Baawre 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 20th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikumbh asking Yamini have you ever fallen in love. Shaheen and Azam smile. Ruke ruke se hum hai……………..plays…………… Yamini gets shy. She says I will make tea for everyone and leaves. Nikumbh says sorry, it was very personal, she got embarrassed. Azam says go now and say sorry. Nikumbh goes to Yamini. Shaheen laughs as she has seen Nikumbh sleeping with Yamini’s dupatta. Azam says give me your dupatta, I will make a shirt of it and wear daily. Yamini makes tea. Nikumbh says sorry for asking personal question. She says its ok. Even I m thinking about this answer. Azam likes the tea and says Nikumbh wrote so good, that I would have kissed his hand if he was a girl. Shaheen looks at him.

Yamini says we will get sponsors for promotions. Nikumbh says he does not want to make it commercial. They drink tea. Azam says its great tea and says he likes the idea Yamini suggested. Nikumbh asks Azam to keep his suggestions. Azam says you have just Rs 25000 in your bank account now. Everyone say they need sponsors.

Nikumbh looks at everyone and finally leaves. Yamini goes after him and stops him. She tries to convince him. He does not agree. Azam comes and says he can see anything, which he can see normally and he can’t see with HD too. Nikumbh asks what. Yamini catches the papers which flies in air. Azam says you got annoyed and left, she is holding your duties as its her. She falls on the floor slipping. Nikumbh ruishes to her and falls on her. They have an eyelock. Baawre………………plays……………. Azam looks on smiling. Nikumbh and Yamini get up. Azam pulls Nikumbh’s leg and says I think we should add such scene in our play and it will be hut. Yaamini walks with ache.

Nikumbh scolds Azam. Azam says he has work, as he can get sponsorship with Shaheen’s dad’s help. Nikumbh says can’t you see she is hurt. Azam says let them go, Shaheen lets go and work. Nikumbh cares for her ankle. She says leave it, its hurting me, I will go to doctor. He says are you mad, why did you catch the papers. She says I saved your work. He says I trust my mind, I would have written something else. She shouts as he twists her ankle. She realizes its fine. He smiles.

He says see its fine now. She makes her stand. She says yes its gone and thanks her. Azam and Shaheen go for the work. He brings her to the café and says he is waiting for some mahurat. He asks her to see somewhere else. He prepares himself to talk to her and gets tensed. He proposes her asking will she spend all her life with him. Shaheen is stunned. He says leave it, forget I told anything, we will be friends forever. Shaheen stops him and says she does not need any mahurat to answer this. He says leave it, lets go. Shaheen sits behind him on his bike. He says don’t say anything, I know your answer, leave it.

Shaheen asks is he sure, she does not want any confusion, so she is clearing, her answer is yes. Azam is stunned. He says yes? She smiles. He says yes yes………… its yes………….. and shouts happily. He dances on the bike. They fall off the bike in excitement. They have an eyelock. He says sorry. She laughs. ikumbh is still taking care of Yamini’s foot. He says he is applying haldi. He does the bandage and says its dine, its our friendship band. She looks amazed as he smiles.

Nikumbh makes Yamini walk by his support. Shaheen teases Azam and says we got the sponsorship. Azam is happy. Azam and Shaheen come and say they got the sponsorship. Nikumbh says really and hugs Yamini happily. Bhatak le baawre…………… plays………… Shaheen looks on. Shaheen’s dad meets Azam and says he loves Shaheen a lot, but he can’t push Shaheen anywhere, he is not sure he will take care of Shaheen. He says your work can’t keep Shaheen happy. He asks Azam to do anything soon. Azam says he will try his best. He says yes, I know, the day you get good, I will come to you, but promise me that you will be away from Shaheen. Azam is shocked,

Shaheen tells Yamini to admit her feelings, as it will make her heart light. Nikumbh brings the jalebis. Shaheen goes. Yamini tells Nikumbh that she has to tell him something. She says I actually………… He looks at her.

Nikumbh asks Yamini what is the matter. Yamini holds his hand infront of everyone. He smiles seeing her.

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