Pavitra Rishta 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 12th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Naren driving the car while Pari is sleeping. Naren caresses his head. Ankita, Ranvijay and his family are going to Agra. Ankita thinks she don’t know if she can ever accept Ranvijay. She is happy that she is giving motherly love to someone and thinks her life would be complete. Ankita thinks she is missing Naren and feels his presence.

Pari starts sneezing. Naren tells her that they will go to the doctor. Naren tells her that they will check in hotel heritage. Pari says, she doesn’t like it and asks him to take her somewhere else. Naren and Pari come to Grand Aperial hotel. Naren asks the receptionist to send a doctor. They go to their room.

Little Aashi gets out from the car and looks around. Ankita, Ranvijay and his family come to Agra. Ankita tells Ranvijay that she will just be back in sometime. She thinks someone is calling her. She sees a toy shop and looks at the toy. Aashi is calling Naren as Dada, and asks where are you Dada. Ankita looks at the rickshaw coming on her way. She saves Aashi and takes her in her lap. Aashi looks at her. Ankita asks her, are you fine? Aashi says, she is fine. Aashi calls her aunty and says she is hungry. Ankita buys blueberry pastry for her and says she also likes it. Aashi tells her that her dada used to get her blueberry pastry. Ankita asks the shopkeeper to put extra cheese on it. Ankita asks, where is your home? Aashi says, it is nearby. Ankita asks her to eat, and she will go and pay the shopkeeper. Aashi says, she has selected a mummy for her Dada.

Pari is still sneezing. Waiter comes and gives them cake and dress. Naren says, we will go on a site seeing. Waitress says, how she will go as she is ill. Naren says, she will go and will be alright. He asks her to come. Pari asks him to go alone. Naren insists her to come.

Aashi asks Ankita, do you like rains? Ankita says yes. I enjoy rains. Ankita asks her, will you eat popcorn. Ankita buys popcorn for them.

Pari wears the saree brought by Naren. Naren says, we will promise that we won’t fight from now. He cuts the cake for their new beginning. Pari eats it and says she is allergic to blueberry. Naren says, it is your favourite. Pari says, it is Aashi’s favourite. Naren asks her to lie down and calls the receptionist to send anti allergic tablet and warm water.

Rushaali gets tensed as Aashi is not at home. Kinnari asks her to relax. She asks her, why do you get hyper whenever Aashi is not around. Rushaali asks her to find out. Shirish says, she must be here. Rushaali asks him to check and goes to check the room.

Naren calls Rushaali and says he has reached Agra and is going to market to buy a gift for Pari. He asks her to give the call to Aashi. Rushaali lies to him saying she is sleeping still. Shirish comes back. Rushaali asks him not to inform Naren as he will cancel his trip and come back home. She thinks to call the Police.

Neelima tells Kavita to do work as today is Ranvijay’s engagement. She calls Ranvijay. Ranvijay talks on phone and says he can’t come to shop today. Neelima asks him about Ankita. Ranvijay tells her that she went somewhere. He didn’t ask her anything as she needs space.

Gopal tells Neelima that he met Panditji for Ankita and Ranvijay’s marriage. Vishnu asks him why he called external pandit when he himself is pandit. Gopal says, he wants to enjoy his son getting married. Vaishnavi comes asking for Choti maa. She takes Ranvijay with her. She asks him to buy gift for her and asks do you really wants to marry Choti maa. Ranvijay is surprised. She asks him, are you doing love or arrange marriage. Ranvijay asks, how do you know. Vaishnavi says, today’s kids know everything. She asks him to confess his love to Ankita. Ranvijay tells her that he will confess his feelings to Ankita. She asks him to take flowers, chocolates or some gifts for Ankita. Ranvijay tells her that she has become naughty. Vaishnavi thanks the Lord.

Rushaali calls to Aashi’s friend home. She tells Shirish that nobody knew about Aashi. Shirish asks her to relax as she may be near them. Rushaali gets tensed. Shirish says, he never see her tensed towards someone other. Rushaali tells him that Aashi is his son’s daughter. Kinnari listens and thinks of her words. Rushaali asks him to come to Police station. Shirish goes with her.

Pari tells Naren that she knows that something would happen as that girl can’t see us happy. Naren asks her to pack their bags. He sees Aashi’s toy and asks Pari. Pari says, she didn’t bring it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Very boring staying on TV for too long and give or let Ankita know who got her child an get her married to Ranvijay

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