Fanaah 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Fanaah 12th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vivan is following Dhara’s who is leaving the town in her car. He comes and overtakes the car and Dhara comes out. He says that you are leaving and you didn’t even tell me. Dhara says that she didn’t know that she had to tell him. Vivan asks that what has happened to her and why is she talking like this. He tells her that his sister and Jeju are also dead as they are murdered. Dhara is shocked to hear this but remembers what happened to Mahi and Meath and tells him that one day everyone has to leave; this is the truth of life. Vivan says that they were close and now she just wants to leave. Dhara says that she has no feeling for him.
Vivan says that she can lie but her heart can’t. He says that her heartbeat is slowing down that means that she doesn’t wants to leave. Dhara turns back and her locket gets stuck in Vivan’s hand. He shows her that these are two pieces of the same locket one which he was given by Anshuman. He joins the two pieces and wants to her to think that why do they have the same pieces. Dhara pushes him back and says that they can’t live together and that he must forget her. She then leaves in her car. In the car she remembers her memories with Vivan.
Preet Madam on the other hand says that even with the presence of Miss Fareeda she was unable to find Anshuman but that Vivan is still with her. A crowd is cheering Vivan’s name when he is in a cycle race. The race is started by the sound of the pistol and Vivan takes the lead and the crowd is cheering his name. A few years later the same torso represents him bearing number 20 and Vivan is now older and a much more better cyclist. When almost at the end of the race he talks to himself and says that come second not first no matter what. He then suddenly sees Dhara in his hallucination at the side of race track as he makes the turn and comes first.
When the race is finished the winners are announced and the runner up is Rohan while the winner is Vivan. The announcer says that Vivan has been wining these races for the past four years. He also makes an announcement that Vivan will represent their school in the cross country race and cultural festival. Vivan says to himself that there was no need to win the race if he would have came second he could have used the second prize money to buy a gift for Preet Madam.
The Present day 2014 and the same guy asks that if the Vivan was so much in love than where did Avni came from, The women tells him to calm down and that the answer to his question are in the year 1990. She tells him that in the year Vivan’s life totally changed.
Vivan is going with Rohan who says that I was a fool to take part in the race as I knew I was going to be defeated but then anyone would lose to you and now you are also a hero as you represent the school. He tells to start the cyclist diet. Rohan says to Vivan that why are you so upset like all the time, I am the one who should be upset as my grandmother has already made a sweet dish and invited people to celebrate for my victory. Vivan holds the trophy and says to Rohan that your grandmother will be very happy to see this therefore take it and tell her that you won the race but please give me the money I need it. Rohan instantly gives him the money and says that for the trophy he would have given him anything. He says that he needs the money for Preet Madam.
Rohan says that I don’t understand you as you are so lucky. You live in the Mansion are the top boy of the school yet always upset. Vivan on the other hand sees Dhara in his hallucination and followes her into the jungle again. After a while Rohan comes and says that what the hell are you doing here. Vivan says that the person he runs for by this cycle is the one he can’t find. Both of them come out the Jungle and Rohan says that why the do you keep roaming in the jungles. HE then smile and thinks of Dhara the whole way back.
Irawati and Anshuman are sitting on a cliff and Anshuman tells her that 18 years ago he left Preet on the wedding night just for the moonstone and maybe that’s because people call them stone hearted. Irawati says that if you are stonehearted then Preet would have died 18 years ago and they would be the strongest ones alive. Anshuman says that you are right and greed was the thing that made their love broke and broken is the most pain full….. Irawati cuts his words and says that can be dangerous as well and that they can still attain the moonstone as it is the right time. Preet Madam is sitting in the middle of the candles and is perhaps meditating. Anshuman says that the only way to attain the powers of Moonstone is to the kill true love. Irawati asks then who must that be?

Precap: Preet Says that I have waited for you for two long you must come now. Anshuman says ti Irawati that Preet is about to use the powers of true love to get the moonstone. Dhara and Vivan meet and Dhara falls but Vivan holds her.

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