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The Story till Yet.
Vivan tells that today was Mahi and Meaths anniversary and Preet Madam had sent him to get pastries, but he didn’t knew that this was going to happen to him. He met Irawati in the way and managed to escape because of the locket Anshuman had given him. Vivan says that he his life was safe this time but he knew that the danger was just going to increase.
Dhara says that love is unusual because as much as you try to run from it pulls you towards itself. Dhara and Vivan are talking and Vivan tells Dhara that there is no school tomorrow. Dhara agrees and says that it is Sunday tomorrow. Something goes into Dhara’s eye and Vivan helps her in taking this out. Preet Madam comes in search for her and both of them run towards Mahi and Meath and warn them about her. They tell Meath to hide in the Mansion somewhere. Preet Madam comes from behind where Dhara and Vivan have hid Meath and Mahi, she asks that what they are doing here at this time. Vivan says that they are playing hide and seek as they decided to play outside.
Dhara takes out the love birds which Vivan brought for her and sets them free. They instead go into the Mansion. Vivan while chasing them goes into Preet Madam room and breaks her Bangle set. Vivan says that when he broke the bangles by accident he was totally terrified. Miss Fareeda comes in and tells him that these were her marriage bangels. Preet Madam comes from behind and Dhara says that it was her fault, but Vivan says that he broke it as he was chasing the love birds. Dhara and Vivan go into an argument and Preet Madam tells both of them to be silent and tells them both to leave. She cries over the broken bangles but then laughs as the love she wanted happened and that love is going to break just like these bangles.
Dhara says that after that day there was a different inferno inside Preet Madam’s eyes. Preet Madam holds a doll and says to it that you are alive and can listen to me and that you will do everything I tell you to. She gives Dhara the doll and says that before she (Dhara) awakes the dolls she must believe that they are actually real. Only then can they do what she tells them to. She tells Dhara that when she understands the power of these dolls only then can she understand what Preet Madam was trying to say.
Dhara asks Vivan of what happened. Vivan hesitates to talk and says that he will tell her but will look the other way as he is shy. Vivan tells her that whenever he goes to the school he always thinks and sees her name everywhere he looks, whenever the teacher asks him to give him the answerer he cannot even if he knows it, when he leaves the Mansion he wants to come back and spend time with her. He tells her that when she laughs he becomes very happy but she is angry he becomes upset. Vivan then takes a sign of relief and then turns back and looks at Dhara. Dhara is looking furiously at him but then she laughs and says that you even get scared. Vivan says that he gets scared and that it needs a lot of courage to say such things.
Dhara says that she was making dolls here with all her heart while, Meath wants to kill Preet Madam as he believes that she is nothing but pure evil. Dhara says that she was to hear this and wanted to tells someone but before that she can tell anyone Preet Madam invites Meath and Mahi and congratulates them and says that what better reason to celebrate an occasion then love. She says that the pastries are even here so let’s celebrate. In the while Dhara comes and looks at the pastry and says that madam is very happy for them yet they want to kill her. As soon as Preet Madam is about to take the bite of the pastry Dhara intentionally crasher herself in the Candle stands and takes Preet Madam away to tell her that the pastry is poisonous. She tells Preet Madam that there might be poison in the pastry as she heard Meath and Mahi talking.
Irawati comes at Vivan’s house and asks him that where Anshuman is. Vivan says that he will not tell. Irawati holds Kinjal by the neck and starts choking her. Vivan wants to push her but she falls back because of the locket. Kinjal calls for Radhav. Meath and Mahi are waiting downstairs in the Mansion while Preet Madam is performing a ritual and Mahi and Meath both feel pain in their arm and chest when Dhara injects a needle in the doll.
Radhav comes to fight Irawati and Vivan is trying to drag Kinjal away. Kinjal insists on staying with her husband. Mahi and Meath are also being tortured by Preet Madam’s spell. Irawati is too strong for Radhav and kills him when Kinjal comes towards Irawati she also gets killed by her. Vivan runs in panic and asks Anshman to help his family. Preet Madam is still performing magic and tells Dhara to not to come out of the circle until she returns.
Vivan says that the person he helped was the one to destroy his life and made him an orphan again. Anshuman says that he will come back for him but now he must go. Mahi says to Preet Madam to let them go as they both love each other. Preet Madam kills Meath after saying that one must die.
Vivan is performing the rituals of the funeral of his sister and Jeju and remembers the memories he spent with them. Anshuman is looking from behind the tree. A man says that poor kid he only had his sister and uncle and now they are also gone. Another man says that first his parents died and now there is no one for him. A car arrives and it is Preet Madam who is here for the funereal. A man is shocked to see her after 14 years. Preet Madam senses Anshuman and goes in the trail. She screams his name and says that he ran like the last time. She says that you are a coward and a traitor.

Precap: Anshuman bites Irawati and Preet Madam casts a spell. Preet Madam finds Anshuman later on and wolfs come howling. Irawati goes into a fight with Preet and Preet throws her back. Dhara is leaving the place and Vivan tells her about his sister and Jeju

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