HO GAYA PYAR TUMSE…let’s feel it….(shot 2)

Hey all!!! I am back with part 2

Driver switch on the FM radio. A melodious song plays. Mishti enjoys it. While Abir looks at her . Abir lifting from the seat changes FM. Abhi toh party shuru hui hai …plays Abir enjoys it. Mishti gets irritated by this and changes the song. Driver looks on. Mishbir starts fighting changing FM.

Driver: Stop it please. I don’t want to hear FM.

Driver switches off the FM. Their journey continues… After sometimes, a black cat comes in front of the car and suddenly driver applies brake. Mishti loses her balance and falls in abir’s lap. They have an eyelock. Driver says sorry and they are back into senses.

Abir: Ms. It’s not your pillow. It’s my lap. So please

Mishti : oh! Sorry, brake was applied so sudden so I can’t control

Abir: I know girls can’t control seeing me. It’s okay

Mishti smirks and asks the driver

Mishti: how can you apply brake like this bhai? Kuch ho gaya toh

Driver: Actually mam,it’s because of the black cat. Sorry I will pay more attention

Mishti starts thinking. Abir looking at her.

Abir: what!? Black cat! It’s a bad omen,right? (In a mocking sound)

Mishti : exactly!

Abir: speedily call everyone ask if them are fine

Mishti : yes, I will call right now. Mishti takes phone. Seeing that abir burst into laughter loudly

Abir:  you look so modern but believing these OMG and smiles. Mishti gets angry .

Mishti : Mr. It may also come true nah?

Abir : Ms. you are impossible and laughs

Driver: Mam sir we have reached. Both look outside and get out of the car. Abir checks the purse. Mishti bends down and to the driver

Driver: bhai,  please wait. I have to travel return too. Mishti walks away. Seeing that abir…

Abir: hey choti motu… should I pay the full amount?

Mishti looking back and in an slightly angry voice.

Mishti: whom did you call choti motu…?

Abir : you are shorter than me in height toh choti… both look at each other. Temple bell rings.

Abir: come on rent share karo. I have many jobs.

Mishti : I have to go back after pooja so I will pay after that…

Abir: How will I go back then? I will also pay after that. Mishti walks away. Abir tries to walk with her.

Abir: we can go together.

Mishti: No thanks…

Abir’s phone rings… everyone looks at him. He cuts the call

Mishti : Now a days boys don’t have no manners. Who will use phone in Temple… and walks a bit. Suddenly mishti’s phone rings.

Abir: (from behind) now a days girls bhi na and walks away with a naughty smile.

Mishti : khadoos kahin ki ! Looking at phone… seems like emergency

Mishti walks towards a corner takes the phone.

Mishti : Hello sister, kya hua?

Sister : Good morning Dr.mishti It’s an accident case… aapki bahan…

Mishti gets shocked

Mishti : what! ? Kuhu ko kya hua… hello hello… call got disconnected mishti panicks. Mishti tries to call back and walks towards taxi.

Mishti : bhai, city hospital please. Emergency hai. Mishti gets in the car.

Abir sees that from a distance and calls her

Abir: Hey choti motu where are you going..? Car has already left by the time  he reaches.

Abir: rude girl…at least she should have informed before leaving. And walks in towards temple taunting mishti.

Mishti inside the car prays for kuhu…





  1. It was really nice!!!😍😍
    Abir and mishti’s fight was really well written!!
    Khadoos and choti – motu names were funny!!
    Please keep writing!!

    1. Meghu

      Ananya… thank you it means a lot… will continue writing for sure… please encourage me throughout

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