AANKHON MEIN TERI – Episode last 28

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 Aankhon mein Teri

Episode 28 ( Bidding adieu )

Recap :- Naina tells Avni about family , Daksh finds out Naina , Ahil returned , Happy AHIANA moments .
Episode 28 ( Bidding goodbye)


Naina and Ahil are sitting together on bench in garden .

Naina : Ahil you know it’s too long we’ve sat alone like this

Ahil : You’re right Naina I really missed you there .

Naina : Ahil you said that you’ll come next week .

Ahil : Don’t know I was having very strange kind of thoughts and feelings that somehow I have to meet you .

Naina : You know our Avni has grown so big , She held me in her lap and she sung a lullaby for me

Ahil : You’re right she’s your shadow , She’s my pride , She’ll always keep our love alive .

Naina : Thanks Ahil ( Her eyes got watery ) if you wouldn’t have came in our life then ….

Ahil keeps his finger on his lips ” Shh!!! Naina please don’t cry ”

Ahil envelopes her in himself ” This life is very short we don’t know what’ll happen next moment , We can’t predict if we’ll be with each other next minute or not ” , ” So spend this time smiling , Just be happy every moment ”

Naina keeps her hand on his mouth ” No , Please don’t say like this , I can’t even dream about living without you ” .


Man : Daksh Sir , Believe me it’s actually correct .

Daksh : It’s very risky , If Janki didi got to know about this she’ll kill me , No no I won’t do this

Man : See Daksh we’ve looked for our profit and in this it’s our profit only and otherwise also you’ve taken a big risk , You know Na

Daksh : That I could only do because , Adesh and Janki couldn’t live together then , They want to give divorce to each other , So easily I could remove Adesh from my way ,But this time it’s risky

Daksh’s phone rings ” Yes Parekh sahib ( police inspector ) ”

Parekh : Sir , Good news , Ahil has returned .

Daksh shuts his phone and announces ” Ahil has come back ”

Man : Yes , This is the right opportunity , Just think if he’s thrown out of SINHA’S Property then how much you’ll get , We’ll get that much money , Our next generations could spend their lives happily

Daksh : I think yes , You are saying correct .

Man : Don’t think to much , Just do it now , And I know you’re master of this .

Then , Next Scene is shown , Avni comes back from school and she
Demands to go on a bike ride with her dad.

Ahil and Avni leaves for long drive . Before going Ahil holds Naina in his arms and Says when he’ll return back they’ll celebrate their night , They’ll not sleep the whole night and only they two will be there , No one else .

After dad and daughter leaves , Naina happily goes picks her guitar up and sings ” Manwa laage.. o manwa laage
Laage re sanware
Laage re sanware
Le tera hua jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka ye gaanv re
Manwa laage.. o manwa laage
Laage re sanware ”

Her eyes were closed and she was thinking all her past moments with Ahil .

There , Daksh tells Janki that Ahil has returned . Janki eagerly says him that she wants to visit him .

Naina has closes her eyes and she recalls her romantic night with Ahil . [ Flashback – Ahil and Naina’s romantic moments ]

( Background song – Pal Bhar Thahar Jaao
Dil Ye Sambhal Jaaye
Kaise Tumhe Roka Karun
Meri Taraf Aata Har
Gham Phisal Jaaye
Aankhon Mein Tum Ko Bharun
Bin Bole Baatein Tumse Karun
‘Gar Tum Saath Ho
Agar Tum Saath Ho )

Naina’s eyes are totally teary , She says ” Ahil please don’t you ever leave me alone in this world , If you’re are breathing then only my heart is beating .

JANKI AND DAKSH ARE DRIVING FROM UDAIPUR TO MUMBAI . Daksh’s phone rings ” Sir what you said is done ”
Daksh : Good okay .

Daksh to himself : I just wish what I’ve planned it happens accordingly .

Janki : Today I’ll go and will hug my son , I’ll snatch him , I’ll bring him to me forever

It’s dark night now , NAINA is wearing a beautiful white silk saree , And she’s waiting for Ahil and Avni to return . It’s midnight now , She’s becoming worried and and desperate .

Naina : Pinky see they’ve not returned yet , It’s too late now

Pinky : Naina don’t worry , Remember last time when they went on a bike ride , They came at 1 night .

Naina : Then their bike got punctured in their way .

Pinky : Naina call Ahil .

Ahil is driving the bike and Avni is sitting in the backseat . His phone rings , Naina says them to come back soon as the climatic conditions could be worse . Ahil says that they can’t as they’re going to have Ice cream now .

AHIL quietly says ” I love you ”
Avni ” Dad !!!! ” she laughs .

Naina smiles , Then Ahil gets engaged in talking to her , Suddenly he finds a huge carrier , A truck coming in his way , It’s dark night and it’s sharp white light focused his eyes , He couldn’t see .
The large vehicle was just in front of his bike .
Avni cries ” Dad ” And they both bumped into each other . Ahil and Avni flies in air and falls down with a sudden jerk on road .

Ahil’s head smashed with a big sharp rock .

Naina cries loudly ” Ahil ” hearing the collision . Naina ran away from home , Catches a Auto and reached there .

A man of Daksh tells that what he told to him is done .

Then Naina couldn’t find him anywhere , She got nervous , lacked energy and faints . An Ambulance comes and takes her to hospital . She got recovered . Naina opens her eyes and she could see now , AHIL before dying donated his eyes to her .
After seeking help from police , Naina gets to know that at that time at same place they’ve got one dead body and it’s of Ahil Sinha . Thankfully Avni is saved .

Next morning , Janki reached AHIANA’S house and the moment she opens the door , She finds all is white , A picture of Ahil is kept in centre and all are crying , All are in mourning dresses .

Naina is holding Pinki’s hand she she’s yelling ” All this happened because of me , He died because of me , Everything happened because of me , He was talking to me on phone and …”

Then Abhay standing near her says ” Janki Aunty ”

Janki is totally shocked to see this , She cries , Shouts and yells a lot . Then she cursed Naina by saying ” TUJE BHI JEENA HOGA BINA AULAD KE , AULAD KE KHO JANE KA DARD TUJE BHI HOGA ” ( you’ll also one day go through this situation , You’ll also bear the pain when one’s child dies )

After two days , Naina receives a call from Abhay that She should leave from here , Janki is planning to kill her daughter .

Janki ordered her brother Daksh to kill Avni . Naina says she’ll handle , But she’ll not leave the house as many of their memories are joined with this house .

One day Avni and Neil were returning back from school by foot , Goons attacks them , But they both were able to rescue themselves .

Neil’s mom grows worried about her son’s safety so she orders him to not to meet Avni again . Once at night , Naina and Avni were sleeping together , Naina received a call , Abhay tells her that Janki has sent some goons to her home , She should immediately leave form there .

Naina gets up hurriedly , She picks her Avni while she was asleep .
Naina finds out that her house is set on fire , She picks up Avni and runs away from there .

Naina was running and running into the woods and Goons were chasing her .

As soon as goons came near her , She stealthily hides Avni behind some trees and bushes and Enacted in front of them as if by mistake she had thrown her into the river just next to that spot .

The goons catches her and takes her away . She was given anesthesia . One of the goons talks on phone with somebody ” Sir , Mom is in our catch but she had thrown her daughter by mistake into the river ”

Then they all vanished form there . Avni comes into consciousness . She finds herself lonely , She shouts ” Mom , Dad , Mom , Where are you ”

Then she finds out that her house is set on fire , She goes there and cries out loudly ” Mama , Papa ” , The crowd standing there stopped her from going in there .

Avni decided to seek help from Neil as her mom has told her that best friends always helps at time of need .she rings the bell of his house , Shouts his name and nobody came out .

Avni was left all alone , No body came to ask her how’s she felling . She walks away from there alone , Instantly someone comes and kidnapped her from behind .

( The End )

So after 15 years this story will continue form here . It would be now continued in my new fan fiction – Kaisa yeh isq hai , , NAAMKARAN fan fiction .

If you’re new here , So I’d like to say that this is part 1 of Kaisa yeh isq hai . Here Naina and Ahil are Avni’s parents . Here their love story is shown . Do read the whole story . But if you want you can read last episode and then continue with AVNEIL fan fiction . Any questions do write to me ???

For my new members story in short :-
This is love story of Naina , A 
Blind girl , Who meets a boy
Ahil in a marriage . Due to her Mom's
Past her Aunt didn't liked her , 
With whom she's living , She was tortured 
Everyday . Ahil falls in love with her .
Helps her in Every thing he could .
Finally Naina also discloses that she 
Also loves him . They both marry .
But as , Ahil is son of the richest family .
His patents declined their alliance .
His mom Janki Sinha hates Naina fully .
So Ahil leaves house and migrated from 
Udaipur to Mumbai with Naina .
Ahil motivated Naina and because of him
She's a very famous singer .
Naina gives birth to baby girl , Avni .
Avni meets her best friend , Neil .
After six years Janki finds out that AHIL and 
Naina are living in Mumbai . Her brother
, A Don , For business , money , 
Plans a conspiracy for them . Also ,
Since Naina and Ahil are best couple ,
Naina's fans gave her a stage name -

Rest story is in this last part .
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  1. Lucie

    Ahhhh last episode 🙁 🙁 🙁 but I know that I have only requested u to start naamkaran ff soon on 103th episode of DON’T NEED YOU ( NAAMKARAN FAN FICTION ). But I am happy also that ur starting new ff which is connected to it. So we will not miss both the ff. This ff was good one. I am eagerly awaited for next update and ur upcoming ff.

    1. Kira

      Thanks for best wishes , Good night , Have a rocking day tomorrow ???

  2. AryanBhattacharya

    Good morning di
    Episode was veryyyyyyy emotional di…
    This ff was very beautiful… And I know next ff will also be nice ?

    1. Kira

      Thank you dear , Hope in won’t upset you in future .??

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