FATE! (A Twinj FF): Chapter- 6 & Character Sketch

This is the longest I have ever write so read it with patience and do lots of comments.


Well for every other person it would be a normal day of their life. Monday is a day which every students hate to get up and go to school and followed by increasing tensions of working people… But even knowing everything they follow the same path again and again….

Same was the case with both Sarna Mansion and Twinkle’s home…

Sree and karthi followed their way of getting up kissing their mom’s cheek by eating their break fast with lots of masti and teasing between the kids and their mom which eventually ended Twinkle to drop her kids to the school and driving to her office….

But she didn’t knew that this is the day which will slowly change their life which they didn’t wanted to…. Twinkle didn’t knew that her Babaji is planning something for which she was and isn’t ready in her life…..

And here in Sarna Mansion the couple woke up with a morning kiss and a sorry session followed by kunj to freshen up and leading prani to wake up their princess, but during everytime prani had different glow in her face knowing what is going to happen in their life….

She went to Shikha’s room and woke her up and helped her in freshening up and whole making her ready Prani said cheerfully, “Ammu I wanted to say something but you will listen to me carefully ok?!!!!”

Shikha nodded, “pakha mumma batoo kya he” asked combing her hair with her small hands

“if u see someone whom u wanted to see and was not able to tho tum kya karoge?” Asked narrowing her eyes

“Me bus ek chizz karungi!!!” Said in an attitude keeping her hands on her waist


“Agar if the person is elder or younger but is close to me then I will not talk to them and I willllllll!!!” Dragged the word smiling sheepishly to which prani, “tho kyaa?”

“Jaha se mili vaha hi sab ke saamne I will kiss the person!!!” To which prani widened her eyes, “kiss seriously ammu!!!”

“Ha mom I will kiss the person on their cheeks with my this fist!!!” Said showing her small fist to her mom….

“U will punch hein na?…..haye meri jaan zaroor punch maarna and ha be ready ha punch marne…. becuz their will be a surprise to you in your school…kya hain Don’t ask I won’t say….” Said cheerfully…. Prani kissed her cheeks and both of them went to join Kirthi and kunj…they had their break fast and kunj and prani dropped shikha.. while dropping her to new school, prani said, “after school driver uncle will come to pick you up jaana….aaj aap office aana ok…”

“Ok mumma! Bye……..bye dad!!!” Waving and kissing both the cheeks she went away.

Kunj – (confused) thumne usse aaj aane kyu bola office me…..

Pr – (happily) malum pad jayga tumhe…filal abhi lets go…duphar ke meeting ke pahle thoda kaam katam kar lete he…ok?

Kunj – (nodded) ok….I hope sab theek hoga right?

Pr – (sighed) even I think so..

Saying this they drove towards their office…..
Here in school all the new students who got transferred were asked to assemble in the auditorium of the school and our Shikha was not able to find as she didn’t knew the way so wandering around she thought to ask someone…and the moment she turned she banged with a boy and fell down hurting her and the boy to fell down yelling….

Boy – what the hell!!! (Without looking up)

Shikha -(annoyingly) ankhe dhi nahi he kya bhagwaan ne…..Aaaahhh!!! Babaji lag gai muje……

Hearing the word Babaji the boy looked towards her face and was shocked to see her and he quickly looked up and looked at the other boy who was eventually shocked to see her…..

While some moments before here after listening to the announcement
Karthik and Sreelokh looked at eachother frowning…

Ka – yaar yahi school mila tha kya abh or public bad jayegi or patha nahi kaise namune milenge….

Sri – bro take a chill pill itna kyu annoy ho rahe ho….tuje frnd nhi banana mat Bana itna issue kyu bana rahae ho..

They were walking towards their class through corridor…

Ka – But Sri..!!!! You know aaj ka din kuch alag nahi lag raha?

Sri – tuje bhi laga (surprised)

Ka – muje bhi matlab tuje bhi feel hua kya…?

Sri – Ha karthi muje bhi…tuje patha he jab bhi choti ladkiyo ki dekhtha hu na muje apni choti ki yaad aathi he….kaash hum unse milthe na….?

Ka – even I m missing her…I hope hum jaldi mille…usse…..voh gussa hui tho hum par..?

Sri – gussa hone ka haq b tho Hein…. Hone ne mana lenge…. Hum b koi kam nhi he our charm works on every person or iss bar apni choti he maan jayengi….. (Winked)

Ka – woh tho Hein !!! (Saying they both hi-fied eachother)

But while walking they didn’t saw tht someone was there in front of them and suddenly the person turned and banged with our Karthik…. Leading both of them to fall on their butts

Ka – What the hell….

Even Sri was shocked becuz he knew that now no one can rescue the person who banged into his brother but…the moment they heard her talking both the boys looked at her face and was shocked…their face showed pain, happy and sadness and eagerness..

But came back hearing her cursing them……

Shikha – Babaji kaha se aise lambe log aathe he…… huhh tammeez naam ki chizz nahi he… uii meri kamar……Maa kaha ho agar mere monsters hote tho yeh kambe ki khatir nhi hoti….

Listening her taking their mother and their names they were happy karthi looked at sree to which sree nodded back… Getting his gesture

Kar – what if voh kamba and your Monster is one and the same person?

Shocked would be a small words that would describe her situation….her face held shocking expression, anger, pain and mostly hurt……..
And suddenly her mom’s word ranged in her ears….. And got to know that she somewhat knew that she would meet them…..so she did the exact thing she said to her mom…that is…

“I will kiss the person on their cheeks with my this fist”

She got up on her feet moved closer to the boys and without giving them any chance to retort she gave them a solid punch with her small fists to both their cheeks…….and stormed out from their shouting, “I hate you”

The boys were startled for a second with the punch but realizing the situation both looked at eachother and ran behind her……saying, “sorryyyyy!!!”

The Company.

“Sorry!!! Mr.Sarna, will be there….back!!”


Was the only sound that was heard by Kunj and whispered “What the hell just happened now…..?”
Well lets get back from when it started…..

After looking to all the work and completing it Twinkle informed Avni to look after if any serious as she is taking a leave For the meeting of Charm Ltd. So around 12.30 she took her leave from her office and after 1 hour of drive she finally reached the office….but after seeing the view in front of her she was shocked

but after seeing the view in front of her she was shocked

Tw (thought) – This looks lyk a Famous company….Isse dekhe koi bolega nahi ki abhi abhi market me aya he….. But later
he looked at the companies name and frowned PS Fashion House…. Weird… PS Fashion world kyu bulaya Yeh tho Famous brand he Tho why…..Abh wo tho andar jaake hi patha chalega…..

But Twinkle lyked the building “It’s so awesome yaar. Perfectly designed for fashion house….”


(Imagine PS Fashion Hub)

She was literally awwing the building….and Shaking her head she walked Inside the Company in her Attitude. Reaching the reception she Cleared her throat… To which the receptionist turned her attention towards Twinkle

Rec – Good afternoon Ma’am … How may I help you?

Tw (surprised but turning into her attitude) – I am hear for a meeting Attended by Charm Ltd I guess…

Rec (nodded as Rohan had mentioned it to her, giving a smile back) – Yes ma’am the meeting will be conducted over here….come ma’am I will lead you to conference room..

To which Twinkle nodded…

Twinkle followed the receptionist and the way towards the conference room was so elegant yet modernized that she liked the simplicity and the atmosphere of the company to…

Rec – Ma’am you can Move in Sir will join you shortly

Twinkle muttered Thank you and Entered conference room….and instantly thought, “Well The office is so Well structured and it’s perfect in every manner…abh office aise perfection me hoga tho obviously Company
ke kaam b perfect me hi hoga…..And if Work is perfect Which indeed means that Boss will also be strict….. giggling Employees ki bhi maza tolerating their kadoos boss….well the room is great nice choice”

Ku – Thankyou Ms. Nair…. But if boss is not strict then obviously employees will take their work for granted I guess….and you being the boss you would know it…

Twinkle was startled hearing someone speaking but later she was shocked hearing the voice and muttered to herself, “Kunj” which was only audible to her….

Well Kunj also thought that why the person is not responding so he again spoke….”Well Ms. Nair!!!!”

Twinkle came back from her land and straightening herself

Twinkle came back from her land and straightening herself….she turned and replied, “Well Good afternoon Mr. Sarna”.

Kunj stood shocked listening that same voice again after so long…He didn’t thought that he would see her like this in front of him….he was not able to say a word…due to shock because there was a time where he was head over heels for her. But seeing her was not that he was planned. He needed a hint so that he would have prepared himself before coming in front of her…

He was happy in his life with a loving and cute daughter and a loving wife but even if he is a better place it was only becuz of the girl who stood in front him now. The girl was so different she is not the same anymore. She looks more matured and more beautiful now. Not like the way he use too but as a normal person… The dressing style was also not same anymore..

The girl who hated wearing saree is the one who is wearing it and was looking beautiful to

The girl who hated wearing saree is the one who is wearing it and was looking beautiful to… But his trance was broken when he felt a tap on his shoulder by her…..

Tw – Mr. Sarna?

Ku (straightening) – Twinkle!!! You here!!!!? And ya call me Kunj don’t act as if you don’t know me….

Tw (smiled) – Obviously.. I do know you…but achanak se mili tho….Formal hui….and ya I am here for a meeting with Charm Ltd…tum yaha?

Ku (Lostly) – Ohh so you are the one the owner of SRIKAR LTD…..?
to which Twinkle nodded okkk so… Hello Ms. Taneja Myself Kunj Sarna head of Charm Ltd…

Twinkle was numbed….first for hearing Taneja and second getting to know that CHARM was none other than Sarna’s company…. So without her knowledge she spoke, “First of all Kunj…. it’s Ms. Nair not Taneja…..and second I am sorry but I wouldn’t be joining hands with you…. You can approach some other company….for the tie up I am Not interested….”

Kunj was lost hearing that she is not Taneja but Nair. So thought that she would have been married but that thought too came to an end when he heard that MS. Word that means she is not married then…. How come her surname is Nair….she was going to ask that when he again heard that she is not interested in this tie up thing but y ….he didn’t knew so he asked, “Twinkle why are you not interested in this tie up”

“Because it is owned by you…..” And muttered to herself “which directly means that it would be owned by……

But she was stopped in between her self talk buy a person….

“Is it because it is owned by Kunj Sarna or Mrs. Praniti Sarna???”

Kunj was surprised listening Twinkle that he was the reason but got more surprised when he saw his lovely wife standing near the door of the room straightly looking to Twinkle which confused him… becuz why did prani questioned that to Twinkle….but the reaction that see saw from Twinkle confused him more….as he heard Twinkle whispering to herself that….

as he heard Twinkle whispering to herself that

(Ignore the bag – Prani Attire)

“AAAAHHH Babaji…..you finally proved that you hate me Hein na..!!! (Kunj was amused seeing the old behaviour of hers) Matlab mene aapse pucha tha na ki main haa bolu ki nahi yeh offer me but aapne hi haa bola isliye dekho aai….but yaha aai tho malum pda ki yeh Sarna ka he matlab….apne muje sher ke den main hi direct gussa apko Taras atha he ki nahi mujpar…or dekho uss chudail ko so muje goor rahi he (to which kunj looked towards prani to actually see that she was glaring Twinkle but the question was why??) Aaj aap hi bachana muje……plzzzzzzz”

“Back to earth Ms. Twinkle Taneja…….” Said prani sarcastically

“Hello to you too Mrs. Sarna….!!! And ya it’s Ms. Twinkle Nair…not Taneja….” Twinkle replied nervously…

Prani slowly walked towards twinkle “You didn’t answered me Ms. Nair…..is it because of me or him”

“Umm…mhhhhh…. It…it’s bec…becuz of Kunj…..yaaa kunj….why will it be becuz of you….we are not ene… enemies right yaa…it’s becuz of Kunj..” stammered Twinkle to which prani raised her eyesbrows, “really!!!!” To which Twinkle nodded scarily..

But the Kunj was shocked seeing the seen being played infront of him so when he planned to open his mouth he was stunned to see the thing which he never thought it would happen…..tht is

Prani slapping Twinkle hardly…..”You are interested or not I don’t care but you are going to sign this as per your condition itself….and ha one more thing dare you come back saying chudail to me…..now you will see how exactly chudail be like……” Took a pause and shouted, “I HATE YOU TWINKLE” and stormed off from the conference room banging the door…and kunj looked towards twinkle who was keeping her hand on her cheeks and pouting, “Babaji I hate you ….abh chudail ko kaise samjaooo”

When kunj thought tht he could interfere now…was again stopped by another small voice and when turned towards the door only to see his daughter looking at Twinkle…. shockingly which turned into an angry frown said, “Don’t talk to me too……like mumma said…we both are katti towards you……I hate you toooo” and stormed off from the room banging the door…

And Twinkle, “Abh yeh hi bacha tha…… Babaji”

Looking towards kunj Twinkle hurriedly spoke, “Sorry!!! Kunj, will be there….back!!”
Stormed out banging the door yet again..

And kunj was like what the hell just happened over here……and he too moved towards the trio….

It was actually a start were there will be changes in everyone’s life. Some already knows about the change going to happen, some were afraid of knowing what will happen and some are those who doesn’t know a single thing that how their life is gonna change in every matter…

Same was the case with Praniti, Kunj and Twinkle…… Praniti was already prepared for the change and will try hard even if it costs her life, while Twinkle is afraid as finally she is in front of Kunj Sarna and as she knows him he is a person who won’t let anyone go easily if got a doubt on anything without clearing those doubts and last is Kunj who doesn’t know what will happen after knowing everything that destiny has been kept hidden from him….. But one thing was sure in their mind and heart is “The secrets are soon gonna get unfold”.

In PS Fashion Hub….

After storming out of the cabin Prani straightly went into Cabin and went to washroom so that she would be ready for the things that she is gonna do…..

Prani splashed water into her face and looking into the mirror she spoke…”Finally Praniti….your heart won today….she was the same person whom I had a doubt since the time I heard that name…..Akhir khar hona b chahiye kyu ki it was a name which was given by me….mere do devils ke naam jodkar obviously me hi rakh sakthi hu…..Now I would do what I want to….Twinkle…I did promised you but it doesn’t mean tht I will frame up things n let everyone know the truth…..Now be ready….for the outcomes….shikha ko kuch bolne ki zarorat nahi he she would do whatever she wants n I know my kid she would lead to what I want to unknowingly….And Kunj he have to know…I don’t care what will happen but I will give my Devils their right….And it’s Prani’s promise…..”

She was waiting for Twinkle as she know she will follow her back so tht she can explain her story….to her…but prani do have her right to trouble her right…..

After getting ready she opened the door of the washroom to witness the scene she missed this whole 1.5 years….

While the time she entered washroom the cabin door again got opened only to see junior Sarna getting inside with her cute angry face, she sat on the sofa presented in the cabin.. folding her hands bear her chest she was murmuring, “Urrrghhhhhh….I so hate everyone..first tht monsters and now Maa……aana hi kyu tha un sab ko mere saamne……I hate them….. Jaana hi tha tho aay hi kyu…baat hi nahi karna chahiye tha na…. Babaji you know aaj I won’t talk to Maa….today….she left me and didn’t even come back….n see she came back after almost 1.5 years….Na main monsters ko maaf karungi na…. Maa….ko let them come…I will show who Shikha Kunj Sarna is”

Saying so she puffed her already puffed cheeks in anger….but all this talk that Shikha murmured to herself was listened by their pair of ears….one obviously Praniti and other two were Twinkle who followed them in to the cabin and entered inside stood beside the sofa hearing everything and Kunj who followed trio stopped seeing Twinkle standing beside sofa and also heard her talks….

Ku (thought) – Maa……is Twinkle her Maa???……(shocked) and who are these monsters???

Twinkle chuckled hearing her cute ranting she prayed to her Babaji and slowly went infront of Shikha and sat on her knees….only to earn a gasp from shikha and Kunj… shikha’s was heard by trio and kunj’s gasp was heard only by prani….who instantly turned to look towards kunj….and thanked her Babaji smiled within herself as her plan was finally working…but as of now she decided to pay attention towards Shikha n Twinkle…

Tw (slowly cupping her small hands in her hands) – Chotti…….!!!

Listening chotti…. Shikha’s eyes welled up instantly as she literally missed hearing that name….she doesn’t give anyone tht right to call her chotti apart from her Maa not even her mom dad….so listening it she looked at Twinkle’s teary eyes…and said, “I am not your chotti……who are you I don’t know you…..what are you doing here!!! I will ask papa to ask you to go away from here…..N you should know that Shikha Kunj Sarna doesn’t talk to Strangers….!”

Twinkle smiled listening her and seeing her smiling Shikha frowned, “why re you smiling?”

Tw – Obviously Shikha Kunj Sarna doesn’t tak to strangers….but jitna main janti hu The same Shikha Kunj Sarna doesn’t even look at strangers tho ussi stranger ko batathe b nahi he…am I rg8?

Shikha bite her lips realizing it…and moved away her face. Twinkle forcefully cupped her face and turned towards her, “Shikha Sarna should know that apart from your monsters This Twinkle only loves one person more than anyone and that is my choti who’s is you…so if I didn’t come to my choti tho obviously I would have reason to do so Hein na….?”

Shikha was just listening to her talks….and tried not to melt in front of her…and if shikha melts then it can only be done by The person who is sitting in front of her without any efforts…she didn’t say anything so Twinkle sighed and got up sat on sofa, picked up shikha n kept her on her lap hugging like a Mother dies to her child and unknowingly shikha snuggled more into twinkle, which brought a smile on Praniti and Twinkle… But in all these Kunj was the most confused soul…..

“Choti…..I am sorry meri jaan….muje aapko ignore nahi karna tha…but you know I had a lot of work……to do…tumhe kuch chahiye ho tho….you have your Dadda and mumma to order things na…meri jaan (to which shikha nodded) but your monsters only have me…whom they can order…things which they want….tho muje kaam karna padega na…? (To which Twinkle heard a small hmmm Fromm shikha) abh kya kare your dad is already rich tho tumhe sab kuch milega…..but me thodi rich hu…tho kya kare…and monsters ka chodo…meri choti ko aise koi chizze honge na jaha mumma or Dadda mana karte he tho voh chizz kon kareed de payga?…( Shikha – Obviously app )….vahi tho muje paise chahiye ki nahi (shikha – hmmm) tho that’s y n haa… I will do whatever you ask me to do ..as a punishment what say????

Shikha finally looked at Twinkle she got off from her lap and stood in front of Twinkle keeping her hands on her hips….

“Ok I will forgive you only on one condition…..manjoor?”

“Manjoor meri jaan kuch b puch lo”

“One day full with me……in your house?”




And that was it…shikha jumped on Twinkle shouting loudly, “I love you MAA, I love you a lot…..”

Hiding inside the Crook of her neck she cried, “you know MAA I missed you guys a lot…..their were times were muje aapki bahut zarorat thi ….but I didn’t kya karu kaha se doondu n all MAA…. But you know I always know that you will come back to me….becuz like I love my MAA same My MAA loves her choti too!!!!!!”

To which twinkle Tightened her hold on shikha and silently cried….. strocking Shikha’s hair slowly…to which shikha snuggled more into twinkle….

But this brought a bright smile on Praniti as she missed this scene a lot…..even though shikha is her daughter but she knew shikha always loved Twinkle more compared to her….. normally parents would feel bad seeing it but Praniti was always the happiest as she knew if she is happy in her life then it’s becuz of Twinkle and she owes her life to Twinkle…..she turned her attention to Kunj who looked shocked and prelexed seeing the scene in front of him…..
But instead of going towards him she decided to interrupt the duo….

But in all this Kunj didn’t know what exactly was going in front of him …how come his daughter know Twinkle…and plus did his daughter just called Twinkle as her MAA he didn’t heard shikha calling prani as maa….she calls Praniti as mom or mumma but Twinkle as MAA that was the shocking and when he saw that how conveniently Twinkle melted Shikha’s heart was the second shocker as whenever shikha is angry it takes a lot effort to breaks it and here Twinkle didn’t even took hours to break it….the most wanted question in his mind was who are those Monsters to whom they mentioned???……how his daughter know Twinkle????……Why is Twinkle called as MAA???…. There were lots of questions running in his mind….but before he could barge in he heard…..

Pr – You Ms. Twinkle shayad my daughter may accept your apology but don’t accept it from me…..!!!

The moment she spoke Twinkle, shikha and Kunj turned their heads to Praniti…..

Seeing her Mumma Shikha ran towards her mom yelling.., “Mumma see MAA is here….she loves me mom…now she won’t leave us and go back she promised me……yipeeeee”

Seeing her daughter happy Praniti’s heart danced in joy…she just pecked her forehead…
Twinkle just stood up and walked and stood infront of Praniti Staring straight in her eyes… Without moving her eyes…..she asked shikha, “Chotii will you go outside….Kuch zaroori kaam he pura krna….”

Sensing it she said an okay and went into their private rest room which is in the cabin itself….

Tw – Did you slapped me?

Pr – So?

Tw – did you forgot…who am I to you?

Pr – so?

Tw – You know it then you should know tht what happens after it?

Pr – so?

Twinkle just held praniti’s hair in an instant and ducked her gave a punch on her back…which automatically earned a painfull moan from Praniti. Kunj literally jumped in his place seeing his wife in pain…he was going to held her…but the thing he heard took him in surprised

Pr – you b*t*h…..!!!!

Tw – Eyy don’t call me that…

Pr – I would call you that.. you deserve it..

Tw – Ohh just stop it…I know you heard our talks so abh gussa phek de….gutter me you dumphead…

Pr – So….and dude what did you mean that we Sarna’s are rich….

Tw – nothing…much jo sach he wahi bola…… shrugged saying it

Pr – you know right I would have always be there with you fir be….

Tw – I know…but you even know that I don’t take anything from anyone and rahi bat tu bole ki tujse lu… Agar bhul gai he tho let me remind you that u are a Sarna tho obviously jo tu degi voh Sarna’s ka hi hoga and muje nahi pasand… And waise b Kunj ko kuch nhi patha….apne baareme tho kya bolti….?

Pr – oyy kunj koi aise vaise ladka nahi he jo doubt Kate mere pe… Even you know him…..

Tw – jaanti thi chudail….abh ka I don’t know and person do change………and rahi baat nahi milne ki…it’s just ki after your pregnancy period I planned all these things but execute nahi kar pai….shikha ka dyaan n all jo rakhna tha…and jab socha tho itni bzy hogai ki…tym nahi mila….n uss bahane me muje ghar var chnge karna pada……it took a lot of effort to reach this position priyu…. And you too know that jo me sochthi hu voh karke hi baithi hu..

Pr (nodded) – I know Twinkle but…me b help karthi rg8….n yeh sab akele kaise… Kisike bagair….and plus do monsters ka b dyaan rakhan hua hoga na…

Tw – kisne bola akeli thi….I had Avni with me…and rahi baat un dono ka tho Yuvi ke saat rehthe the humesha tho utna problem nahi hota tha…plus they are my puppy’s understanding power mere pe gaye..he tho no issues…

Praniti smiled and hugged her, “I missed you dii”

Twinkle reciprocated her hug and kisses her forehead,” I missed you priyu…., I really did missed you ..I planned to come to you but humesha ek na ek kaam atha tha isliye… M sorry abh no going from you…Promise…” And winked

Pr – I know ….

And after tht prani acted to see towards and faked a gasp…and hearing a gasp Twinkle turned her head towards the location and found a shocked kunj over there …

Twinkle panicked and looked at Prani’s eyes which even looked at Twinkle in a faked panickig way….

Finally Kunj uttered sternly, “Explanation???”

Finally Kunj uttered sternly, "Explanation???"

(Kunj’s cabin)

The trio were settled in the couch and were lost in their thoughts related to things they heard or said… because it was so confusing to everyone what exactly is the truth…..

Flashback (1)

“Explanation” Kunj said sternly….

Why won’t he be stern in speaking……he saw a lot which he didn’t have any knowledge about….till today this moment kunj wouldn’t even thought that his wife and Twinkle would know eachother and plus his own daughter was calling Twinkle as MAA which normally every child calls their mother as such…. But hear the same word was heard by her but it was not to her own mom but Twinkle…..but why?….but even all of these how do shikha know Twinkle….and from when……she was her MAA whom his daughter cried back then saying how she missed her……

And about prani then how did she know about Twinkle….he only mentioned about her not showed who actually Twinkle was…..but here….they both knew eachother and it wasnt even looking like they knew only for some years…..but how……

So he asked the only one thing that is explanation and prani being his love and wife knew what he wants…..and she was ready to say and showed that she was shocked and here Twinkle knew exactly what kunj needed….even though they knew eachother only for someone time…..but they actually understood eachother…. She was literally scared becuz she had said these things to him…..but before she could say….

Pr (faking scarily) – Kunj…wh…what you wa…ant to kn..noww

Ku (firmly) – everything but….before that….say this how do you know eachother?…..

Pr – w.e…we just met eachother in or…phanage…yaa… orphanage….hain na Twinkle!!!!

And nudged..her….

Tw – Yes….yesss we met in a Orphanage..

But kunj knew both were lying and just glared both of them and looking at prani he just raised his eyebrows….which only gave a look that meant “I want only truth”

So sighing Prani just closed her eyes hold Twinkle’s hand and looked at Kunj’s eyes directly, “Kunj Meet Twinkle Taneja my one and only sister whom I had said it to you…..”

That statement was enough to earn a small gasp from kunj and Twinkle was so shocked to even react anything……

Kunj’s mind went totally blank as he never ever knew or even thought that Twinkle would be his sister-in-law….the same girl whom he once loved…..the same girl whom loved him back too….but never thought that he would marry her sister……and would once again fall in love with the her sister….Prani Sarna….He just went and sat on the sofa….. realizing now that why it had happened that day…..and now he was able to connect the dots perfectly…he didn’t even thought that this will be the reason for such decision of Twinkle…..

Flashback (it will be Kunj’s pov)

10years ago..

My life was always a happy one. Had a lovely family consists of Mom and dad…..and my friends and my love…. I don’t need anything. I was always the happy one. My mom and dad were the best, but the only problem was that dad always things that orphans are brat, they maintain relations only to those who are rich, and for such reason My dad never liked me being in a relationship with my love. Twinkle….. He always says that she is an adopted child she is orphan she won’t be able to love the one who you exactly was. I knew this time my dad was completely wrong becuz I know how much she loves me and even I love her too….my mom and her bonding is the one which I always admired….they fight, tease , and love eachother as if they are long lost friends…but my dad didn’t liked it he used to say that it is fake to gain our trust…..

But I didn’t knew due to his hatred towards Twinkle he would took such a drastic step…..He fixed my marriage without my knowledge and when I declined he emotionally blackmailed me and see….here I am ready in an attire of a groom and gonna marry soon…..

I didn’t even say it to Twinkle about this situation obviously she is in UK for the project she was assisting in and from last one week I am not even attending her calls and not replying her messages….why becuz my dad said so…..

(I’m skipping the marriage rituals)

And finally I M married but see the irony I married a girl whom I don’t even know….name!!!! I don’t know….who are the family members!!!!! I don’t know….. the thing tht was running in my mind was only My TWINKLE n here finally after the ritual of Grihapravesh which my mom did without any interest…. obviously she always imagined Twinkle as her bahu but due to her husband’s stubbornness tht dream also went into bin….and now me and my So called wife was asked to sit opposite to eachother so tht we could find a ring and it decides that one who wins has an upper hand…all bullshit….

I was rotating my hands inside the milk when my eyes saw a person whom I least wanted to see……the person was standing staring at me with a teary eyes which also had a small smile…..I was confused seeing the smile….but how come she is here.?

But my thoughts were broken when I heard that my so called wife won and she have an upper hand in this relation but….I was least interested in it I just wanted to see her My Twinkle……so after excusing myself I went outside and saw Twinkle standing near our garden I went and kept my hand in her shoulder startling her…but recognising the touch she relaxed and she turned to me with a smile…which literally confused me…but she moved my hand away from her shoulder which did hurt me

Ku – Twinkle….see my girl…..M so sorry for these things…I swear but I had to marry her but don’t worry within months I will explain her things and will apply for divorce….pakha…..tum jaanti ho na I only love you (saying he cupped her cheeks to which she stared at him with a teary smile nodding yes) I will only be yours just some time….I promise I will make it alright….but Twinkle shook her head as no and removed his hands from her cheeks….she hold his hand in her and said directly looking into his eyes…the thing she said.. Startled him and left him in shock…..

Tw – Kunj…..I know you love me……. To which kunj nodded happily but now you don’t have any rights to love me kunj was shocked listening it and before he could say she spoke I know what you wanna say…but from now onwards from this moment I don’t want to be with you Kunj… I am ending my relationship here…..and you know I am sad but then to I happy today…. The reason of my happiness it will come only if destiny wants too….but now the thing we need to do is… Ending this, ending US… I know u won’t be able to be with the girl whom is your wife now…..but…..

Kunj was not able to say anything, he knew somewhere he was at fault but he was totally blank with the things she was saying so to know more he just whispered, “but…?”

“You love me right?”

Kunj nodded in yes…..

“Will you do anything for me?”

Again she got a yes from him…and the think she spoke shook him

“Please give Praniti a chance to this marriage……please be with her in her every happiness and sadness…..I want you to be her husband in every right…..I want you both to live a happy life……I want you to give her a chance……I know it will take sometime for you…but it’s not that Impossible rg8!!!! And if you really do love me then…plzzz accept it….atleast for me?”

Kunj was numbed he didn’t knew what to say….but the way she was speaking to him the tone she was using was something he did notice and unknowingly he nodded , “I will if thts what you want”

Twinkle was happy plus sad but she wipped her tear and Tightened the hold of the hands and said, “I give you my blessing you will always be happy untill you see me again. Be happy always and move on. Don’t let her cry ever.

And coming closely she kissed his cheeks lovingly for the last time and went away from his life not to ever come back…..
And that was the moment he realised tht how he unknowingly promised her….and regretted it….tht time…but as he have promised he gave this relationship a chance….which was the great thing happened till now

Flashback end

Coming back from the thought he saw the two ladies standing in front of him….and this time he loose his control and stood up and went towards twinkle and gripped her arms…. tightly only to hear a Hiss from Twinkle which broke both the ladies…. Praniti was shocked yet scared and Twinkle was neutral but before she could say something

Ku (anger) – so this was the reason you asked me to give prani a chance am I rg8?

Twinkle knew about what he was talking but before that she calmly said, “Kunj leave my hand!!!!”

“I am asking you something damn it”

“Kunj I said leave my hands!!!!” Controlling her anger…

But kunj was not noticing it….but prani did noticed it so she went ahead and tried to apart them….

Pr – Kunj leave her you are hurting her…..

But kunj didn’t left Twinkle just tightened the hold and that did burst Twinkle’s anger..

“For God sake I said leave my hand…..Kunj Sarna,” shouted jerking his hold from her…. Prani rubbed Twinkle’s arm which turned red with the hold…..

Pr – are you mad kunj…. See she got hurt becuz of you..

Ku – Srsly prani..hurt tho what did u both do with me….. Didn’t you guys hide the things from me…..Twinkle ka fir b it’s ok…but prani you 10 years prani 10 years u didn’t even say a single thing realted to Twinkle being your sister…..why am I not worthy enough to know it……I always you knew tht u re hiding something but….srsly….. (Kunj lost his cool of all the thing is learning)

But Twinkle interrupted, “Obviously she won’t say anything becuz m not a Taneja any more……and mene kha tha usse ki voh tumhe kuch na batay….mene usse mera kasam dii thi isliye she didn’t break the promise….. Don’t even finish your anger on her” listening it Kunj calmed and prani just rubbed Twinkle’s arms and back simultaneously..to calm her

Pr – Kunj I know you wanted to know I am ready to say…about this matter…. But I think we should sit and talk……Hein na!!!…..(she went and holded kunj’s hand and stared at his eyes pleadingly)

Kunj sighed and side hugged her and went and sat on the sofa and asked Twinkle to join them…..

Flashback end (1)

Character Sketch

Kunj Sarna :- A shrewd business man. Arrogant and rude to the outer world, and lovable to his family. Loves his Mom Dad alot, but more attached to his dad. Fulfills every wishes of his dad whether it costs his happiness too. Had a past known to all the family members. (Past is not bad). Loves his wife and daughter too. One scratch on them he will lit the entire world. But is soon going to realize his mistake and will regret. Age – 33

Praniti Sarna :- A sweet happy go lucky girl, married to Kunj Sarna

Praniti Sarna :- A sweet happy go lucky girl, married to Kunj Sarna. Loves Kunj a lot, but knows a secret which no one knows except one person. Loves her daughter a lot. Can do anything for her family. Helps Kunj in business matters. A regret for not helping someone close to her. Soon going to realise a lot things in future. Age -29

Shikha Sarna :- A cute Adorable princess of Sarna family

Shikha Sarna :- A cute Adorable princess of Sarna family. Spreads happiness. Loves her Mumma Dadda a lot. But loves her Maa a lot. More than her Mumma and Dadda. Very close to her Maa. Have two big brothers who pampers her alot whenever meets eachother. (Daughter of Kunj and praniti) Age – 6

Shrinath Sarna & Kirthi Sarna :- Loves their one only son Kunj Sarna

Shrinath Sarna & Kirthi Sarna :- Loves their one only son Kunj Sarna. Proud to have a him as their son. Loves eachother a alot but after happening something in past the equation between both changed alot. Acts as a perfect couple in front of whole world and with Kunj too. But the reality of their relationship is known only to 2 persons. Shrinath is no more. Kirthi age – 55

Twinkle Nair :- Once a happy go lucky girl who turned into a matured and rude person because of her past

Twinkle Nair :- Once a happy go lucky girl who turned into a matured and rude person because of her past. But now the happiest in her life which includes two kiddos. Loves her choti alot. Have a secret which is known only to the persons who is damn close to her and helps them in their every problem faced by them. Runs a small business company with 20 – 30 employees. And have biiiiiiig secret that will be known in the story. Age – 30

Srilokh Nair & Karthik Nair :- An identical twin Srilok is 4 minutes bigger than Karthik but if you see then karthik is more mature than Srilokh

Srilokh Nair & Karthik Nair :- An identical twin Srilok is 4 minutes bigger than Karthik but if you see then karthik is more mature than Srilokh. Srilokh is calm and composed boy then Karthik is opposite, not so calm nd anger at the tip of the nose. They both love Twinkle i.e their mom alot Srilok calls her Mumma & Karthik as MAA. There is something which Karthik knows but pretends as if he doesn’t know anything. Loves Shikha and kranti a lot and prani too…. Age – 8 . But do they look lyk an 8year kid then you are highly mistaken they look lyk they are 10-11 yrs old.

 But do they look lyk an 8year kid then you are highly mistaken they look lyk they are 10-11 yrs old

Varun Taneja : Owns Taneja industries. Father of Both Twinkle and Praniti Taneja. Lovable person for his wife and kids, but loves Praniti more than anything as he thinks that she is their lucky charm. But in all this he doesn’t give much attention to Twinkle but even loves her. Now regrets for not able to love Twinkle and spoiling her life… Misses her a lot

Sandhya Taneja : Helps Her husband in his office works

Sandhya Taneja : Helps Her husband in his office works. A sweet lady for her kids. Loves Praniti more and do love Twinkle but unknowingly she too doesn’t acknowledge twinkle much. Regrets for spoiling Twinkle’s life. Miss her a lot.

Anshuman khurana : A Man with a golden heart, running his father's Company i

Anshuman khurana : A Man with a golden heart, running his father’s Company i.e. Khurana Constructions. A strict person for business world and a lovable man for closed ones but always thinks practically. Friend with Twinkle even after they part ways. Buddy of Twinkle’s kids. Even though he loves them but doesn’t want to be their Father.

Yuvraj Luthra : A funny man loves Avni a lot, considers Twinkle as his sister calls her Twinkle and Baby

Yuvraj Luthra : A funny man loves Avni a lot, considers Twinkle as his sister calls her Twinkle and Baby. Knows about Twinkle’s life, was a great support system for her. A big time foodie. Owns Luthra’s Hotel and Textiles industry.

 Owns Luthra's Hotel and Textiles industry

Avni Luthra : Wife of Yuvraj. Best friend of Twinkle knows everything about her life. Just to be with Twinkle she works as PA of Twinkle. A happy go lucky girl. Loves her champs a lot.

 Loves her champs a lot


Taneja’s don’t know anything about Twinkle as of now. But might know in future. They won’t play a major role in the chapters just some parts whenever necessary

Well Anshuman! He loved twinkle but being a practical man he is he wanted a fresh start but, twinkle with kids was not he wanted so he n twinkle decided to be frnds with eachother they share great bond. Kids love him as their buddy but doesn’t want him as their dad. Otherwise they love him too.


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