Devon ke Dev Mahadev 12th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 12th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with brahma says to mahadev that andhak is not doing right and we both know that what he will do next. Mahadev says, it is becomes so confusing when we know everything previously. brahma ji says, now problem is arising for devi laxmi and vishnu ji. Mahadev says, and then you have to give boon. Brahma ji says, why won’t people understand that boon is only blessing. Mahadev says, people only does the worship for his own and only for his greatness thats why how will it is good for world. Who ask boon for world. Brahma dev says, one person pray for world. Here indra and all devta does yagya. Kartikaye heard the conversation of asur ad killed them. Kartikaye says, asur spy on us and he thinks that we are doing something. Rohitang goes in front of mahadev statue and andhak spy him.Rohitang says, it did wrong with my brother only for you. I dont know i am doing right or wrong. Andhak heard the conversation of mahadev and andhak says, no mahadev, i will not fulfill your dream, your are trying to knitting the dream of fulfilling your plan. Here mahadev thinks about his parts conversation. Ganesh ji comes and mahadev ask from ganesh ji, do you want to ask something from me. Ganesh ji says, i came here to ask you that does something for me to do? but can i ask something, what are you thinking before i came here. Mahadev says, many people ask me something but who will follow in his life.
Asur tells that devta is doing yagya and kartikaye is protecting him and he killed my friends. Andhak says, we will stop this yagya. Andhak wife says, you are looking so tensed, please tell me. Andhak says, mahadev has knitted the plan against me, he is using rohitang against me. His wife says, how do you know it? Andhak says, he has made statue and talk with him alone. Andhak wife says, so rohitang will not save asur. Andhak says, no i will not let it happen.
Mata laxmi says to mata parvati that i am feeling that somebody bad will happen to us. Mata says, why. Mata laxmi says, asur is praying for brahma dev and then he will get boon from him. Mata parvati says, when vishnu ji killed hiranyakashayap in narsimha face and in angry, he trying to swallow world then saptrishi gave curse to him and says, somebody will swallow you. Mata laxmi says, i am worried about it then mata parvati says, dont worry, vishnu ji is world’s follower and everything will happen as he thinks. Andhak reaches to meet mata parvati and laxmi ji and says, it is not good to do yagya. Mahadev has refused to protect devta then why will i let it happen this yagya. Kartikaye see the force of asur then agni dev and varun dev comes and says, we will stop this force. Kartikaye thinks, if asur came here to stop this yagya then why will he not come here. I think that he is thinking different.
Kartikaye uses his power to stop asur force. mata parvati says, dont worry andhak, your force will definitely beat down, go and see. Andhak says, i will go but i came here to bring laxmi mata in patal lok. Asur will get shri with you. Mata says, behave yourself. Andhak says, so you dont
want to progress of asur. Mata parvati says, you are doing only for your profit. Andhak says, if mata will not come then i will let her bring with me. Mata laxmi says, i am giving you curse, you will get three wound in your chest and you will tied on trishul but you will not killed.
Andhak says, i will accept your curse happily then he tries to traps devi laxmi but mata parvati comes in front of mata laxmi and now you will get punishment of your deed.

Precap:- Mahadev says to andhak, you did wrong, you put hand on woman and now you will get punishment then mahadev tied andhak on trishul. Rohitang gets worried to see his tied brother.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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