Sasural Simar Ka 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says I am ready to take care of Anjali but on one condition you will have to divorce surbhi and apologize me. you will have to take me to bharadwaj house with all respect, If you can do that I will take care of Anjali otherwise not. Vikran says what are you saying simar. simar says he wants everything to be done his way. when his new wife and daughter can’t live together he brought her here. i love Anjali but if prem can’t give me what I deserve he will have to ask his wife to take care of Anjali. Prem says it was my mistake that I came here I forgot that she isn’t the same simar I used to know. Anjali holds prem’s hand and says papa I don’t wanna live here I wanna go home. prem says lets go Anjali. Sid and Roli hide behind the wall. Anjali stops and looks back at simar. She goes to simar and sees her bag on the floor. she takes it and leaves. Vikran is shocked at what simar has done. Prem kisses Anjali’s forehead. Vikran says what is this siamr? How can you do that to your daughter? You will be parted with them forever. I thought you are wise but you proved me wrong. He goes out to stop prem.

Anjali is crying prem says don’t cry Anjali. Vikran says please listen to me prem. prem says what is left? he says I thought I will keep my daughter out of the pain that I am going through. simar is alive but still not with me I have learnt to live with this truth and so will she. She will never expect her mom to be with her. Vikran says please try to think what was simar’s problem. prem says there is no use of anything now. Vikran says you deserve to know the reality. You should know why she lied in these two years. Prem says I am not interested in all this now. Vikran says please just for Anjali. Prem agrees. Vikran says I am going to police station I will calls you when I am free. roli and sid come out. Sid says this means simar and sanju are alone in the house. its 5:10. roli says this is the time to do the solution. Roli says what if she knows? sid says I will go in. roli says I started all this and I have end this. Sid says we are against a soul she is more powerful thank us. roli says we are not weak. sid says okay do what was said. roli says yes I will. They hold each other’s fingers. sid says all the best and keep this phone with you. roli goes in.

sunnaina says to simar I am a mom too. But Anjali should stay away from you that’s better for you. simar wonders what is she saying. Simar says what have you done now? Did Anjali come here? Sunnaina tells her everything. Sunnaina says if Anjali have lived here she won’t get love of mom neither dad. its better for her that she lives with Prem. Simar says you have separated me with my daughter. I will never pardon you. Someone comes in sunnaina this its vikran she goes in simar’s body.

Scene 2
At bharadwaj house, Achna says prem did wrong. Surbhi did everything to become Anjali’s mom. Anjali comes in and says surbhi mama. Surbhi holds her and says what did you say? She says mama. Mata ji says what happened to her? Prem says she has got to know the reality of her mom. Simar has no value of any relation not even of her motherhood. Surbhi says in heart, if Anjali can call me maa you will consider me your wife one day.

Scene 3
Roli goes in the house. Sunnaina in simar’s body comes there. Sunnaina says what are you doing here? I asked you not to come here. roli says you will have to leave. Your power will bow in front of good. Sunnaina smiles. She says oh yeah tell me one thing why you two sisters keeo talking about good. roli says because that’s the truth and an evil like you can’t change that. Remember when you were fighting for justice everything worked for you. But now your whims have made you evil. sunnaina says whats wrong with staying with yoru family. roli says you separated Anjali from her mom. What could be worse/ just think if a flower of temple can burn your hand what will happen when I put this sindur on your head. roli pinches out the sindur. she says this your end sunnaina.

Precap-roli says now my sister will get her life back. sunnaina says you can’t do this roli. Roli puts it on her heads he screams.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. wow … yeh huyi na baat ab aayega mza.. sunaina to gyi kaam se…

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