Falling Head Over Heels For a Wizard Riansh ff- An Emotional Reunion

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Chapter 28: An Emotional Reunion

Ridhimaa and Vansh are shocked to see Gaurav with Harish and Avantika

Vansh: Mr and Mrs Sharma?

Avantika runs to Ridhimaa and hugs her

Avantik: Meri beti….my baby girl has grown so big that she is getting married now

Vansh: Sir..how…

Kartik and Naira enter with Pankhuri

Vansh hugs Kartik

Vansh: Kartik..so long since I saw you

Ridhimaa is shocked that she doesn’t react anything. This makes Harish and Avantika concerned

Gaurav: Ridhimaa..they are your parents

Ridhimaa: Maa and papa?

Harish: Haan beta..

Ridhimaa: Where were you these many years? Left me all alone with dadi

Ridhimaa turns away in anger. Harish goes to her and holds her

Harish: Nothing was in our hands beta..when we heard the footsteps of the dark followers in our doorstep all we thought was to save you and Adi

Ridhimaa: Adi?

Avantika: Your brother..and now

She remembers what Shivaay told and stops from telling anything further

Avantika: And now..having lost him you are the only one for us

Harish: Haan Ridhimaa…will any parent stay away from the child at willingness? Our memory was erased…but now Kartik and Naira brought it back with Pankhuri’s help

Vansh: Thank you so much Yaar Kartik..

Kartik: How is our wedding gift?

Aman: Excellent gift that no one could think of

Kartik in mind: Why wont it be? After all its a gift of a brother for his sister’s marriage

Karan: Ridhimaa..please talk with them na..they have…

Ridhimaa on the other hand is crying silently yet pretending to be angry. Vansh guesses this and goes to her. He turns her towards everyone

Vansh: See she is not at all angry..she is crying and acting to be angry

Roshini: But why?

Vansh: Arrey baav kaa rahi hai Ms.Sharma

Ridhimaa: Haan sahi kaha tumne..Ms Sharma Mr and Mrs Sharma se naraz hai

Harish: But why beta?

Ridhimaa: Dont I have that right?

Avantika: You have every right dear but we cant see these tears in your eyes and hatred for us in your heart

Ridhimaa: Its not hatred mom…its..its..

Vansh: Her pain in these many years

Aryan: Vansh is right aunty..Ridhu was always questioned about her parents, she would ask Dadi and Dadi will cry..this is an everyday story

Ridhimaa: And one day suddenly Dadi too left me…I was all alone…

Aryan: Though we were there for her, she always felt the vaccum of a family in her life

Ridhimaa: Whenever I came back home…there was no one to welcome me home. I had to open it myself and take care of myself.

Saying this Ridhimaa breaks down crying. Avantika takes her into her bosom

Avantika: When I handed you over to Gaurav ji you were crying the same way. But that time your life was important..we did not want you caught as we knew that the powers were transferred to you..all it mattered was to keep my daughter alive even if she is away

Avantika too breaks down.

Gaurav: Bas..bas..its all over now. As per the destiny everything happened . Leave it. Harish and Avantika are the only parents in this wedding..lets celebrate their arrival with joy and not tears

Avantika and Harish are shocked to hear it while Vansh gets emotional

Avantika: You mean…Rai Singhanias are dead?

Gaurav: Unfortunately yes

Avantika: But Mrs.Rai Singhania was pregnant with her third daughter when we saw them the day before we were kidnapped

Maya: A lot happened after your Kidnap Harish…Nagesh showed his true colours. He found out the prophecy and cursed baby Ridhimaa and Vansh..in that shock Mrs,Rai Singhania went into labor and she died giving birth to her daughter

Chandrika : Mr.Rai Singhania went after Nagesh and…

Kartik: He killed them right in front of my parents whom he kidnapped

Avantika: He killed them too

Harish: But strangely something happened..as soon as he killed them he died too…then his men used crucio on us in that anger

Gaurav: Thats because by the time he passed the curse his powers were drained..after which using such a strong spell like Mrityu Dansham killed him

Chandrika: Soon as we knew who Nagesh was and you being in his custody we transferred Ridhimaa to her dadi.

Harish: What about Adi?

Maya: When we went to your house we saw it smashed by those idiots and could not find him

Avantika: Where is my son now?

Gaurav: He is a blessed kiddo dont worry he will be fine wherever he is and will come to is very soon

Kartik: That Nagesh betrayed us all ..he ..he

Vansh goes to Kartik

Vansh: Dont borry bro we will avenge our parents at any cost

Aman , Karan and Veer in chorus: We will help you with it

Aryan and Angre : We will help you too

Just then Ranveer walks to Pankhuri.

Ranveer in whisper: Pankhuri need to talk something with you

Pankhuri remembers Shivaay mentioning Ranveer knowing the secret

Pankhuri: Yeah

Ranveer: Its regarding Shivaay

Pankhuri coughs and in a loud tone: Ill have water and come

She leaves to get water. Ranveer too picks up his mobile and leaves

They get to a lonely spot in the corridor

Pankhuri: Whats it?

Ranveer: I am going out tonight with him in search of the guy who shot Ridhimaa but we need you help

Pankhuri: Where is Shivaay now? I left him at the Sharmas

Ranveer: I don’t know where exactly he is..he just called me and asked me to ask a help from you

Pankhuri: Whats it?

Ranveer: He needs an invisibility cloak..and he asked me to the get recipe of a truth potion too

Pankhuri: Kartik has an invisibility cloak…and regarding recipe cant I come with you and brew it myself?

Ranveer: I convinced him to take me after many attempts and his strict order was to not bring you with us

Pankhuri: But…

Ranveer realises her concern

Ranveer: Pyar karti ho? Shivaay se?

Pankhuri gets silent

Ranveer: I know love once I see it. I can very well see love and the fear of losing it in your eyes

Pankhuri: Aur kya? If Haden catches him…

Ranveer: I promise you to bring him safe to you. Pyar ko koneka dard pata hai mujhe aur mein meri dushman keliye bhi woh dard nahi chahta hoon. Its my word to bring Shivaay back to you

Kartik and Naira come there

Kartik: I saw you both and guessed it’s something about Shivaay

Ranveer is shocked to see them

Kartik: Dont worry boss we know about you well. Shivaay told us

Pankhuri: Kartik they need your invisibility cloak..

Kartik: Ill give it with pleasure..its where is it Naira?

Naira: At home…Ill ask Sirat to bring it

Ranveer: Sirat?

Naira: My sister..twin

Naira calls Sirat while Ranveer tells his plan with Shivaay to Kartik

Kartik: Happy that someone is there to help Shivaay atlast. Now only Aryan told me about your past. Losing a love is terrible . But you are fighting it out. I like it

Kartik hugs Ranveer

Ranveer: Her loss is something irreplaceable but now with you all and everything going on I have found a new purpose in life.

Just then Meghnand rushes inside the hospital. Seeing him come with such a speed Kartik, Ranveer, Naira and Pankhuri rush inside the room

Meghnand: Found it out..found it out

Gaurav: What did you find?

Meghnand: Auspicious days for Riansh Shadi

Aman: Riansh?

Meghnand: Arrey Aman Ridhimaa and Vansh yaar..kitne budhu ho tum

Hearing this Vansh and Ridhimaa blush

Angre: Dekho..dekho bhai is blushing

Meghnand: A happy occasion in the wizarding world after so long

Angre: Bhai..Sia doesn’t know this yet

Vansh: We will tell her Angre..after all the time has come

Meghnand: The thing is tomorrow is the best day for engagement

Everyone together in shock: Tomorrow? How?

Meghnand: Are you even wizards?

They giggle

Karan: Lets begin the preparations

Harish: After all its my daughter’s engagement

All rush out to prepare for the function leaving Vansh and Ridhimaa alone

Vansh pulls her into his arms

Vansh: Its our Sagaai tomorrow sweetheart

Ridhimaa: Im so happy…thank you so much for bringing this much happiness in my life

Vansh: What did I?

Ridhimaa: If I hadn’t met you or loved you these things would have been a dream foreber

Vansh: Dream se yaad aaya..whats your long time desire? That day…

Ridhimaa: It is to over come my long time fear

Vansh: What ?

Ridhimaa: Haan Vansh..I have always been scared of dark streets…but I love walking in the moonlight

Vansh: But you were sitting in the dark in your terrace that night

Ridhimaa: Not that…its just the street..that too the street where you met me in rain. I never knew why but the day when dadi told as maa and papa’s death day I feel so bad in that street that I avoid it every time in day during that day..and night tho..I never even step in it though I thought to overcome it

Vansh in mind: Thats the place where Nagesh cursed us sweetheart..thats why you feel strange and bad whenever you go there…I cant tell you as you will ask me what the curse was and..I dont want it

Vansh: Dont worry..Ill accompany you..then lets fulfill your dream

Ridhimaa: When?

Vansh: Now..see its almost night..Ill complete the discharge proceedings and take you with me

Ridhimaa: But..

Vansh: No buts..its a husband’s duty to fulfill the wishes of his wife

He gives her a quick kiss and walks out. The scene freezes

Hospital parking

Ranveer Kartik Pankhuri and Naira are waiting when a car speeds over to them. A girl looking like Naira but with hair shorter than her walks to them

Kartik: Sirat…be gentle in your driving

Sirat: Oh fo jiju what’s the fun when you drive slowly ?

Naira: Where is the cloak?

Sirat takes a  bag and gives it to Naira

Naira: Ranveer here you go..and by the way Sirat this is Ranveer..Ranveer its Sirat

Ranveer is smitten by Sirat but he suddenly turns away

Sirat: What happened? You don’t wanna look at me?

Ranveer: No..woh..

Sirat giggles

Sirat: Its fine…okay all the best for whatever you asked the cloak for. Im leaving

Sirat leaves from there

Kartik: She is a bit like that..dont get her wrong

Ranveer: No its okay..Ill leave..its time

Ranveer bids bye and the scene freezes

Haden’s mansion in the jungle

Ragini is there along with Alga and Haden. A man with a hoodie and face covered with a mask enters the mansion

Man: Sir here is Ridhimaa’s blood

Alga: Luckily we got it..they planned so hard to prevent it..

Haden: You did it mate..that Kabir idiot..I brainwashed him saying that sacrificing Ridhimaa will cure his werewolfness and asked him to gain her love which will protect us all in the ultimate and sacrifice her blood to bring the Dark Lord back

Alga: This time this guy did it..great

Ragini: What are you saying?

Haden: Later please..Ragini we need your blood..give me…

He takes a knife and takes her blood

Haden: Nagesh ji wanted to bring the dark lord out..he couldn’t..now they got the Aeres potion and started the struggle and I bring the Lord back…

Alga: But a body for him?

Haden: Mine….he will have my body….I will be the Dark Lord

Haden laughs and it shakes the entire building. He starts a sacrifice.

In the distance a light approaches the mansion and the episode freezes

Next Chapter : Keeping up the promise

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