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Zoya gets down fron Adi’s car and also helps him to get down as he was struggling.

Zoya : When you can’t handle.. why do you drink so much..

Aditya holds Zoya tightly towards her

Adi : My life.. i decide..

Zoya : But i was just trying to say.. its not good for your health

Adi : Who are you to take care of my health.. huh..

Zoya : Okay.. i am sorry. can we go inside now..

Adi : Of course.. Ms.Zoya..But make sure no one in the house sees me..

Zoya (confused) : Okay..


Maya’s health was getting worse and arjun was trying to control her.. at last finally the maitainace man comes and openups the lift.. Arjun takes maya outside yhe lift and found her fainted

Arjun lifted uo Maya and runned towards his car

He makes her sit on his car and drives.. while driving he was continuously calling his name..


Preetha and karan as usually was arguing on something and Sam and shristi was watching him..

Shristi : Does they always fights like that..

Sam : Mostly..

Shristi gives a look to Sameer..

Sam : Always..

Preetha : You two brothers are cheaters..

Sam : Hey what did you say..

karan : Look sam.. you were always praising her.. you heard what she said … it meant you are also a cheater.. She is such a..

Shristi : Oyee.. she’s my sister…

Sam : But guys on what thing are we fighting..

Preeta : I don’t know … ask him he started it all..

Sam : Karan!!!

Karan : I was feeling bore so i thought..

He couldn’t complete because Sma started chase karan..

Preeta : This karan is an idiot…

Shristi : But you love this idiot right??

Preeta blushes.. at the sametime shocked by Srishti’s question

Preeta : No.. karan and me …huh.. never

Shristi gives a doubt look to Preetha

Shristi : Then why are you blushing..


Zoya and adi are sucessfull in reaching his room espacing everyones eyesight..

Adi : You are a good spy..

Zoya : What???

Adi : It was not possible for me to espace everyones sight but you.. you did it..

Zoya : Yeah.. i guess now you please sit down..

While in the attempt to make Adi sit .. Both falls into his couch..

Both of then have an eyelock..( bepahan titlle song plays)..

zoya after a few seconds.. breaks the eyelock and get up..

Adi : Where are you going..

zoya : Aditya i have to go..

She was about to go when adi holds her hand..

Adi : Please don’t go..

zoya : adity i.. have to..

Adi : No..sit with me..

Zoya : Sorry.. but i have to go..

Adi(shouts) : I said sit..

A scared zoya sits next to him and lies fown to her lap

Zoya (thinks) : Oh.. god now what will i do..


Abuimany and his team are on the srnoir doctors room

Senior doctor : As per the government new project two doctors from our hospital have to go to a village and they have to treat the patients who are there..

Abhi : Now that’s cool..

Senior doctor : And i have choose Gitu as the first one..

Abhi(thinks) : Whats that much special inher there are more talented roctors here..

Gitu (thinks ) : Thank hod at last.. i have got a chance to prove myself.. i wish that the other doctor is not That Abhi..

Senior doctor : And the second one is Abhimanyu khurana

Both abhi and Gitu looks at eachother.. shocked..

Abhi & gitu ( At yhe same time) : But doctor….

Senior doctor : No ifs and buts.  its decided.. and good luck..

They again looks at eachother


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  1. Abhilaya

    I am really following in love with your each episodes .. Today’s one was very nice and The pics were also really awesome and i wish to see more Karan-preeta and Sameer – Shristi scene.. and don’t forget Ritik and shivanya’s also…
    Please update the next one as soob as possible

  2. Jasminerahul

    Aditya pulling zoya closer was aggressive yet passionate.Arjun lifting up Maya in his hands n going to the car is lovely.waiting to see what happens to Maya.Preeran fight esp karan telling that he fought with preeta as he was bored was funny.Preeta blushing when Shrishti asked her abt liking karan was sweet.Couch scene n eye lock with bepannah bgm of adiya was romantic.Adi telling zoya not to go n forcefully lying on her lap was romantic.perfect pics

  3. Jasminerahul

    Abhigeet going to work together n their reaction was funny.plz add their pics too.i’vent seen their show.but loving them through ur ff

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