Meri Hanikarak Biwi 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh fails to reach Pushpa

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 21st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ira saying Pushpa has bipolar disorder, she didn’t remember when did she change her clothes. Akhilesh asks when did she get this mental disorder. Ira says it happens by stress. Chandu says no, she isn’t weak. Ira says I know, she has tolerated the big traumas as Akhilesh stood with her, this time Akhilesh went against her and got me home, he broke her heart. Devina thinks I m happy for the first time that Ira is a doctor. Ira says till Pushpa gets fine, Akhilesh and I won’t have a close relation. Devina says bravo, you have decided right. Akhilesh says this woman isn’t my mum. Ira says please, once she gets fine, your doubt will end, let her rest, come. Ira says my friend is a psychiatrist, I will consult her and get medicines for Pushpa. Monica acts sleepy.

They leave.

Monica gets up and laughs. She says Ira is clever. Devina scolds her for going to club for dance. Monica says you should thank me, I did good drama. Devina asks her not to dare go to club again. Akhilesh thinks of Monica. Chandu comes and asks why are you so worried, I trust Ira, she will make Pushpa fine. Akhilesh says no, this woman isn’t my mum, I wish I get some sign. Chandu says if this isn’t Pushpa, then Lord will really give us some sign. Pushpa gets conscious and moves the chair. Akhilesh says I heard this sound even yesterday. Akhilesh and Chandu come there. Pushpa drop the jug to make sound. Akhilesh says I have to break the wall today. Chandu says this is real wall, how will you break this. Akhilesh asks him to get hammer.

Pushpa thinks he is outside, I have to get his attention. She moves and falls down. She faints. Devina comes and stops Akhilesh. Akhilesh says I get some sound from this wall. Devina says there are water pipes and that’s why sounds come. She asks Chandu not to teach her. They argue. She says its just pipes, stop worrying for Pushpa, she will get fine, if you get this bipolar disorder, who all will Ira treat. He says fine, maybe I m just doubting. She asks him to go and sleep. They go. Devina says thank God, I convinced him. She opens the secret chamber and sees Pushpa. She says maybe Pushpa fell down and fainted, it means she didn’t listen to me, she shouldn’t know that I kidnapped her, I have to do my work fast, I have to get property on my name by Monica’s help. She says sorry Pushpa, you need to stay here. She shuts the door.

Its morning, Ira sees Akhilesh sleeping and holds him. She sees milk blowing and rushes. She slips. Akhilesh holds her. They have a moment. Monica comes and reacts. She asks them to stay away. Ira slips again and falls over Akhilesh. They fall on the mobile. A song plays. Monica loses control and starts dancing. They get shocked. Akhilesh asks what are you doing. Ira says don’t stop her, she may get violent, see she changed on hearing song, its symptoms of bipolar disorder. He asks what’s this disease, I will get an attack seeing this avatar of mum. She says its imp to observe her behavior to solve this case. He says fine, but how is she dancing, when she doesn’t know dance, did any spirit teach her. Monica asks what happened, come on party people, dance. He asks why is she talking in english. Ira says she forgot herself and got into her club avatar, so she is asking us to get close, we have to listen to her. Monica asks them to dance.

Ira and Akhilesh have an eyelock. Devina comes and gets shocked seeing this. She says you forgot we have to keep them away, you are dancing and making them dance. Monica says I m acting as Ira thinks I have bipolar disorder, they don’t doubt me. Devina stops the song. Monica reacts and asks Ira and Akhilesh to get away. Ira says calm down, maybe you don’t remember, you asked us to dance. Monica says liar, when did I say. Ira says its happening as your mental condition isn’t fine. Pushpa asks how dare you, you mean I have gone mad, this girl wants to kill me. She does drama. Devina asks her to take some rest. They go. Ira says I won’t be able to forgive myself, her state is such because of me, she hates me, I can’t tolerate this, I think I should leave from this house till she gets fine.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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