wearing a black tux and looked dashing . (Pic on the side)
Swara was literally having tears in her eyes….seeing him after a long time , her heart stopped beating at the sight of him . He was back and he was real , she looked at him more keenly , it was like world stopped rotated all of a second .

He was here , her best friend was here .
“Long time huh…!? Shona .” Sanskar said with a gorgeous smile , that made girls go weak on knees .
Swara without seeing her surrounding , rightly jumped on him tackling with a bear hug . Sanskar laughed at her excitement , laksh smiled seeing them .
” I can’t believe , you are finally back ! Wait , is this a dream !?” Swara says and pinches herself , she then winces and smiles brightly .
Sanskar smiles at her antics . Nikhil , kavitha and kavya arrive and see this scene and laughs at them .
“Someone is crushing our petite Sanskar here , should we call an ambulance ?” Nikhil teases Swara , who then realises and breaks the hug .
Sanskae missed the warmth of her body on his . But his disappointment is washed away seeing Swara cheeks turning pink in embarrassment .
“Stop it , bro !” Swara glares at Nikhil , Nikhil raises and hand leaves the arena .
Laksh smiles at swara , swara returns the smile .
“OK , let’s you guys alone ! Kavitha , kavya please come and help me greet the guests .” Laksh signs at them , they nod and follow laksh .
Swara finally turns to Sanskae and glares him .
“So finally sir had time to visit this poor kid in India ? Or did you forget the route !” Swara glares at him , Sanskae pouts .
“I came all the way for you and you started scolding me ?” Sanskar pouts .
” you deserve it , and by the way how is New York man !?” Swara asks smiling .

“its crazy , with all my business running dam good !” sanskar says

” I know you are a champion , I saw how hard you worked it out !” swara says happily .
Sanskar ; anyways 1 year relationship huh…great achievement swara !! I am really happy for you both (blesses them)
Swara ; thank you sanky !! (Smiling)
Sanskar touches her cheeks and caresses it with his thumb…swara gets electrified after getting into his touch after 6 years .
Sanskar : the last time , I saw you…you were that small girl who wore reading glasses and was a total nerd…and now you have turned into a beautiful woman swara (lovingly)
Swara smiles and kisses his thumb , sanskar smiles and withdraws his hand .
Swara ; that’s because I am becoming matured day by day . Even you have become a handsome man huh….I am sure girls are drooling over you (winks)
Sanskar ; yeah..kind off , but I can never forget one girl who had a crush on me when we were 6 years old (teases)
Swara blushes and hides her face with hands .

Swara ; when we were small , I thought you were handsome and good boy so ! Now don’t get your hopes high Mr !! (Smirks back)
Sanskar hits her head slightly , swara laughs at him .
Sanskar ; this laugh and attitude of yours never changes na ?? (Mocks)
Swara ; nope (popping “p”)
Swara goes closer to him , their lips were inch gap apart .
Swara (teary eyed) ; I missed you sanky !
Sanskar (tearful eyes) ; I missed you a lot..do you think I can live happily without you…? (hugs her)
Swara rests her head on his chest .
Swara : I thought you won’t come back ! (Sadly)
Sanskar ; sanskar can’t stay without Swara for long….(sad tone)
Swara ; but you stayed , you stayed away from me for a long time just because of… (cuts off)
Sanskar : don’t remind me those days Swara !! I don’t want to remember them (breaks the hug)
Swara looks at him deeply , while he looks too .

Suddenly sanskar gaze shifts to a girl coming in the entrance and his eyes gets the anger and sadness , swara looks at that direction and was shocked seeing ragini ruthra .
Laksh , nikhil , arav , kavitha and kavya looks at sanskar seeing ragini appearance , they all knew what happened and how hurt sanskar was , due to which he flew to another country !!
Laksh and nikhil comes to them .
Laksh ; hey , I didn’t even invite her….it’s like she invited herself !! (Apologizes)
Sanskar ; oh come on its OK , Laksh !! (Trying to be calm)
Swara squeezes sanskar’s hand to divert his attention from ragini…Sanskar looks at swara .
Nikhil ; just forget about that b*t*h sanskar…let’s just celebrate it tonight ! (Exchange of bro hug)
Sanskar nods looking at swara…kavitha and kavya joins them .
Kavitha : this ragini should be taught a lesson yaar…doesn’t she know that she shouldn’t come to a party unless she is informed to ?? (Eyes her)
Swara : calm down kavitha ! It’s OK !! (Trying to reduce the tension)
Kavya : yeah..leave it cool swara take sanskar to the bar and get some drink (nods at her)
Swara nods and takes sanskar along with her .
Nikhil ; now let’s see what we can do with this b*t*h..laksh you don’t worry man we will see !! You just concentrate on the party (boosts up)
Laksh nods and they all disperse !

~ at bar

Sanskar : swara stop wasting time with me , go be with laksh..it’s your night after all (tries to convince)
Swara ; no way , do you expect me to leave you..when you need me more this time ? (reluctant)
Sanskar : you and your stubbornness ! (rolls his eyes)
Swara ; you know very well about me huh…(raises her eyebrow)
Sanskar (ruffles her hair) ; I know everything about you chasmish .
Swara ; hey don’t call me that , now I am wearing contact lens ! (Pouts)
Sanskar ; I just feel kissing those pout lips right now (mutters)
Swara couldn’t hear .
Swara ; what you said , I couldn’t hear ! (Confused)
Sanskar : no , no….nothing ! Just thinking about our days back !! (Smiling)
Swara : yeah those were just awesome !! Na…(smiles)
Sanskar (monolouge) : yeah certainly they were swara , the days where that swara was not of laksh’s but mine !! The days where your world only revolved around me and where I dreamt our life forever .

Hope the chapter was good , I am literally nervous because I never wrote something with feelings !! So yeah a new try .
Please comment and make your presence known .
Thanks for reading . ,
love ,


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  2. My god u r bk awsm welcm bck

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  4. This is the same story where Sanskaar did something wrong with Swara along with ragini and broke Swara’s heart in past and after leap Swa_________lak engaged and at the end Swara suicides and dies making Sanskaar even more guilty..right??? If same story, then I am not interested. more than SwaSan I find Swa__________lak and rag__________san here that too from a SwaSan fan. Great..!!!

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