Saraswatichandra 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vijay’s mum coming to his room with tea and snacks. She is shocked seeing Vijay and Kumud missing. She calls Vikrant and he says I did not trust that girl, they both have run away. He says Rudra went to city, when he comes back, he will not leave Vijay, come fast, lets find him. amba mishandles Khushi and Saras takes her side. Khushi faints. Saras asks her to get water and shuts the door. He asks Khushi to run fast and they elope by the back door. Khushi and Vijay meet and hug each other. Amba says this is not done right, you did great mistake. Amba’s and Vikrant’s goons face each other and point guns. Amba asks them to open the door.

Vikrant scolds Vijay. Amba is freed by her helpers. Amba asks for Rudra and where is he hiding. Vikrant says you are lucky that Rudra is not here, else you would have taken your daughter’s dead body. Amba says he is unlucky to get his son and wife’s dead body. She asks her men to kill Vijay. Saras and Kumud protect Khushi and Vijay. Kumud says kill everyone. Kumud and Saras ask the reason of their hatred, what is their sin. Amba says Khushi has loved her dad’s murderer’s son. Vijay’s mum says this is a lie, my husband did not kill anyone. Vikrant panics. Vikrant says they have spoiled our family name. Saras asks what do you want to say, that Rudra has not killed Khushi’s dad, if this is the truth, then who killed him.

Vijay’s mum says he met with an accident, my father in law’s car hit Khushi’s dad and he went to apologize to Amba and she killed him. Amba says he never came to my door, don’t blame me, don’t lie. Kumud says then how did he die. Amba says Vikrant came to me and said Rudra killed my husband for the land greet. Vikrant runs. Vijay’s mum is shocked. She cries and says it means my brother did all this. Amba’s helper tells Amba that it looks like Vikrant has killed Khushi’s grandpa too to get the land. Amba says let him run, we will catch him. Vijay’s mum says I m his sister, I m saying catch him and punish him for his mistake. She apologizes to Amba for years long hatred and animosity and blamed her for the crime she did not do.

Amba melts. Saras asks them to make new relations. Amba hugs Vijay’s mum. Everyone smile. They thank and bless Saras and Kumud for saving their families from ending and ending their hatred. Saras says we believe in love, so ended your animosity. Kumud feels unwell. Saras holds her. Saras asks what happened. Kumud says she is fine now. Vijay’s mum smiles ad tells something in her ears. Kumud smiles. Vijay’s mum says she is fine, maybe she is tired. Danny calls Kumud and he asks where are they. Kumud says we are coming back. He asks why, is everything fine. She says yes, I have to tell something imp to you all. Danny says yes, tell me. Kumud says we are bringing a guest. He asks who. She says I will come and tell this. Khushi and Vijay smile.

Saras asks what. She says she will tell him at home. Amba Devi smiles. Vidyachatur says why is Kumud and Saras coming back suddenly and who is the guest. Guniyal says she said everything is fine, let her come. Everyone worry. Kumud and Saras come home. Danny says everyone is tensed. Everyone ask them what happened. Kumud is worried seeing Badimaa’s wound. Badimaa says she is fine, and asks about them. Saraswati asks Saras what happened, tell me. Saras says Kumud tell us. Kumud says everything is fine.

Danny says you told a guest is coming along, where is it. Saras says guest? They ask who is the guest. Kumud smiles and Saras says he does not know anything. Kumud says yes, and calls Nani and Dadi to Badimaa and Saraswati. They ask what is she saying. Kumud asks them to understand. Danny asks what. Kumud says Danny Kaka you will be always dump. Saras asks whats going on. She says Papa, you have to take care of my mummy. Everyone smile understanding the new guest.

Saras is stunned and confirms Kumud about her becoming mum. She says and you Papa. He is very much glad. He smiles and hugs her. Danny says why did you not tell us before, we could have done a lot here. Everyone thank Lord and congratulate them. Kumud hugs Badimaa and goes to hug Vidyachatur. He says I can’t believe, congrats. She then hugs Guniyal. Saraswati asks Saras what happened, you are becoming a father now, its your biggest happiness of your life. Saras gets tears in his eyes.

Saras asks Kumud not to be careless and how much worried he is. Saraswati asks what happened. Saras says nothing is fine, doctor gave this medicines. She asks why.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. This is the most stupiest episode ever. It took these two idiots to reunite two families and clear the air, and BAM Kumud is suddenly pregnant?!?! So Stupid, thank god this damn show is going off air..

  2. advance hapy b’day anashrah

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