It’s Not About Me It’s About Us (Chapter 13) (GROWING CLOSER)

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Vansh’s pov

Uff after such a long journey I came back home. These flights are super hectic and tiring. More than that the food doesn’t suit me at all. I am a homemade food person. As I opened the door with the keys the sweet aroma got on my nerves seems that something sweet was made. As I entered the kitchen I saw someone getting slipped I got her. Her hair were tied in bun, she closed her eyes in fear I guess she was adorable. Her hands were on my shoulder then my gaze fell on her pink rosy lips. Control yourself Vansh you were the one who told her to stay away.

Riddhima got up and arranged herself. She immediately stopped the music. She realised he was just looking on her. In her embarassment she bit her lower lip.

Vansh- What are you doing in the kitchen!! Where is Mrs Annie?

Riddhima( nervously)- Wwoo She was not feeling well so I asked her to go home and take rest. I am sorry you told me but..

He came closer to her and put his finger on her lips.

Vansh- Shhh!! Did I ask for an explanation? Why are you so nervous!! I am not a ghost! Will you speak now?

Riddhima pointed her eyes towards his finger on her lips. He put it down.

Riddhima- Go and get fresh. You must be tired. I am preparing dinner.

Vansh- No I will order something for myself.

Riddhima- Fine if you say so.

Riddhima knew that Vansh didn’t like restaurant food so she didn’t say and started preparing his favourite Dal- Chawal as Uma had told her that he loves to eat it after travelling.

Vansh went to his room to freshen up.He came wearing black trouser with black t shirt. His hair being wet looking tired but dashing.

Riddhima turned her eyes from him and prepared table and put the delicious dish on table.

Riddhima- Vansh you can have it I know you don’t like restaurant’s food.I have prepared Dal Chawal

Vansh’s eyes glitten up listeing the name- Ok if you are requesting so much.

Riddhima smiled and served him.He was having just like a boy eats his favourite chocolate.Riddhima adored him and had her dinner too.

Then she served him custard.

Vansh- Woww Riddhima you have magic in your hands. It’s yumm.

Riddhima smiled.

After dinner he sat on the sofa watching TV. She went to him a with a cup of coffee.

Riddhima- Coffee!!

Vansh – Thanks I just needed it. You should sleep now it’s late.

Just then music played in kitchen



Riddhima stopped it from phone as soon as possible and ran to her room saying sorry in embarassment. Vansh smiled on her gesture.

He tasted the coffee and remarked PERFECT


Riddhima wore a red dotted preety top having cuts on hands with her favourite jeans accompanied by white sneakers. She left her hair open and applied a red cherry lip gloss with kajal. It was her first day of college.

She went to kitchen and made breakfast. Vansh came wearing his formal suit showing his muscular body.

Both were engrossed in each other’s eyes for a moment and had their breakfast in utter silence. Riddhima went to kitchen and was turning but she collided with his chest.

Riddhima– Sorry!! (Biting her lower lip)

She was about to go but Vansh held her wrist and touched her back with his chest. He said in her ear huskily.

You don’t have to apologise and run away everytime Riddhima..

Riddhima was blushing hard and said Hmm

I need words Riddhima!

Ookay in nervous tone.

He left her understanding her embarrassment and left to office. He wanted to ask where she was going but didn’t remembering his own words.

Riddhima went to college in cab.

As soon as she entered the college she collapsed with a man( Har bar Vansh nhi hoga 🤭🤭)

Riddhima was about to fall but managed herself.

“Sorry” a voice

“It’s ok I was in a hurry too” Riddhima adjusting her bag

“You are fresher” he asked..

“Yess” you? looking he at her id

“I am in third year” he said

“Ohh” she said.. Still not looking at him.

“I guess you are not interested” he said

“No actually I am getting late. It’s my first day.Sorry” she looked in his eyes for the first time.

He was lost in her beauty.

“Myself Vyom”

“Riddhima Here I need to go Sorry getting late”

She ran to her class. Vyom was still in her thoughts thinking How beautiful she is!!!

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