Ek Nayi Pehchan 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Suresh says ill about Sharda and leaves. Pallavi is upset. Sakshi hears it and comes to her. She says, I know you must not be liking this, but it’s old thing and it takes time to change old habits. And if kids see all this, then.. Pallavi tells her not to worry, she has a plan, just be ready tomorrow. She wonders what Pallavi is going to do.

In morning, Sakshi takes Karan and leaves. Dadi also goes to her room. Pallavi pretends to be sick. Sharda takes her inside. Suresh was coming to help, but Pallavi stops him. Pallavi tells Aarav and Chirag there is a gift for them. Both check it out and it’s a video game. They get excited.

Sharda tells Pallavi that she acts well. She says she has to do it sometimes. Sharda asks what was inside. Pallavi says, a bomb and it will explode


Chirag is asking Aarav for videogame as he’s been playing since long. Suresh asks him to lower the voice, he’s working there. Aarav says his mum brought for him. Both fight for videogame. Suresh asks them why they don’t play one by one. Sharda gets worried. She’s going to check, but Pallavi stops and says, not now. After a while, they go outside. Pallavi asks Suresh what he’s doing? His sons are fighting in front of him. She was trying to rest, but couldn’t as she had to come out to stop their fight. Suresh says he tried, but they didn’t listen to him. They have become mannerless. Pallavi says you need power in your voice, only then people will listen and understand. Suresh gets shocked. Pallavi continues, can’t handle kids and thinking of handling company? She then asks the kids to clean all mess and leaves with Sharda. Suresh asks them to clean the mess properly. Chirag tells him, please, I have never seen you doing any work at home. He laughs and high-fives with Aarav. Sharda tells Pallavi this is not right to give pain to those who give you pain, but Pallavi says, you’re right, but they should at least know what’s pain. Pallavi gets dizzy. Sharda makes her sit and says she needs rest right now. She doesn’t need to all this. Pallavi says no, until she doesn’t give justice to Sharda, she won’t close her eyes. Sharda says she took his anger thinking it’s her destiny. Pallavi says, this is your mistake. We give our everything to our husband. And a husband’s job is to respect it.

In night, Karan returns. He tells Sakshi he’s confused. She said she had some urgent work. She tells him about Pallavi’s plan to make Suresh realize how it feels when someone insults you. Karan says they used to think so wrong about Pallavi. He will help her as much as he can. Suresh needs to realize his mistake, but it won’t be easy. Sakshi says Pallavi said she has many plans, but she doesn’t have any idea about it.

Aarav comes to Suresh and tells him that Pallavi asked to order her favorite dish. He leaves. Suresh was busy on phone and didn’t hear dish’s name. He asks himself how he would know what’s her favorite dish.

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All are at dining table. Suresh yells at Sharda, why butter is like that? She says she didn’t make it. He asks why? Pallavi comes out and shouts at Suresh asking what he ordered? He can’t even order a dish properly and calls him useless. He asks how he would know. Pallavi asks Aarav and he says he told him. Suresh says he’s lying, he was busy on phone. Pallavi says, you and your excuses. I just told you to order a dish, it’s not a rocket science. Shanaya interrupts and says dad finds everything rocket science when he does it for the first time. Suresh yells at Sharda asking what she’s doing there standing? Go and get other butter. Sharda says ok and is going. Pallavi stops her. She tells Suresh, this is my house, not a hotel, that you’re ordering. Get used to eating what your wife cooks with love. Either eat this butter or leave the table. Sharda is shocked. Suresh gets up and asks Pallavi what is this? I am not saying anything to you and you’re just not stopping. If you talk like this in front of kids, then how will they respect me? She says, you’re talking about respect? Who never respected Sharda. Insulted her in front of everyone and when it happened with you, you’re hurt? I hope now you know what’s the pain of getting insulted. After today, if you insult Sharda, then I will also do same with you. You should be apologizing to Sharda for what you’ve done with her till today. He asks apology for what? She says, for insulting her all her life, for killing her self-belief, self-confidence again and again. He says, you apologize to those who are capable of it. He stares at Sharda and leaves. Sharda is crying. Latika goes to her and apologizes to her. She says unintentionally, she hurt her many times for her ambitions. If tomorrow, Diya misbehaves with her, then she won’t be able to forgive her, but Sharda forgave her every time she misbehaved. She says sorry and hugs her. Chirag now goes to Sharda and says sorry. Sharda gets emotional and hugs them. Now Karan gets up. He says we did so many mistakes, but you always forgave us. She tells him he never did any mistake. He says, no. Staying quiet seeing mistakes is the biggest mistake.. which I always did. I am sorry. She says, no.. and hugs him. Pallavi asks Aarav and Shanaya if they want to say anything. Aarav apologizes to Sharda, but Shanaya leaves saying she has to make a call. Dadi tells her to let it be. It will take time before she realizes. Pallavi says she only doesn’t have time. Dadi says, what you have done, no one did that in this house in last 20 years.

Shanaya gets a nightmare of her going to Pallavi to talk and Pallavi not waking up. She wakes up and says, you can’t leave me mum. She runs to Pallavi’s room and checks her breath. Pallavi gets up. She asks whether she saw a nightmare? Pallavi nods yes and hugs her. Pallavi says, everyone has to go one day. Maybe I had to stay with you all only till this time. She then says she wanted to tell her one thing since many days. Shanaya asks what is it? Pallavi reminds her of a story that she used to tell about her prince charming. She says her prince will come to her one day, but before saying yes, make sure to find out whether he’s really a prince or someone in disguise. She tells her not to wear red outfit in her wedding. Her favorite color is baby pink, so she’ll wear that. She then says, understanding, compromise, space are very important in marriage. Then there will be a day when you’ll become a mother. Don’t be afraid. Try to learn your baby and your baby will also try to understand you. And if you’ll be lucky like me, then your kids will also be like mine. Shanaya says, all that is not my thing. I will just put my baby in your lap, and you take care…. she then gets quiet. She cries and hugs her. She says, please don’t leave me. Without you, I won’t be able to take care of myself. Please don’t go. Pallavi gets emotional. She says I am not going anywhere. I will always be with you, in your memories. My blessings will always be with you. I understand it’ll be very difficult for you two to accept Sharda, call her mum. But, Sharda is a very good mother, she will love you more than me. Shanaya says, no, mum, no. Pallavi says, please at least give her a chance, for my sake. Shanaya agrees that she’ll try.

Precap: Someone questions Suresh for his effort behind Sharda’s success. Before he answers, Pallavi interrupts and says he didn’t do anything. Sharda didn’t need anyone’s help. All her success is because of her effort and hardwork.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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