FF – Pavitra Bhagya – Collapsed hearts (Chapter 6)

Chapter 6:


Everyone went into the Fun amusement park, Jugnu and Maira both were watching everything in park. For the first time both of them came to such place.

Maira got attracted towards the train and cars, so she asked Chetna to get them into that. Pranati, Jugnu were seated infront of Chetna and Maira in the train which goes around the amusement park.

Jugnu was watching everything for the first time from train peaceful, this was not first time she climbed train but this time she is peaceful and enjoying the view.

Pranati was feeling content looking her child Jugnu in such peace and happy. After few rides in the park, they all left to Pranati’s home.

“Dadu, look Jugnu di came here” said Maira jumping to her grandpa’s arms.

“How are you Jugnu?” Asked Pranati’s father. Jugnu just smiled and said ” what will happen to me? I’m good over there.”

“Yeah, just for your happiness you took away my baby to there. Huh?” Mocked her grandma.

“I didn’t take her, she followed me. Now what to do? She came for me so I kept her with me. And you look at her, she became little fat than here.” Told Jugnu making every one laugh.

“Acha, bacha. I became fat now. Huh?” Telling that she pinched Jugnu’s ear slowly.

“Truth is always truth” joined Chetna to tease Pranati along with Jugnu.

“Even you joined her Chetna?” Complained pranati.

“Sorry di, come lets have lunch and then we have so much to discuss.” Told Chetna while going to set the dining table.

Jugnu asked her grandma ” Dadi, can you please make me your special mango milkshake, I am craving for it.”

“Okay Jugnu.” Said happily her grandma. It is not first time Jugnu is demanding something to drink or eat to her but there is difference in this tone. It’s not just demand but also there is a feel of a family member. Pranati noticed the change and felt happy about it.

Maira showed all her new toys and her new drawings to Jugnu.

“Maira look this is all small child games, now you are grown up. So learn the defence techniques.” Told Jugnu.

“Is it di? What is this Depench techiees” asked Maira in her baby voice not knowing how to spell it.

“Come let me show you.” Saying this Jugnu started some strikes which she learnt in school recently. Maira looked at Jugnu’s stunts with amusement when she raised her one leg high in air. Just when Jugnu stopped after finishing whatever she learnt in classes, Maira clapped her hands along that Jugnu heard some more claps from door entrance. When she turned and saw, every family member were there clapping for Jugnu. She just smiled, “take your special mango milkshake” said Pranati’s mom to Jugnu and with love touched her head.

After few minutes they all sat for lunch, everything is pranati favorite and Jugnu was looking everything and only found one chole batura which is her favorite and in sweets the laddu is also there. Jugnu hand went towards the laddu but pranati slapped her hand and signed as not now. Jugnu made a cute face to plead pranati.

Pranati looked at her sternly saying no, Jugnu silently had food and got away from the table. Looking at her expression Pranati put some laddu in plate and went into the balcony where Jugnu was recording this and sending it to Reyansh.

“Send this also, along with complaints” said Pranati shocking Jugnu. Jugnu looked at the plate and felt happy, she immediately ran towards pranati and took the plate. With full of concentration she started eating it. Pranati smiled at her how cute she is while eating her favorite food, she wished that she could be there from childhood enjoying her every antics.

Suddenly her eyes filled while thinking about how Jugnu went through the hardships in the centre. She went into her own thoughts which was broken with call of Reyansh.

“What is this prani? Even now you guys are not letting me enjoy my day?” Asked Reyansh on call.

“How are you enjoying bandar papa?” Asked Jugnu.

“I’m in pub with my friends leading my own life” replied Reyansh carelessly without any other thought.

“Even I will come there bandar papa, please” requested Jugnu making him and Pranati shock.

“No you can’t go there” sternly said Pranati while Reyansh is also trying to convince Jugnu like it’s not her place to come. Jugnu being so stubborn playing her own tantrums to go there.

“Bandar papa, please na. I already came there once. Right? Now if come also nothing will happen I know. If you think it’s a problem that to come alone I’ll come with nayi maa.” Said Jugnu making both of them agree with her point.

After few minutes they left prani’s house bidding bye to everyone. Maira started crying while Jugnu was leaving. Jugnu said she’ll come once in a month for sure and gave her a small band which she made. All of them admired Jugnu and Maira bond.

Within few minutes they reached the pin where Reyansh was enjoying his day till now. When they’re entering the pub the bodyguard over there stopped them from entering, so Jugnu said “you’ll stop owner’s from entering it,huh, such a date you have?”

“Haha, that’s funny. You’re owner of this pub. Go and tell that your friends not me, you little girl.” Mocked one the bodyguard making Jugnu and Pranati angry.

“Okay then tell me who is owner of this pub?” Asked Jugnu.

“It’s Samsheer Khurana.” Replied another  bodyguard slowly.

“You know how I’m related to him?” Now asked Jugnu folding her hand across the hip, as if she is so determined to teach lesson to that rude bodyguard.

Pranati was witnessing everything silently until the bodyguard was mocking  Jugnu as a cheap and insulting her. Pranati was enraged with his behaviour towards Jugnu, so she told “You know what she is the only daughter of Reyansh Khurana and Pranati Mishra, and yeah only grand daughter of Samsheer Khurana. If you dare to speak again like this, you have to face the consequences. First apologize my daughter and let us in.”

The bodyguard face was blood drained looking at Pranati anger. He silently let them in. This all was witnessed by Reyansh, somewhere he was so happy when she addressed both of them as parents of Jugnu.

What the hell? You’re happy listening pranati? What happened to you Rey?’ his mind scolded him.

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    happy to see you back.jugnu teasing pranati n showing stunts was cute.pranati revealing that jugnu is prayansh’s daughter n shamsher’s only grand daughter n reyansh feeling happy that pranati said so was nice

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