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Fanaah 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Irawati comes and talks to a man in a hood. He says that you came after a long time. Irawati asks him of some power and is ready to give the man anything he wants. She says that she wants to use this power on Anshuman. She respects him a lot as he made her and she knows how important he is to the vampires. She says that Anshuman is moved from his path and is crazy in the love of Preet. She addresses the man as her master and says that he must help her.
The person says that the power she asks for can’t be given to her by anyone. She says that she came with a lot of hopes and that there must be some way. The person says that love can’t be removed but the one loved can be. The man says that this is the only way left and if she can do this. Irawati looks into her powers and realizes that someone is trying to gain the powers of the moonstone and so leaves.
Preet is choking Vivan while Dhara is trying to stop her. Dhara says to Preet that she has learned how to protect her love. She says that she will save him by sacrificing herself. Preet screams to Dhara to not to do anything of that sort. She goes to Dhara but is blocked by a shiled and so sits down and says to Dhara to not to do this.
Anshuman says to Vivan that I didn’t know that I’ll give you the life I didn’t wanted. He says that you can’t fight Preet but a vampire can. He bits his arm and tells Vivan to drink from it and then Anshuman bites Vivan’s neck. Vivan’s structure start to change and when Anshuman faints he apologizes as Vivan faints.
Dhara says to Preet that you said it yourself as if I had to decide between my love and yours so I decide mine. She then stabs herself and Preet runs towards Anshuman while Vivan looks towards at Dhara. Both Preet and Vivan hold their loved ones and cry. They remember the moments spent with them and Vivan screams while Preet builds a circle around them and says that this fire will end us.
Some distance away Vidhyut is in her bed with the moonstone. The next morning Irawati arrives at the scene and uses her powers to see what has happened last night. She realizes to what has happened to Anshuman but wonders of what happened to the moonstone and says that its powers are still of her use. She tries but can’t find the moonstone.
Vivan is sitting in a corner when Irawati comes and looks at him. She says that this is use your new face and you have become the member of the vampires society. Vivan says that he doesn’t want this new face. He says that Anshuman made him a vampire so that he could save Dhara but he failed. He tells her to kill him but she says that he has just became a member of this world so he doesn’t knows about it. She says that you have all the powers of Anshuman inside of you, but he replies saying that what will he do of them as all of his family is gone.
Irawati says that you are mad. She says that her family sacrificed her for love and both of them are useless. She tells him of Anshuman and Preet and how Anshuman refused to sacrifice her. She says to Vivan that your and Dhara’s love was the same story. She says that Anshuman always used to bow before love and that is why she was ready to kill him. Vivan says that you killed my family like this, and Irawati says that they were humans. The both of them get in to a conversation about who she killed. Irawati says that the vampire which was not killed for 200 years was killed for some stupid love.
Vivan says that nothing is powerful than love in this world and without it there is nothing worth living here. Irawati tells him to stop talking foolish and then taunts him and says that then where is Dhara. She says that if she loved you she would be here. Vivan says that she killed herself for me. Irawati says that the truth is that Dhara is not with you. She says that power is not in love but she show him true power.
She says that it may take them 18 more years but they will become the most powerful in this world and no one will defeat them. She asks him to shake hands with her but he charges and Irawati pushes him back. He says that for some moonstone he won’t let any other love be sacrificed. He plunges and Kills Irawati in an instance separating the head from the body. Vivan walks in the jungle remembering about Dhara. Vivan walks from place to place remembering Dhara. Vivan says that why did you leave me Dhara come back, please come back. Some girls says for a baby that she is so beautiful and we will call her Avni.

The first season ended

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