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The episode starts with Anand asking doctor to set up a HD camera for Nayan’s operation online via video conferencing. Taruni speaks to someone on phone. Rishi asks her about Nayan and hugs her emotionally and thanks her. Taruni says she has to make a call and part ways. She calls Ajju and asks him to tell everything will be alright. Ajju asks what happened. She informs about Nayan’s surgery and says she has to do it as surgeons are not available, though 2 surgeons will help her via video conferencing. Ajju says she should not do it as if she does any mistake, she will not forgive herself. Taruni says if she does not try, even then she will not forgive herself.

Anand informs Yudh about he video conferencing. Home minister calls Yudh and says it should not have happened and says he warned him about nalaxites, but he did not listen to him. He says he will catch naxalaties soon. Yudh says he is tensed and will call him later. Taruni comes out of ICU and asks Yudh not to worry as she will perform Nayan’s surgery. She goes to prepare for the surgery. Ranjan gets a call from naxalite and says he will come there.

Taruni starts surgery, says her assistants that she needs their complete help as she is doing this surgery for the first time. She talks to doctors on video conference and starts surgery.

Home minister asks intelligence officer if he did not know about airport shootout. Officer says naxalites wanted to kill Rishi, but killed his mother instead, says he will start investigation. Home minister says everything is captured in camera already and says either he is intelligent or fool and asks him to go on a long leave.

Taruni removes bullet, but gets worried seeing blood oozing out due to organ rupture. Internet connection goes off. Taruni asks to check the connection soon. Nayan goes into atrial fibrillation. Tarni asks to get defibrillator ready. Doctor informs Yudh about losing online connection. Taruni gives defibrillator shocks. She comes out of OT crying, hugs Yudh and says she is fine. Yudh and others relax hearing that and smile. Rishi hugs her. Ranjan leaves from there asking his wife to keep a bag at guest house safely. Yudh speaks to Dr. Reddy informs that Nayan is fine, thanks him.

Kapil’s children inform him that they met with Mona. He asks Manju what is she conspiring with Mona. Manju says she is her sister and can meet her kids. She drags her into room and starts beating her. Kids cry seeing that, he frightens them to stop. Manju says Mona must be right.

Ranjan meets home minister and asks if he is sure ALF is behind the shooting. Home minister asks if he does not know and asks him to arrange a meeting with Rishi as his adivasi friends may help in trapping ALF.

Taruni sits next to Yudh after the getting ready. Yudh says after meeting her wife, he got busy in business as he wanted to meet success in a short span. He says Nayan’s father gave a marriage proposal which he could not deny. Nayan came into his life then and he could not spend time with her due to his hectic business schedule. Rishi was born, and she got busy taking care of Rishi. Rishi’s love brought her here, but got a bullet. He says she is suffering because of him. Taruni says everyone does a mistake. He says when he has to spend a life to correct his mistake towards Nayan, then for her, he has to spend many lives. Taruni says she and her mother are both happy, so he should not worry about them. She goes to bring his medicines. Rishi comes and sits next to him then.

Ranjan comes back to the hospital and asks Rishi to come with him. Rishi leaves with him.

Dharmendra Malik says Ashish that he should have killed Nayan, he would have felt peace then. Ashish says he could not as his secret friend did not want. He says he will meet them soon. Dharmendra says YS escaped all our consipiracies.

Rishi meets home minister who says accident happened because of him as he failed in providing security to investors. He says he failed as he dealt with ALF softly. He says Yudh accepted ALF demands and make a mistake. He says we should make a big blast before ALF finish their celebrations. Rishi asks him to do it as he is a home minister. Minister days he can do, but he needs his help to find ALF. Rishi says he does not understand what he means. Minister says his friends know ALF’s hide out address. Rishi gets annoyed and leaves. Ranjan leaves saying he will speak to Rishi. Minister asks his security officer to follow Rishi and finish ALF.

Rishi gets into naxalite area. Naxalite spots him. He informs lady naxalite about airport shooting and people doubting them. Rishi meets lady naxalite and asks her to move from there as naxalites will be shot soon as they shot his mother. Lady says her organization is not behind it and to believe him. He asks if they will meet again or not. Gun firing starts between naxalites and home minister’s security men. Karan blames Rishi for bringing military and runs from there. Adivasi child takes Rishi from there.

Rishi meets intelligence officer and asks him to let him meet Karuna/naxalite lady. Officer says she is dead in the shootout and it is because of him. Rishi starts crying. Karuna is hiding in a room and hears everything. Rishi then meets home minister and asks him why did he do that. Minister days without his help, he would not have done that. Rishi says he had told he would come back and inform the location. Minister says he did not want to waste time. Rishi says he knows those were his men and not military. Minister gets irked and asks his men to take Rishi away.

Rishi reaches hospital. Yudh says Nayan wants to meet him. Nayan smiles looking at Rishi. Yudh gets happy seeing them happy.

Precap: Mona informs that they are in deep trouble. Anand says he has to go home urgently. Rishi says Yudh that he has been trapped. Yudh says he destroyed his company’s name.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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