Mr devil by riya kapoor (Chapter-1)

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hi guys sorry for the delay … i am writting living with my crush …this is my new story Mr DEVIL ..the stroy is about ragini . …a girl  who lives in earth make up a deal with with a stranger who claims to be the devil ruling the hell …if you don’t like the plot you tell me .i. i will stop …but i request you to read it once ..this is quite a long chapter  please don’t skip

this  is based on ragini and sanskar

so lets start

a restaurant is shown . a table is shown ..a couple is sitting

voice:are you enjoying our date babe?

ragini:laksh off course am (she is our ragini as usual she is so pretty)

the voice is laksh

ragini:this fancy restaurant is amazing

laksh:if it wasn’t for you , i would be celebrating my 21st birthday at home

ragini: the truth is that if it wasn’t for me we would never go out(ragini lower her gaze while a sad expression dawns on her face)

laksh:does it bother you that i didn’t plan to go out with you on my birthday??

ragini look deep into laksh’s eyes and said yes , it does

ragini:i mean , how did i get stuck dating the leat romantic guy on the planet?… its your birthday and you didn’t even think about spending it with me

laksh:(angry tone)you know all this romantic crap isn’t for me. its just a day like any other . it doesn’t matter if i spend it with yu in this chic restaurant or with a beer in front of the tv

ragini sigh asking herself if laksh really just compared her to a beer..she rolls her eyes thinking that it would be nice if he took her out for once in a while…at that moment ragini phone rings is a text from ratan ,one of her classmates at the college she attend

ragini she the text

text:hi ragini . i hope i am not bothering you but can you tell me which chapters we are supposed to read for tomorrows test?? plz plz reply i really need to pass..ragini start to reply

laksh:what are you doing

ragini:i just got a message from a classmate..let me send him what we need to study for the test.. i will be quick

laksh:who is it

ragini: its ratan

laksh’s eyes flash with fire . he knocks his chair backward when he stands and slams his fist on the table

laksh:i hate how that guy stares at you

ragini:babe calm down

he grabs her wrist , pulling her close to him

rahini:laksh please u are hurting me

laksh: he just wants to bang you damn it can’t u see that

he is screaming so hard that you can see his veins in his neck sticking out

ragini:plz laksh everyone is staring at us . i just want to have some fun tonight

laksh:u  want to have fun with mason not with me

he wists her wrist making her writhe in pain… ragini can hear the other diners i the restaurant murmuring ..ragini is tried of laksh ..the warm tears ruinning down her face are only warmth she receives

laksh:i will make you understand that you are mine

ragini closes her eyes and throw the drink on him

ragini: you know what laksh ?? i am not going to accept this again.mot tonight

laksh stares her with his mouth opn

ragini(in mind) i really feel good .. i can’t handle anymore …

the people around atart to laught .. a few even applaud ragini

laksh:thats enough

ragini stalk out leaving laksh speechless ..ragini comes out ..laksh follows ragini

laksh:look i didn’t want to get aggressive like that

ragini :its alwaya the same story with u .. i can’t handle you anymore

just then laksh hand flies to his chest . he’s trying to catch his breath. he falls dwon

ragini:laksh whats wrong

ragini calls the ambulance

the scene shifts

do:srry  miss  you have to be strong …he has advanced postate cancer..your boyfriend has only one month to live we are sorry

two weeks later

raginis phone rings

laksh:hey babe what are you doing

ragini:nothing much

laksh::i don’t care what the doctor says i want to see you now…come to the hospital plz

rsgini:ok am on my way

ragini opens her front door and almost stumble at the sight of the person she hate the most in the universe her half sister

ragini:swara what are doing here?

swara: i missed you monster

ragini:will you stop calling me that

swara:only if you stop looking like one . i think you going some where

ragini:offcourse am going ..

swara: isn’t your boyfriend like dying

ragini:swara whats wrong with you

swara:you what monster laksh is good looking and you are a ugly prude you can never be a match.. by the am taking your car

ragini: swara i need it i am on my way hospital

swara:you can walk

swara takes the key and leaves

ragini walks down a narrow path

ragini hears some footsteps and turns

ragini :is someone there ? hello?

ragini keeps walking .. she hears more foot steps.. this time it sounds as if someone is walking right behind her

ragini turns

ragini:am goin to call the police do you her me

she closes eyes taking deep breathe ..when she opens them a mysterious man stands a few inche from you

rahini:h h how is this possible there was no one here .. who ar you

mysterious man :am sanskar .nice to finally meet you princess

(so he is sanskar he so handsome and nice muscular body he is wearing a black t shirt and blue jeans .. his muscles are seen clearly )

ragini:i not your princess look……. i have to go now

ragini’s eyes meet sanskar and feel a instant connection .. logic tells to run ., but she remains motionless

sanskar:u say u want to go but your body is still here..u want to save your boyfriend right??

ragini:how do you know that?(she was shocked)

sanskar:i know everything ..even your…

ragini:stop it

sanskar:i know everything because am the devil

ragini laugh in his face

ragini:i don’t believe in devil ..and what about god is he too hanging out here

sanskar: laugh while you can ragini

ragini:is it a threat

sanskar: since you don’t believe my words i will show you my power

sanskar hold his hand out and turn it around so you can there’s nothing in it ..then he raises it to crate behind you .. he makes a gesture the crate catches fire

ragini jump backed, startled

ragini:oh my GOSH how did you do that

sanskar: i told you am devil

he smirks looking at her with amusement in his eyes

sanskar:do you want to save your boyfriend

he holds out his hand , which she notice his attached to a strong arm with perfectly sculpted biceps

sanskar: if yes take my hand and the  deal will be sealed

ragini:i can save laksh with a handshakr? it really as simple as that?/

sanskar:it is princess but you know i am devil .. there a condition..if by chane you and your boyfreind break up

he takes a step forward bribging his mouth close to her ears

ragni:u are mine

she gasp,swallowing loudly

sansakar :deal

her trembling hand moves towards his…after a moment of hesitation her plam touches sanskar’s


its as if an electric current courses through your arm ..then her whole body ..everything goes black for a second nut it feels like an eternity .. then she comes to senses ..the world reappears and shes alone

ragini:sanskar where did you goo ? ouch my hand is burning

she sees her hand there is a red pentagram emblazoned on her plam ..she rubs the mark ,trying to erase it to no avail… the more she realize that your seal with the devil is real ..her heat beats faster

precap:laksh cheating………ragini’s break up …….ragsan deal

so thats it if you like it tell me ….












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