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Adrij is having drinks with his friends when his father calls him. His father says that when you get rid of these people then can I talk to you. His father says that while hanging out these friends of yours, you are wasting precious time which is very important to me. He tells him what Vivan did and that Dhara was not the one to make noise. He says that what difference it makes to you as you have not even seen Dhara’s room. His father says that I have expelled that boy from the school but that you are not doing anything. His father tells him to make Dhara fall in love with him.
Vivan is walking on the road while Dhara is wondering about him in her room. He remembers when Dhara slapped him and when she tried to ignore him. Dhara on the other hand is also thinking of Vivan. Adrij is in a car and comes from behind and with his friends kidnap Vivan. Sisters come to Dhara’s room and say that I hope you are fine and tell her that Vivan has been stuck out of the competition. She introduces Dhara to Sister Irene which is Irawati and says that she will take care of you.
Irawati asks that why the cage is empty and that if the birds flew away. Dhara says that the birds flew away. Irawati says that this is nature’s law that love and love birds can’t be trapped. She tells Dhara to go outside so she feels better. Anshuman is waiting in his room for Vivan when the guard comes and tells him that what has happened and that he has been expelled. Anshuman says that only Dhara’s knows the answer to this.
Anshuman goes to see Dhara at the hostel while Irawati is asking Dhara questions about Vivan. The lights turn on and Irawati says that sometime the person is right but the time is wrong, Dhara asks for the meaning and Irawati says that whenever you get confused you should listen to your heart and you will know. Dhara says that you are very different as everyone talks of God but not of heart.
The guard comes and says to Dhara that someone has come to meet you. Irawati says that you should meet that boy and tells her not to worry as she is with her. They both go to see the boy and Irawati suddenly turns her face when she sees it Anshuman and says to Dhara to meet the boy and she will be waiting for her here.
Anshuman introduces himself and says that he is Vivan’s roommate and says that Vivan hasn’t come so he decided to ask her. She says that she doesn’t know and tells him that Vivan has been expelled from the school and the competition. He says that he knows that she is his love and they both know he won’t let his love go. He says that he only came to tell her that he hasn’t come to pick his stuff.
Adrij comes and his father and says that he does not have to worry about that kid because in the morning he will be the breakfast of animals. His father gets angry and says that does he want to fail all his plans. He says that all the students will sympathy for him including Dhara as well and tells him to shut up and concentrate on Dhara.
His brother is smiling on the couch and says that he doesn’t understand that why they give him such responsibilities. Adrij warns him and tells him to stay out of it. He says that I’ll stay out of it as besides after you fail I’ll have to take all the responsibilities as the responsible son of the family. He says goodnight and goes to sleep.
Irawati asks who that boy was and Dhara tells her that he was Ansh, Vivan’s roommate and she says that he told him that Vivan has gone to his room the whole night and has not even picked his stuff. Irawati asks if you are becoming worried about him. Dhara says that why she would worry about him, she says that it’s late and goes to sleep. Irawati says that perhaps Anshuman has hid him from Dhara and that she must find him.
Irawati walks down the corridor and the guards sees and asks her that what she is doing here. She says that she lost way as she is new. The guard says that he will show her the way and then he falls on a plant and his hand starts to bleed and Irawati smell the blood. She tells him not to worry and then kills him and leaves while and sees what Anshuman is doing.
Anshuman wonders where Vivan might be and starts to track him. He is unable to find him and says that something is making him stop to find him. He tries and sees a blurry vision and figures that something powerful is keeping Vivan but that there must be some way to reach him. Adrij’s father turns into a wolf and goes to Vivan, Vivan is scared to see the wolf.

Precap: Dhara is searching for Vivan and calls Preet Madam and tells her about Vivan. Dhara tells Adrij to stay away from her, while Vivan is hiding from Adrij’s father and. Miss Fareeda says to Preet that she has to go to her tribe to name the kid that has been born.

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