Devon ke Dev Mahadev 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 20th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with ganesh ji says, isnt it necessary to show right path of rohitang. Mahadev says, its depend on manners. Ganesh ji says, then we will let it happen as it is. Mata says, devi prithvi is trying to understand him. Devi prithvi arise and rohitang ask, what happen, why will you came here. Devi prithvi says, is it necessary to tell you, why you came here? Rohitang takes blessing of devi prithvi. Mata says, do you know about mahadev. Rohitang says, i worship and gather all power then i will destroy mahadev. Devi prithvi says, you are going to wrong way son. you should go under his supervision. rohitang says, i am now more powerful and i will take him under my supervision and then do same as he did with my brother. Devi prithvi says, dont you know who has sent me here? Devi parvati. Rohitang says, you are not my mother, you have not take care of me but you only came here on other views. You think that i will kill him and his family. Devi prithvi says, you have loose your courage. I am really tensed about you and after some time you will know the real truth. Rohitang says, you are trying to distract from my path only you are taking favour of mahadev. Devi says, you are totally blind for taking revenge. Doesnt you see tension for you in my eyes. Rohitang says, you will not say anything for favour about mahadev. I will not accept it. This is good for our relation.ROhitang then takes blessing from mata prithvi. Devi prithvi says, i will fulfill my duty on every case.
Tund is praying and then devi saraswati says, tund is really hardly worship for you. Brahma ji says, he wants to take boon and it will bad for world but i have to give it.
Asur gives slogan of “Rohitang”, Andhak wife announces rohitang as asur’s raja and says, he will fulfil dream of asur. Dev kampan do rajya abhishek of rohitang. Rohitang says, there is no doubt that i will fulfill the dream of my brother and now we will remind his dream and by this we will follow his path and it will only for asur progress. They want to unite asur and they want to rule on heaven. but his most important dream is to kill mahadev. Do you know that why brother wants to kill mahadev. They gives us boon but from another way, he will kill us. Mahadev killed adi and mahadev killed brother too. When will we acquire these punishment. Now its time to take revenge. But it is not so easy. we think that we doesnt kill mahadev so we made strong ourself. This battle is not so easy and it will not finish very early. we have to sacrifice ourself for this war.
Brahma dev arise in front of tund. brahma ji says, i am happy for your worship, ask something!!! Tund says, give me amrit. Brahma dev says, it is not possible, ask something else. Tund says, nobody will kill me. brahma ji gives him boon. Here rohitang takes oath that i will not sit on this throne. Andhak wife says, it was your brother dream, so you have to sit on this. Rohitang says, now my main motive is to achieve my goal and after that i will sit on this throne. Dev kampan says, this is your king and i am proud that he is my student.
Mahadev says to mata parvati, today asur is far away from his win but he dont know that he is very far from his win. they have rohitang but andhak has make him blind and now he wants to take revenge.
Mahadev says, asur progress was definite but only then whenever rohitang follow right path. Mata says, but it is not happen because he wants to kill you swami. Mahadev says, he always think me. Mata says, he thinks you as enemy. mahadev says, i will wait you rohitang.

Precap:- Rohitang ask from dev kampan about powerful asur then dev kampan tells about tund.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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