Ek Mutthi Aasman 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 8th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kamla comes to dewan house. Dheraj asks sanjay is she educatd ? Sanjay sasu no but she will take care of suhana. Dheraj says better she would have no knowledge of the medicines. it will be easy for me o give them to suhana. Sanjay welcomes kamla. he says suhana must not be. SHe wakes up late. kalpi comes out and says I am up and ready. Sanjay says so early ? She says yeah I just got up. dheraj says its good for health to wake up earlier. A lady comes and says suhana are you okay. I was so worried for you ? She hugs her. kalpi smiles. She says i saw you now i am fine. Why are you staring at me like that ? SAnjay says she is wife of your dheraj chacha. Aman comes in and asks is she new servant ? Kalpi says she is not servant she came to take care of me. The driver shows kamla the kitchen and tell her that suhana likes pasta and pizza. You should make pasta for her. kamla makes pasta with help of another servant.

Kavita says i will tell you everything about this house. i felt so bad to hear that you lost your memory. Dheraj says kavita got to your room to rest. Sanjay says no we should do the breakfast together. Suhana is not liking the pasta. She says i don’t know what would i like to eat. Kamla syas would you like misri pao ? Sanjay says she doesn’t like all that. Kalpi says no i would like to eat. Kavita says first you woke up and now you will eat these desi dished. Dheraj says stop it. Kavita says what did i say? I didn’t know that people even change their choices after memory loss. Kamla comes up with kalpi’s dish. She asks how is it ? Kalpi says its really tasty. She is enjoying it. Sanjay takes a spoon and says yeah its good. Dheraj says i have to leave for something important.
Dheraj goes to his room. He says to aman your mom is so stupid. Aman says relax no one will recognize her. Kavita comes in and says why are you discussing me now ? Dheraj says why you said so much to suahna ? She is not well. She doesn’t remember anything. never comment on anything she does. don’t tell her what she was and what she is. Kavita says he never cared about suhana this much before.

Dheraj aska kamla to bring the medicines. He asks her to bring the water. He shows her the tablet and says you have to give it to suhana in three days. he leaves. kamla takes the medicines she collides with the little girl meethi. kavita says meethi i asked you not to play here. Kamla says ma’am its not her mistake its my mistake. I dropped the plate. kamla asks who is she ? Sanjay says she is th daughter of driver, she is like a daughter for us. kamla says you know meethi you are just like your mom. Meethi says we are friends now. kavita says don’t be so frank with her. She is so mischievous. kamla says let me give the medicines to suhan then we will play. kamla goes to kalpi. kamla gives her the medicines. She says i don’t wanna take these medicines. Kamla ays you shouldn’t look weak. kamla says let me bring the sugar if its bitter. kalpi syas you gave it to me with so much love that i don’t need sugar.
kalpi asks meethi to come in and says you remember we used to play togtehr. Meethi says you remember everything why was chachi saying you lost your memory. i think she lost her memory. kalpi says don’t say like that.kamla says in heart suhana is just like kalpi.

Scene 2
Sanjay asks aman to pick Aryan from the airport. He asks him not to tell him anything about suhana. Dheraj says don’t be late. Aman says in heart i am not going to pick him he will come by himself.

Kalpi says people in your chowl were so nice. Say them thanks, kamla says i will. kamla shows kalpi a photo album that contains the photos. Suahan says lets look at it. kamla says i am busy. Kalpi says okay i will see it later. then kamla says okay lets go through it.
Dheraj says bhaiya why are you so worried ? he says what will Aryan do when he find about suhana’s condition. dheraj says i asked you to tell suhana about Aryan and their engagement. Sanjay says i am going to tell her every thing.
kalpi is looking the photos. she says why have i worn such small clothes. Suddenly they see and engagement picture. Kamla says you are engaged. congratulations. kalpi says papa didn’t tell me anything.

Scene 3
Aryan comes with the driver from the airport. He stops on the way and helps is running the queues of cars.

precap- Aryan is in front of kalpi. he says strange you don’t remember the person you’re going to marry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Please abita don’t narrate suhana as kalpi

  2. what’s this where are we going with this crarp where are the real actors whats the story line simply end it all pls

  3. EMA ,

    if u can bring back PAWANDEEP KWATRA , if u can bring back ASHISH CHOUDHARY than why not our angel RACHNA

    It is humble request please come up with original story track which u forget after raghav marriage with pakhi and unit our lovable adorable RAGNA with original actors ASHISH AND RACHNA

    1. Change of most of the cast!! Original story line gone, where is Sahil? Or prem? No more raghav either? What is going on? Is it going to be only about KAmla and this new kalpi or suhana? This show usednto be one of the best now its the absolute worst.

  4. This is full of crap

  5. luv asha negi,hope she does hr best lyk she did in Pavitra Rishta :)*

    1. all ready said all hopes are break here u know ema is expert in it

    2. do u watch EMA previous epidsodes , if not go to ZEE Tv online videos from November and give ur feed back.Rocking, pushing , running is not for us. better story line needed, what the hell they r showing , how many real life – like this happening? have u heard any one like this, All channels showng the same grab serials- surgery on face- in real life nothing happen like that- murders kept in the chawl, giving bribe to doctors and university – what the hell- message they r giving to society, Rich can do anything by giving bribe to anyone – HELL with EMA,PD,ZEETV better cancel package from our cable – i did already

  6. This is the most ridiculous soap I’ve seen thus far. The writers believes that the viewers are all illeterates. Why isn’t Pakhi in prison for kidnapping? This soap shows the young generation that you can commit a crime, but you will never do the time. I was shocked to see the police at the scene of the crash commenting on the accident , but not placing the metal bracelets on this criminal. dumb. Dumb. Dumb. They better get their act together. I will not be watching this fairy tale. The producers are probably living in la la land.

    1. I totally agree with what you said………..where is the evil pakkhi? This soap is crashing. Sad really, because in the beginning, it was my FAVOURITE . NOT ANYMORE.

  7. This should has become completely unrealistic. Plastic surgery is not the same as bleaching ones skin. Secondly how is it that the pictures in the album looks exactly like Kalpi after surgery … Did the doctors change Kalpi face to match the real Suhana that died? So many things doesn’t mKe sense . If they wanted to revamp the show they should have united the real kalpi and raghav, ended the show then create a new soap altogether. This soap is completely ruin.

  8. I agree. I like the new actors but the better way to do this was to unite ragna and then create another serial with the current storyline. Ema doesn’t suit this serial anymore BC ema is not what this serial is about. It’s about rich people paying off doctors and getting what they want while poor people are helpless and always get screwed in the end. I miss ragna!!! I feel like we didn’t get closure on that storyline and now we have a completely new one!!!

  9. malika samir

    nice and supper how loving and enjoying new turn and twist in show keep rocking SUHANA

    1. what a fake praise ! Not a single twist or turn. Ms Negi is introduce as Suhana with lost memory. DJ stupid people don’t have dare to introduce her as Kalpi. There is only one Kalpi ie our angel Rachna Parulkar

    2. Rocking whom? disgusting. People who watched EMA before- dont like this twist where original are all gone . better end EMA start new one with new actors. it is like begger’s bowl mix. they need brain surgery not others.GO TO HELL EMA- BEGGERS.stealing stories from here n there who have no idea or value , moral responsibility for society. EMA -DJ – ZEE Tv all cheaters, cheating public,

  10. this story is a bit like yai vadaa raaha

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