Love life and important decisions (Episode 6)

Its morning,  everyone is in the hall . Pakhi comes there with her luggage. Badimaa :- i am not happy with your decision but i bless you to ne successful and gets teary eyed. Mansi :- i hope you both return soon. Everyone blesses Pakhi. Shivani then suddenly says , Pakhi i hope you have kept all important stuffs for travelling like charger , powerbank. Listening this both virat and pakhi look at each other and remember their first meet.

Pakhi bids farewell and heads to go.badimaa :- virat go and drop pakhi till airport ( looking at ashwini) and no more arguments on it.

Pakhi and virat leave in car . They both steal glances but doesn’t say anything. Virat :- take care of yourself and keep informing me about everything there. Pakhi nods. Virat :- follow all the guidelines and no need to be extra brave and .. pakhi :- i will take care virat. Virat looks at pakhi teary eyed and thinks i wish could have gone along, sorry pakhi.

They reach airport and do all formalities. Then they both look at each other as if seeing for the last time. Both are filled with emotions but cant express. It was as if their eyes were talking and said it all. They both were bounded by their own complusions and thier love was lost in front of destiny. Virat touches pakhi face and says take care , okay! Pakhi holds his hands and say you too , so i will go now and turns to go but virat doesn’t leave her hand and says we shouldn’t say such , but we should say we will meet again. Pakhi smiles listening this and they both remember the time when virat was leaving from the yoga camp . Pakhi nods and turns to go but virat dint leave her hand and this was enough to make her emotionally weak..her eyes got filled with tears but she gathered courage and spoke – bye virat, its time to go and we both know its important . You inspire me to be good to others to think about family before , now dont make me weak please.  Virat looks at her, he knew that if today he left her hand he would not be able to hold it againl, but he knew he had to leave her hand . He leaves her hand and all thier past moments , emotional confrontation is seen. Pakhi turns and starts walking.

She was walking ahead without looking back but then suddenly stops in her tracks and turns and sees in the direction in which virat was standing,  he was not visible anymore. .she thinks that she cant do this and starts walking hurriedly towards him.

Here virat was still standing there and  then gets shocked seeing someone coming and exclamied ” you here” ! The face is slowly shown and she is


Scene shifts to pakhi.  She was walking hurriedly but then her purse fell down and she starts picking everything and then picks her and samrat marriage photo . She keeps her stuffs back and keeps standing there. One time she thinks to forget everything and everyone and just go back to virat but then she looks at the marriage photo and remembers mansi , her trust , and how samrat got to know about them and went from home and got missing. She goes towards the plane and sits on her seat.

Here virat shockingly asks sai what is she doing here!?? Sai :- i did not want to come but aayi forced me to accompany you both in the car , you should thank me because i tricked her and came in an auto but because i am new here i did not know where to go so i followed your car and came here. Virat looks on shocked and says as far as i know you ,you are the sai and nobody can force you to do anything sai replies :- some people can, like they forced me for the wedding.  Virat looks on and they hear the announcement of the flight departure.  Virat  – okay come with me now. When they reached till his car , sai:- you also have to pay the autodriver. Virat does so and they leave from there.

Pakhi is seen sitting in the plane. .she thinks – she knows this is the right decision and looks at samrats photo and says, i will find you at any cost , i cant leave with this guilt all my life  that u were lost because of me! I hope you are okay , i am coming samrat.

Precap :- pakhi plane lands. She meets the instructors. Someone is shown doing pushups !!!

How was it guys?? Ignore silly errors because i am not doing any prove reading.  You can comment and tell me what you liked and what you didn’t.  Stay tunned 😘

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  3. The episode is good……plz unite sai and virat as soon as possible and also pakhi and samrat……I want to read saai and virat’s lovestory

  4. Prajkta

    Excited for Pakhi’s journey of finding Samrat…. Also eagerly waiting to see how Sai and Virat’s life changes with time…. Great going….

  5. Please update as soon as possible waiting for next part eagerly

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