Surreal- A behir ff- “Sorry Bela, It’s just an attraction” Chapter-6

“Be ready to let go of anyone who doesn’t love you the way you love them”
“Bela, will you give a chance to be with you forever and grow old with each other after having a cute baby like you and getting her married to someone who’s too good?” asked Mahir holding his girlfriend in his arms. Bela can do nothing but smile at him and after planting a soft his on his cheeks she ran away to see her friend, Neerja.
Karishma who happened to see all the lovely scenes between Mahir and Bela was already fuming in jealousy but her jealousy turned into hatred on Bela. She overheard Mahir talking with some resort manager to book two rooms. Knowing that Mahir is planning to take Bela and Neerja for a long drive and holiday. She decided to patch up with Mahir and take him away from Bela.
When Mahir finished talking with his show’s director. He took his suitcase out to pack his dresses. He felt two soft hands over his chest. He grabbed those hands and dragged it until the main door of his flat and then pushed Karishma away. Karishma showed her lined teeth indicating to him that he still remembers her touch. And without even asking she demanded him that, she’ll accompany them tomorrow for the holiday.
Mahir couldn’t avoid Karishma because he thought it’ll never be easy for a girl to get over a person with whom she has been in a relationship. But in their case, the two of them had a healthy physical relationship. And sometimes even he misses the closeness. No matter what Karishma did, she always wanted to be with him. So he couldn’t deny and waited for her to arrive in the morning.
He saw Bela and Neerja talking with each other. When Neerja went back to get her phone, Bela was alone checking something on her bag. Mahir went and pulled her for a hug. The mere touch of Mahir made Bela happy. A smile crept over her lips and refused to leave her at any cost.
Mahir: Seems like you’re feeling very light these days after leaving Sid?
Bela: Maybe, it feels light because I’ve learned to accept it. It no longer haunts me, Mahir. It flows within me like my blood and why should I feel bad when I have you?
( Suddenly Mahir was flooded with guilt. He thought, Am I two-timing with both Bela and Karishma?
Before leaving Mahir’s flat the previous day, she cried the crocodile tears and Mahir melted. Karishma asked him what was her fault? You got attracted to Bela’s beauty, said Karishma. She asked him what happened to them suddenly when he was with her for many months. Even before Mahir fell in love with Bela all of the sudden. Both Karishma and Mahir had many ugly and nasty fights. There were many girls who tried to grab him from her. But those times Mahir stood like a rock and saved their relationship. Even when they didn’t have the time to meet each other on regular basis. Mahir always kept their relationship as his first priority.
Mahir thought somewhere he’s wrong too. He didn’t even give any proper reason for Karishma. His inner self-raised a question to him, if Karishma did the same thing to you as you got attracted to Bela, how will you feel. You will feel cheated right? Then why you kept blaming Karishma. Mahir, Bela is a good girl, she deserves someone who’s too good. Just because she found solace in you that doesn’t mean you can take advantage of her situation.
Whatever happened with Bela and Sid was their life. Bela has to get over of Sid but her way of getting over her ex-boyfriend is not you.)
When Bela saw Mahir lost in his thoughts, she snapped her finger before him asking him what he was thinking, he titled his head in disapproval pulling her back to him and hugged her from behind saying, I need you, Bela. I love you.
Bela without knowing what was Mahir thinking to do with her. Went with him to spend her holidays. When they reached the resort, the time was 8PM. So, all of them planned to take rest and begin the new day with lots of happiness.
The new morning brought lots of birds chirping and fresh air rushing through the French door of Bela’s room. Bela woke up fast and went to do her yoga. After returning from her exercises. She took a bath and wore an elegant off- shoulder dress. After getting ready for the day checking herself in the mirror. Bela decided to talk with her parents.
Mahir woke up and he felt something heavy over him. When he opened his eyes he saw Karishma half lying over him, and their legs are entangled. Mahir closely observed Karishma’s face and saw a sly smile over her lips. He got glimpses of yesterday’s night.
“Glimpses of the disastrous night”
Mahir entered the room along with the half-drunken Karishma who’s blabbering something over her phone. Mahir asked Karishma to take bath as she’s feeling tired. When Karishma went to take bath, Karishma’s mother called Mahir and informed him that her daughter is not taking care of her own health and all the time she’s talking with the pictures both of them taken together. Mahir tried to explain Karishma’s mother that there was no love in their relationship. Karishma’s mother told him that, after Upen left her you became her life. I understand that she’s dominating but it’s because she’s been lonely and she’s missing her father a lot. Karishma had struggled a lot to get the place where she’s now and when she entered into a relationship with Mahir. She’s getting all the love she deserved and asked him to be with her daughter till the end.
Mahir had tears in his eyes, he knows the feeling of not being near their father and he thought Karishma at least deserves love. When Karishma came out of the bathroom with her bathrobe. She saw Mahir sitting on the bed with his head hiding in the palms of his hands. Karishma went near him and spoke “Mahir, I understand you love Bela. The way you pulls her, the way you cares for her shows you’re in love with her. But even I love you, Mahir. But my love is bigger than yours because unlike you, I can leave you for Bela. I only want you to be happy and if your happiness is with Bela then you can spend your life with her. Your memories are enough for me.” Karishma tried to move out of the room with her bathrobe itself. Mahir held her wrist and pulled her on the bed beside her, he kissed her like there’s no tomorrow. When he felt Karishma’s tears he wiped her tears and said, I’m not gonna leave you. I love you and I want you to remember this beautiful night of us forever, saying this he pulled the blanket over both of them to begin the night of s*x.
Mahir tried to free himself from Karishma but she hugged him more. Something felt strange within him. It’s definitely not the first time he had s*x with Karishma. But this time he felt as if he’s cheating on someone. He remembered his promise to Bela ” Let me love you, Bela. I’ll promise I’ll never leave you”. He had the guilt returned face. And decided to check on Bela and Neerja.
With the heavy heart, he walked over to the room of a Bela and Neerja. When he knocked on the door, Bela who was talking and fighting with Neerja opened the door and hugged Mahir tightly. Mahir without responding to her hug freed him from herself and went inside only to witness a fuming Neerja. Bela saw Mahir wearing a black shirt and took her black jumpsuit to change in order to be twinning with him. Mahir felt that his dirt has entrapped Bela too. After Bela rushed inside the changing room giving a peck on his lips. Neerja dragged him back to Mahir’s room and gave a tight slap on his cheek in front of Karishma. Karishma had woken up with the sounds of continuous slaps. Neerja had tears of anger in her eyes. She was hurt by the behavior of her best friend.
Neerja: What’s all this? Is this the way you love Bela? You said you love Bela right? Then why the f**k you slept with this b*t*h?
Mahir: Neeru, I can explain everything. But first, let’s go out and talk. Karishma is sleeping.
Neerja: Why? Because you didn’t let her sleep yesterday night? Had a pure f**king session? How was the night? Only you can f**k a b*t*h who was f**ked by everyone.
Mahir: Neeru! (Roared Mahir) stop it damn it. Why you’re abusing her? But can you tell me one thing, even Bela was in a relationship with Sid and she refused to leave him even after he tried to rape her? Trust me, Karishma is better than Bela. At least she never forced me to get physical with her.
(Mahir never wanted to talk about Bela, but Neerja’s accusations made him spoke what he didn’t want to say even in his dreams)
Neerja: Bela! Stop don’t cry for this dumbass. Stop.
(Mahir saw Bela crying at the entrance of his bedroom door wearing the black jumpsuit. Bela expected him to say something but he didn’t, Bela left the room being broken. Once again love has failed her)
Mahir and Neerja kept on banging the door of the room where Bela has locked herself.
Mahir: “I’m sorry, Bela. It’s just an attraction.”
When she opened the door, Mahir and Neerja saw the blood red eyes of Bela, it made Mahir understood that she was crying. Bela took her suitcase along with her and thanked a Mahir for letting her stay with them. And left bidding bye alone to Neerja.
Dipped in hurt, Mahir and Neerja went back to check on Karishma, but they overheard Karishma talking with her mother saying “Maa, you’re a rock star, trust me Mahir really believed your yours. And he spent his night with me. It was the night of pleasure, Maa. What I’m gonna do without his body in my life? He’s like a drug to me. And don’t worry about the producer. Tell him that I’ll satisfy his urge soon.”
Karishma turned back only to witness Mahir who got his hands fisted in a rage.
Is this the end of Behir?
Did you all like the chapter?
This chapter is important because of various reasons and you’ll get to know why in the upcoming chapters.
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