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Preet Madam says to Vivan that she has called his sister. She says that he has become so important for them that she has to meet his family now. Vivan says that Kinjal would be very happy to meet you. Kinjal comes and says hello to Preet Madam and Kinjal was very elated to see her. Preet Madam gives an envelope to Kinjal saying that it is a small gift to Vivan from them. Kinjal says thank you and in her mind decides to keep it for herself. Miss Fareeda says that now she can go. Preet Madam says that she has to drink tea with them. Kinjal says that she will drink it later as only the words of Preet Madam were good enough in inviting her. Preet Madam says that she can come anytime she wants. Preet Madam says to Miss Fareeda to decorate the house. She also tells Mahi to bring Pastries in a way that she knows about Mahi and Meath.
Vivan and Kinjal is sitting under the tree and is very happy because she has got some money. She says that the only reason she is angry at him because they don’t have money. Vivan promises that when he will grow up he will earn a lot of money and keep both Jeju and her with love and care. He then starts annoying Kinjal of the sheep and says that he will buy her the sheep, goat and cow when he gets older.
Mahi comes and takes the cake boxes from Meath and both of them leave silently. Dhara is looking from behind the curtain and says that she has to stop Preet Madam from eating that pastry as it could be poisonous. Mahi is called and takes the plate to the hall; Preet Madam is waiting there with Meath. She says that this boy was leaving in urgency so she called him back. Since he has been delivering pastries for so long he deserves a right to join us. She says that she knows all of it, his name of course.

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Preet Madam calls Mahi and says that the reason there is a celebration in the Mansion is because of Meath. She says that don’t you love Mahi, she says that she is very happy for Mahi and love is the perfect reason for a celebration. Dhara comes and Preet Madam says that lets celebrate then.
As soon as Preet Madam picks the plate up Dhara runs in the candle stand and says that she would like to have Preet Madam’s balm as a cure. Preet Madam takes her upstairs and on the way she tells her about the pastry. Dhara says that she knew about this that she couldn’t tell her. Preet Madam that she knows that this pastry is poisonous. Shown that she saw it all. She says that love does not have enough strength to kill her. She eats the pastry but nothing happens.
Kinjal is going home very happy when she sees something in the jungle. Vivan says that it’s nothing. Kinjal goes inside to light the lantern when suddenly Irawati appears. She asks who is she and Vivan knows who it is as he remembers her. Kinjal comes and tells her to leave them alone. Irawati asks Vivan that where is Anshuman. Vivan says that he will not tell. Vivan says Kinjal to go inside, Irawati chokes Kinjal and Vivan runs towards her and Irawati falls back because of the locket.
Preet Madam is performing black magic in her room. Miss Fareeda says to Mahi and Meath to wait until Preet Madam comes down. Mahi says to Meath that she might have mistaken to understand Preet Madam. Dhara asks Preet Madam of what they are doing. She tells Dhara to slowly inject the needle in the doll. Dhara does so and Meath feels a pain in his arm. Preet Madam injects her nail in another doll and Mahi feels a pain as well.Vivan’s Jeju comes from behind and fights her but she is too strong, Kinjal tells Vivan to run and to listen to her sister, Whereas Mahi and Meath are also being tortured by Preet. Vivan is taking Kinjal away but she insists to stay with her husband (Radhav), Irawati kills him.

Precap: Preet Madam injects her nail in Dhara and says that you will not betray me. Vivan is vrying over the death of his Jeju while Dhara leaves the city.

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